Eddy Cue: Apple’s rising Mr. Fix-It

“As Chief Executive Tim Cook shifts executive responsibilities around at Apple Inc., Eddy Cue is emerging as one of the biggest beneficiaries,” Jessica E. Lessin reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“A member of Apple’s old guard, the 23-year company veteran rose through the ranks as co-founder Steve Jobs’s right-hand man for new areas like e-commerce and media. But at a company dominated by hardware and operating systems, Mr. Cue was on the periphery and known largely for cajoling media companies to sign on to Apple’s iTunes service,” Lessin reports. “Now the affable executive, a 48-year-old Miami native of Cuban descent, has become a prime architect of Apple’s software strategy and one of the most important product voices at a company where no clear chief product visionary has emerged since Mr. Jobs’s death last year.”

Lessin reports, “When iPhone software chief Scott Forstall was ousted last month, Mr. Cue inherited two of Apple’s newest Internet services: Maps and the voice-activated assistant Siri. The ascent solidifies Mr. Cue’s role as one of the chief deputies to Mr. Cook, who has surrounded himself with several close advisers without elevating one to a clear number two.”

Much more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]

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  1. iTunes>Desktop will say a lot about the future media direction of OS and IOS. Personally, IOS music sucks. Too much eye candy. Navigation is miserable. If the desktop is moving in the IOS direction, then a big step backward for Apple.

    1. iTunes sucks. And I doubt that the release today will be much better. Apple makes great hardware and software but for the most part their services suck. They need to take some of that huge pile of money and make some acquisitions that will help their services area.

      1. Wow, Weekend, that very insightful of you. First, you trash iTunes – very possibly the most widely installed desktop application in the world. Then you dismiss a version of iTunes that you haven’t even seen. Then you make a broad generalization that doesn’t meet even a cursory market test.

        What else do you have for us today?

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