Apple adds six Samsung products including Note II, S III mini and Galaxy Tab 2 to California lawsuit

“Both Apple and Samsung keep exercising their rights under the Northern District of California’s permissive rules governing the timing of infringement contentions,” Florian Mueller reports for FOSS Patents.

“After Samsung added the iPhone 5 and Apple brought claims against the Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy S III, as well as the Galaxy Nexus with the Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) update, Samsung filed infringement contentions against the iPad 4 and iPad mini as well as the latest iPod touch,” Mueller reports. “At the time I already said that in terms of the number of products that a party can add to the lawsuit at an advancaed stage, there is actually even more of an opportunity to Apple, given that Samsung has a far wider product range.”

Mueller reports, “On Black Friday evening, Apple brought a motion seeking to add claim charts for six recently-released Samsung products.”

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  1. Why create and innovate when you can steal some other companies design and copy it like Samsung or Microsoft! I hope Apple sues their BUTTS out of existence for all their copying! I was looking to buy a Samsung HDTV, but after all this nonsense and crap, I’m going to give Sony a look see.

    1. Unfortunately as clear as Google’s and Samsung’s infringements seem many courts haven’t seen it that way. It’s incredible how people spin this stuff to the point that they’ve convinced themselves that Apple is the copier! We live in a very warped world where any reality can be spun by the user depending on agenda. Worked for O.J..

  2. This is classic Asian gamesmanship. I once visited Panmunjom in the DMZ between North and South Korea, a frightening and deadly-serious no-man’s land between the two nations where the Korean War peace talks were held back in the 1950’s. The American military tour guides there tell how the North Koreans kept stationing larger and larger guards around the negotiations building and placing bigger and bigger flags inside the building to try and intimidate the Americans BEFORE the talks even could begin. Of course, we had to respond in kind to keep them in their place. North Korean Army officers wear goofy-looking hats with extra-tall crowns to make them appear taller for similar reasons. The North Koreans even insisted that their half of the peace talk building (and the table inside) straddle the North Korean side of the DMZ. This culture has a very rudimentary view of the world.

  3. Look, apple is more childish this day, Apple become patent company, not innovative company. What they can do now : if you can make your product better than competitor, then sue the competitor,….

    well,microsoft with wp8 pretty sure will beat apple again , if apple still like this

    1. microsoft can’t beat their own previous products (winXP is still massively in use) let alone deal with Apple.

      they are lost in the woods with a clown driving the bus.

      You aren’t making much sense.

      Isn’t your break about over ? Shouldn’t you be back on the line building my iPhone instead of surfing the web?

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