The Register reviews Apple’s iPad mini: ‘The tablet even Apple anti-fans won’t be able to leave alone’

“The iPad Mini is a terrific little device,” Alistair Dabbs reports for The Register.

“Every time I handed the iPad Mini to someone for the first time, they’d make the same two observations: ‘Oh, it’s really light,’ invariably followed by, ‘it’s really thin,'” Dabbs reports. “The iPad Mini is comfortable to hold in one hand without straining, in much the same way that you’d hold an e-ink Kindle or Kobo. By comparison, Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD is almost a third heavier and thicker.”

Dabbs reports, “The reason it works so well, I believe, is that it runs all your iPad and iPad 2 apps right out-of-the-tin, no compatibility issues, no buggering around, no special iPad Mini app updates required. Cynics have dubbed the product ‘a big iPod Touch’ but despite what I wrote earlier it’s much more like a compact iPad 2… Hang on, no, it’s better than an iPad 2: it’s half the weight, cheaper, includes better cameras and is available in models with up to four times the storage… I love this tablet. Apple says: ‘You won’t be able to put it down.’ Bang on.”

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  1. The iPad mini is the one and only real iPad killer. I love my iPad mini. Only the Retina display still is missing. 1536 x 1152 would have been great, just 1,5 times the odd 1024 x 786. There should have ben a way to upsale easy since it is the same ratio. However, still a great device. Next year Retina will coma.

    1. Like matter and anti-matter. You can’t fix (Fandroid) stupid. It’s like how do you fight suicide bombers who don’t care about their lives like Fandroid don’t care about facts, preferring their own alternate reality where Apple has never innovated and pushed the tech paradigm forward, and Steve Jobs was “decidedly NOT a genius.” However Google and Samsung can do no wrong and can do anything they want without question. Shee(p)sh!

  2. I still think they could have done a retina display by downscaling the retina iPad apps by a factor of 1.6 if I remember correctly, it’s been awhile since I did the math to see if they could do it like that

    1. Scaling 2X or 50% is one thing. Scaling 1.6 is a problem. The results are always poor. Scaling 1.5 is same problem. My guess is retina will never come to iPad mini unless Apple can do 2X.

      1. Apple has been working on proper, true RESOLUTION INDEPENDENCE SCALING for many years. No one (no matter what the Windows fans, the Penguin fans or the Fandroids say) is doing true resolution independent scaling today. Apple has been working on this for over a decade. As graphics horsepower keeps going up and algorithms get better, this *will* happen — and likely within the next few years. With screens running from VGA to 4K, true resolution independence is going to be necessary (and NO I’m not talking about something as simple as everything being vector graphics!).

        Scaling at 1.5x (a simple integer multiplication then integer division) as is 1.6x. However, if you play with shifts the 1.5x is an integer multiply (x3) then a single shift. A very simple pair of operations. Conversely for 1.6x it is either an integer multiply (x8) or three shifts followed by a required integer divide (x5). The required integer divide in the second case is always going to be more intensive than a simple shift as in the first case.

  3. You do really have to get your hands on one of these to appreciate it. It’s going to fit in a lot of pockets and purses while still giving a full-sized tablet experience.

    For those waiting for a Retina…

    Be prepared to wait 2-3 years. Keep in mind the mini has a much greater ppi than the iPad 2 due to the smaller screen size.

    The next stop with resolution would be the iPad 3/4 size which is a hell of a lot of pixels, and way too many for a screen as small as the mini. It’s doable, but at a significant cost. It requires a lot of horsepower and battery consumption for very little gain (if any depending on eyes) and would jack up the price.

    Heck, even the iPad 3’s retina display was border-line questionable as to whether it was worth the costs (money, horsepower, battery), and that was a much bigger improvement in ppi as well as the fact that the iPad 3 had much more battery room.

    Besides advances in the display technology, there would need to be advances in the GPU and battery. Sure, they’ll come, but be very clear about this…

    Apple did not hold back on a retina mini for marketing purposes only to release a retina mini soon and make money on people upgrading.

    In 2-3 years, advances will comes that may make the retina mini a viable option, but that’s a really long time to wait for an improvement of a display that already looks fantastic.

    1. I understand your statements and agree with most of them, but I do believe a “Retina” iPad mini will be marketed by Apple in 1-2 years, two years at most. Apple is pushing the boundaries on its system chips for its iOS based devices. Within two years you can expect Apple to be shipping system chips to be at the 20 nm feature size and have a minimum of four CPU cores and a minimum of four GPU cores for all devices. Add to that the slow but sure advances in battery and screen technologies and a “Retina” iPad mini is virtually a sure thing in two years — possibly sooner.

  4. UPS delivered my 64g mini on Friday. Wow! It’s great for reading and it’s light weight. It’s got great curb appeal and its flawless with iOS 6. Now I won’t bitch about my wife taking “our” iPad retina. The screen on the mini is perfect for me.

  5. Critics/ cynics have dubbed the product a big iPod touch.

    That sounds kinda familiar, lemme see…….
    OH YEAH, the same critic/cynics said the very same thing about the original iPad. How boring. If they are going to sling FUD, can’t they come up with something new instead of trotting out the same old arguments? Big iPod…. Thats SO 2010

    1. Hold on have they actually used an iPod touch?? And exactly how is ‘just a big iPod touch’ not a great thing??? I mean come on… For an attempt to flame apple fans its kinda the opposite. When did pointing out the good aspects of a product ever become a negative ? 😛

  6. I have an iPad 3 and got my iPad mini delivered last Friday.

    I have now put the iPad 3 (on its speaker-dock) in the living room as a family iPad. The screen on the iPad mini is a disappointment, but this is more than made up for by the convenience of the smaller and lighter form factor. Actually, the mini is too thin for comfort for me, I have fat fingers. I bought a cheap case for it that bulks it out a bit, but adds little weight, and ths makes it easier for me to grip.

    Next year I’ll be first in line for a retina iPad mini, but I’m not going back to the large screen iPad, ths size is perfect for me.

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