Windows PC users plan mass exodus to Apple Mac, iPad

“Faced with quarter after quarter of sluggish sales, PC manufacturers have been pining for a savior that just hasn’t materialized,” Brad Chacos reports for LAPTOP Magazine.

“This year, it’s Windows 8′s turn to try out the hero role, but a recent Avast survey of 135,329 U.S. Windows users suggests that Microsoft’s operating system doesn’t hold the allure OEMs hope it does: 42 percent of all Americans in the hunt for a new computer say they’ll be picking up an Apple product,” Chacos reports.

Chacos reports, “12 percent of will-be buyers are considering a move to Apple’s desktop solution. The iPad is the big draw, with 30 percent of respondents planning to snag an iOS tablet… Those are huge numbers for Apple. The figures drop a bit internationally, with 7 percent of buyers eyeing a Mac and 21 percent eyeing an iPad.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We love it when a plan comes together.

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  1. When Louis Alvarez looked for evidence of an impact decimating the dinosaurs he noticed a layer of iridium in concentrations that exceeded naturally occurring Earth bound minerals. He called this the K-T boundary, the separation between the Cretaceous & Tertiary period in geologic history.

    When IT historians look for the K-T boundary in Microsoft’s demise, they will note a surprising lack of Windows 8 permeating the landscape. In fact they noticed a preponderance of mobile devices which obliterated the lumbering behemoth.

  2. Actually that should probably maybe read “Windows PC users plan to join mass exodus to Apple…”

    Certainly I noticed that change when a whole bunch of ex Windoze users ended up here.

    1. Ironically had Microsoft evolved XP, they would achieve a higher degree of stickiness than ‘revolutionising’ and morphing XP into Vista & W7.

      And that godawful Ribbon. I heard the person responsible for the Ribbon is now in charge of W8 in light of Sinofsky’s departure. God help MS. The Ribbon is one ugly piece of junk.

      1. BLN… I really like you observations concerning tech…. Can we keep them focused there? This is where you shine… The political stuff is not appropriate for this forum and dilutes persons on the opposite side of the political spectrums ability to appreciate your tech savvy…, just a suggestion.

      2. The ribbon was an unnecessary headache I had to put up with as a systems administrator for a large corporation. It added mouse clicks to every operation I performed, and when we are talking about 10,000 operations per day, and extra “mouse and click” operation for each one is a huge burden on production. Multiply that times thousands of employees and you can see where one person’s stupid design costs a company dearly in employee efficiency.

      3. I hear a lot of complaints about the ribbon but personally i love it and can’t go back. Everything is so much easier to find and quickly access with the ribbon.

        Maybe I’m just a masochist but I wouldn’t want to go back to the massively layered menus of Office 2003.

    1. Apple’s share price is down because a lot of people are selling it. It’s that simple. They are selling it for any of a number of reasons, but selling it they are. Notice that people are also buying it. This is such a tremendous opportunity, I only wish I had more money to buy more shares at these fire-sale prices.

  3. Over here in the UK most tech people I speak to who are into Windows had not even heard of Win8 or the Surface – which is strange when you think of the amount of money said to have been spent on advertising by M$.

    Some of them had actually seen the ad with the Surface dancers prancing around but this actually gave them no idea at all what was on offer – it left them all a bit bemused and was instantly forgettable. Time to change advertising contractors, methinks!

    Those that have heard about Win8 and are in the know simply say they don’t see the point of upgrading, they will stick with Win7, thanks. Quite a contrast with Mac users who mostly look forward to upgrades, anticipating the next round of good stuff from Cupertino. Apple doesn’t always get things spot on but in the main upgrading is usually pretty painless and always easy (and quite cheap too).

    Anyhow we welcome all the ex-Windows users who have finally seen the light, you might find you have more time on your hands now that you are using Macs that really do “just work”.
    Just think – no more frequent obtrusive security downloads, registry hacks, OS reloads, frequent re-boots, crash recovery, disk repair utilities………..

    1. Amen brother. That is the best thing about my mac! I use it and then shut the lid on my mbp and its a done deal. I have more quality time with my family due to buying a mac since I’m not updating sh*t, scanning for malware and dealing with obscure error messages that send me into the system registry to ‘fix’ something that should just work.

      windows has given a whole generation of users the impression that technology is complicated and breaks all the time. Its not true.

    2. The 12 year old girls in school uniforms doing a hip-hop bump and grind in those commercials must certainly be appealing to a certain portion of Microsoft’s customers.

      1. …yeah, the Surface somehow lost out to the background competition / Window dressing…can’t help thinking that if they had shown their new gizmo actually doing something they could have conveyed more meaning but seeing 100 Surfaces doing a synchronised crash would have been a bit too much!

  4. More anecdotal evidence at jury duty this morning. The women on either side of me, on seeing my new iPad Mini, both said, “I just switched to Mac from PC.”

    It’s a quiet pandemic.

    1. Maybe they were just flirting with you. I think the odds would be in favor that most people are moving from every other OS or device to Android. At least that’s what the market share numbers are saying.

      1. There is very little to no movement from iOS or Mac OS to Android. So you can’t include them in your “every other OS or device”.

        iOS and Mac OS are growing quite well. Read for relative platform growths and changes in market shares over the last several years.

        Android is growing fast as the default OS that replaces many phone OS’s that used to be found on all sorts of devices from feature pres to smart pres and tablets. So, things Iike Symbian and RIMM OS have all but disappeared and free Android is put on anything and everything from feature phones on up. It is the new status quo.

        iOS is also growing, growing quite quickly, too. The overall marketshare for iOS, however doesn’t look as good, because even though the “smartphone” category is growing as it grows into the overall phone market and reaches 50 percent of all phones, Apple sells ONLY smartphones, and only one phone, and on limited numbers of carriers worldwide.

        Again, Android is on anything and everything, at both ends of the market, and not only that, depending on who is counting, “Android” often includes the Amazon and Baidu forked platforms, etc. in order to inflate the picture. Compounding all this is the fact that NEW Android phones ship with old, outdated versions of the OS with little to no chance of an upgrade.

    1. as I’ve been ranting for weeks:

      where the generic mac ads (Mac Pc guy stopped in 2009)
      where the mac mini ads?
      the mountain Lion is the best OS ads?
      the imac ads?

      this is great time for macs (just 5% world marketshare) to make significant gains.

  5. “mass exodus” is redundant and a silly journalistic habit.

    Exodus already means the movement of a large amount of people. Adding mass to the word exodus doesn’t change its meaning.

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