1. All well and good but all my family & friends know me by the @me.com mail address. How do you expect me to change it to @icloud.com and expect them to remember that or update their contact sheet in the address book. Just too troublesome.

    I don’t know why Apple didn’t just stick with @me.com or @mac.com and be done with it. I know it’s essential to brand it to @icloud.com but they really should have thought about it earlier, much earlier.

    1. Emails sent to @me.com and @mac.com still get received. All domains point to the same place. I’ve not received the email from Apple yet, but believe that details how it works.

  2. I personally think that the dot me ID is the best.
    As long as I can still use my me and mac IDs I don’t care. It’s not like they are different accounts they are just aliases.

  3. I’ll keep using my .mac address (been using it as my primary address since iTools), but @icloud is a LOT better than the silly @me in my opinion. I never liked the .me domain.

  4. Switched to the new @icloud.com alias and all’s working fine. People can still use my me.com address so I’m not going to even bother telling people to update their address book. I just never liked “@me.com” even though it’s easy to remember.

  5. I’m over Apple’s name changes… it’s not about receiving the email, it’s about 10 years of different online identities and I’m constantly having to figure out which one I signed up with. And now a third? And then another email change in another year with their next big idea? I’m switching to my own domain — too confusing.

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