Making the case for going case-less

“I decided to go completely case-less,” Jeff Benjamin reports for iDownloadBlog.

“After seeing this post by John Gruber, I started thinking. Why are we so obsessed with encapsulating our devices in protective covering? Aren’t we ridding ourselves of the pleasure of using it as it was intended and designed to be used?” Benjamin writes. “I decided to embark on an experiment. One that could prove costly, but at the same time provide me with a since of liberation. I was going to go case-less.”

Benjamin reports, “That was two months ago, and I’ve never looked back.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’ve gone back and forth. Our iPhone 5 units are completely case-less right now and we’re lovin’ it! So thin and light! We did have Acase Superleggera Pro cases on our iPhone 4 and 4S units (that rear glass, you know), but that’s almost like not having a case at all, so…


    1. My kid has numerous friends who have cracked iPod, IPhone, and iPads due to dropping them and for some reason until this happens, they all think they do not need a case. My kid is the only one among her friends with such a device that looks and works like new.

    2. I just use the bumper made by apple to protect my 4S, and its plenty good. I love feeling the glass surface and dont want it covered with some plastic film in order to protect it. Not only does it look ugly, it doesnt feel as nice. Had it for almost a year now, no problems. Even after dropping it a couple times, still looks like new and I enjoy it so much.

      1. Most people that get on planes do not have a parachute. In fact the people that do use then generally intend to jump out of the plane. So a parachute is not designed for emergencies but instead to allow you to jump from a plane in mid air and survive.

        Are you saying if you planned to drop your phone you would not get a case? I don’t use a phone case but I also do not purposefully drop my phone.

          1. MF, sarcasm seems to be a dying art form. If politicians even get close to it, they are crucified for the rest of their would be careers. That’s bad. Schools go after sarcasm like it is reason for suspension and counseling. Kids growing up today don’t get it. I hate to see it die. Keep it alive!

        1. Uh, nobody purposefully drops their phone. I was out for a walk about a month ago, accidentally caught the power lead to my iPhone, (I had it plugged into an external battery because I hadn’t charged it overnight and I was using the GPS), pulled it out of my pocket, it came off the cable and somersaulted several times on its corners down a steep Tarmac road. It was only the fact that I had a cheap Belkin-style case on it that saved it from a significant amount of damage. I’m sure that those feather-bedded individuals who only ever travel between house-car-office-car-house will manage quite happily without a case. Others who venture out into that thing called ‘countryside’, and actually engage in outdoor pursuits, will feel much happier for having a degree of protection around a very expensive computer. I’m actually waiting for my TakTik waterproof case to arrive; seawater and iPhones are not a happy combination.
          Yes, it will make it bulkier, but, you know what? I couldn’t give a shit. It’ll be fully protected from damage, and that’s all that’s important to me.

    1. The InvisibleSHIELD is not only invisible but helps you grip the phone (or iPad) better. It’s allowed me to go caseless.

      Plus the new version is apparently stronger to prevent shattering.

    2. I’m with you. I find the iPhone very slippery. Although the 4S with it’s squared up sides is less slippery then the 3GS and 2G models that I had previously. I use the rubbery tire tread case that has thick corners. The case makes it a little difficult getting it out of my pocket sometimes but that means it won’t fall out of my shirt pocket also. Over 4 years I have only dropped my phone’s 5 or 6 times. Haven’t broken one yet.Why start now? I’d like to go without the case but I can’t make a case for it.

  1. I go by replacement cost. My iPhones go right from the box to the case, especially the 4S. I mean glass on BOTH sides? Duh!

    Even with a case, I’d be careful. I broke even a fully encased Palm 650 when I fell on it.

  2. If you are clumsy or you have don’t care attitude to your phone use a case.

    If like me, you think about the beautiful thing you gave in your hand everytime you handle it, there is no problem…you just don’t drop something you respect.

    I carry two phones, iPhone4s and iPhone5. Both caseless. I will always carry my iPhone4s even when I have the iPhone8. And there is nothing “duh” about having glass on both sides.

    1. I agree. I don’t wear a watch or jewelry, but if I did, I wouldn’t cover it. I made a rule (for myself) that my iPhone goes in one hand with nothing else. My 4S is my third naked iPhone and I’ve had no problem since I made that rule. My iPad is naked, too. I would like a bumper to make it easier to grip, but the only one I’ve found, that covers just the edges, was only made for gen 1 and maybe 2.

    2. Well, its nice to know that there are people in this world who have never dropped anything.

      Come to think of it, there is a classification for people who have made zero mistakes in their life.
      They all share the same characteristic: They have never done anything!


      1. You can be adventurous, creative and imaginative without being careless. Just set your priorities. 55 yrs old, not 1 car accident. If I’m driving, that becomes my priority. If I’m phoning someone, then that is my priority. If I’m having sex, I pull off the road and don’t answer the phone. Simple. One thing at a time.

        1. Yes but even the most careful person has accident !!! You can’t be so sure about the other guy slamming into you and if your point was to say your are the perfect human being wow your I. Great company with our lord a d savior perhaps you should start a religion … Pompas ass (:

    3. I’m like you, always conscience that I’m holding 650 euros worth of tech in my hand when I’m using my iPhone. Dropping it is just out of the question and sure, it *could* happen at some point but I’m probably far more likely to trip outside when I’m walking…and I don’t wear a helmet or knee pads because of that possibility, lol. Having said that, I do actually like to wear an non-intrusive case on my 4S, not because I’m afraid of dropping it but because I want it to remain pristine.

      It doesn’t surprise me that people in general do drop their phones more or less regularly, having seen them being casually dangled between two fingers and whatnot! Young girls especially tend to do this based on the many YT videos I’ve watched. Yikes!

  3. I have been doing this about two months in to the very first iPhone and would never go back to using a case. Same with the iPad, I thought that when the Smart Cover first came out it was an ingenious way to keep the subtleness of the iPad yet still give it a stand and conver to lay it down. I think if you want a case for your iPhone just get a plastic Android POS

  4. I have a 4S and iPad 3. I got tired of casing the 4S because it is great to look at and hold. Crazy maybe, but I was also scared of dropping it. So I compromised and got a wallet case so that I only have to carry one thing but can still pull the phone out and use it sans covering. Don’t ever want to go back.
    As for the iPad, I’m not quite ready to go without an Apple smart case , mostly because it is pretty convenient. I don’t get to handle the iPad in all its glory, but it certainly isn’t for lack of want…

  5. Well the sentiment is right, but of course reality intrudes. I drop my phone once every couple of months, usually onto carpet or maybe wood floor, but occasionally onto hard floor. My wife had an iphone glass face completely shatter over a 3 foot drop onto garage floor. A bumper case would have probably prevented it.

  6. I go back and forth on case logic too.

    I love an uncased iPhone, but now I have an original iPhone with scratches, a 4 with a shattered front screen, and a 5 with a dinged chamfered edge, all because of no case.

    It’s a wabi-sabi world!

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