China’s tablet market grows 63 percent in third quarter; Apple iPad is king with 71 percent unit share

“China’s tablet PC market grew 62.5 percent in the third quarter from the previous year, dominated by Apple Inc’s iPad which snared more than two-thirds of sales, an industry report said on Wednesday,” Melanie Lee reports for Reuters.

“For the quarter, 2.6 million tablet PCs were sold in China, up from 1.6 million a year ago, said technology research firm Analysys International,” Lee reports. “Apple had 71.4 percent of the market, down a percentage point from the second quarter, ahead of Lenovo Group with 10.5 percent.”

Lee reports, “Chinese firm Ereneben was third with 3.6 percent, edging out Samsung Electronics on 3.5 percent.”

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MacDailyNews Take: When you can’t even beat Ereneben, you know you suck.


  1. 71% UNIT share for Apple means something like 95% PROFIT share.

    The tablets that get sold at “negative” profit fire sale prices (intentionally or not) count as “units” sold. All those HP Touchpads eventually got sold, once the price dropped to $99, and each one counted as a “unit” just like each iPad sold at full retail price.

  2. Apple shouldn’t be cocky on the Chinese market, new products
    like the iPhone 5s and IPad 4, mini should be release same time as
    here in the US, forget smaller markets in Europe . Apple seems to
    treat them as second class, and please, no excuses whether for production or govt red tape excuses.. Chinese market may look easy for some company,but they’re not. just look at China Mobile
    it’s been years and still no clear deal, always coming soon….?

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