24 hours with Apple’s iPad mini: This is the real iPad

“My take after spending a bunch of the weekend with the iPad mini: This is the real iPad,” Dan Frommer writes for SplatF. “With the exception of screen sharpness, everything about it is better than the bigger, ‘classic’ iPad — and screen sharpness won’t be a deal breaker for the vast majority of people.”

MacDailyNews Take: It’s not that iPad mini’s screen isn’t good, it’s that Apple’s Retina display iPads, iPhones, and Macs are so perfect. If you’re used to the Retina display, it’s an interesting exercise to go back to a “regular” display.

“I expect Apple to continue to sell the big, old iPad indefinitely: In some situations, it is superior, and it’s likely to get lighter and thinner sooner than later,” Frommer writes. “(I’d even love to see Apple experiment with a really big iPad someday. That might be fun.) But once most people can buy an iPad mini — Apple will likely have supply issues well into next year, artificially limiting sales — I expect the iPad mini to become Apple’s best-selling tablet. (And its second-best selling device, period, after the iPhone.)”

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  1. I expect the next version of the iPad mini or maybe the third generation to get Retina. It’s a natural evolution. The only reason they went with a regular screen this time was because they wanted the App support out if the gate to make the iPad mini a sure success a once. If they had not done this we would have had to wait for a year before the the iPad mini would be supported by a large amount if Apps and it would have solved addoption of the device I think or would have been a negative in people’s mind and in reviews of the device. Even though the only thing the Android tablets run is blown up Mobile Phone Apps it would still have been a negative for the iPad mini. This makes it easy to own or switch between both the regular iPad and iPad mini. If they can make the iPad lighter and thiner yet I would not mind an even bigger iPad. Would be even better fit for reading than the regular iPad.

  2. Great article ..
    I sincerely hope the Ipad Mini current iteration with the samsung screen will be sold out soon.

    Then i cant wait for the retina LG screen Ipad Mini.

    That was the reason why Apple had to release they Ipad 4th gen so soon….they were running out of the NEW Ipad samsung screens.
    And they wanted to wean away from ALL samsung part.

    Die samsung..die….

    1. yep, thats gotta be it. Switching was done just for the screens. The lightning connector, most important part since the intro of the iPhone5, current gen iPods, and the iPad mini had NOTHING to do with the 4th gen iPad intro.

  3. Damn. I have held out on the iPad for this current version. With the holidays approaching, this was my big gift. Now it seems as if the mini might be a better initial iPad. But the retina version will be (possibly) 2 versions away. Uggh!

  4. The real iPad is any damn thing Apple decides it will be. The mini is simply a smaller form factor that will doubtless appeal to some- not this observer. Your results may vary.

    PS- Go vote today- whomever you support- it’s the American thing to do. People have died, been beaten, have went to jail and more so that you have the right to vote. If some self styled poll watcher with no authority (True the Vote comes to mind) challenges your right to vote, give them the finger for me.

    1. AP, the REAL iPad is whatever the individual consumer decides to buy (After Apple tells them what is being offered) The ‘real’ iPad, depending on the person, could be any portable device Apple offers, from the iPhone to the MacBook Pro Retina.

      I now, I’m just mincing words, but if people are going to argue form factor, its whatever works best for the person using it.

      BTW, kudos for your great Vote Today message, well said!

  5. As long as they keep the bigger version as well, I have no probs with the popularity of the mini. Personally, I simply need the bigger iPad for creating art and using Garageband – even to comfortably write with the on-screen keyboard (which I’m getting very good at by insisting on using it; it’s merely a learning curve thing, people.)

    I might get a mini as well at some point in the future, once it goes retina. That would be purely for reading purposes, though. Perhaps gaming, as well. But for creating? Forget it!

  6. Apple should sell it as a phone. Get AT&T to sell it as a phone. Them Droid boys would be so all over it. Ebay would be loaded with used Galaxy 3 phones in no time. After the iPhone mini catches on they then could go even bigger and do the same with the iPad 4. Sell it as a phone as well. Fandroids and BLN would be so happy. The phone companies would pay Apple, buyers could get them for a couple hundred bucks. I think Apple is missing out on the big ass phone lover crowd. You can thank me for this plan, Tim.

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