Doctors excited over Apple’s iPad mini; fits easily into lab coat pocket

“Friday’s launch of the iPad mini has been eagerly awaited by physicians who are particularly excited that the device easily can fit inside a lab coat,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“Epocrates, a maker of point-of-care applications for medical professionals, gathered data from 48 different physicians that use its products,” Hughes reports. “One in three of those physicians said they are planning to purchase an iPad mini due to its convenient small size.”

Hughes reports, “With a height of 7.87 inches and a width of just 5.3 inches, the iPad mini also passed what Epocrates called the ‘lab coat test.’ Lab coats worn by medical professionals have pockets sized 8.5 inches high and 7.5 inches wide, which means the device can be easily carried by a physician.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Arline M.” for the heads up.]


  1. Some ignorant tech bloggers and journalists were disappointed that iPad mini includes “old” hardware, but the fact is that graphically is much faster than almost any competition, even the newest one.

    Benchmarks: Apple iPad 4’s A6X beats all comers in GPU performance

    Look at diagrams in the link of this article and you see iPhone 4S results there, among others. Give it a 20% boost thanks to higher clock frequency, and you will get iPad 2 results, which are not present formally. This way you will also have iPad mini results.

    Doctors can have quite advanced 3D visualization applications with that power. For 1024×768, it is close to perfect.

    1. The iPad mini would fall out of a lab coat pocket when a doctor or other health care worker leaned over. What about a case with a tether (or a built-in tether anchor on the next iteration)? Hang it around your neck to keep it safe and handy for use. If the tether is the right length, you could still drop it into a pocket to keep it from swinging around.

        1. Epocrates is a pathetically error-prone medical reference. Any physician inclined to use Epocrates is a lame-brained skin flint unworthy to practice medicine. Of course, Epocrates is highly rate for Android users.

          1. Actually being a physician of about 15 years, I must disagree. I use Epocrates almost every day, it is a quick go to reference and makes my patient visits more efficient. With the time I save I get to know my patients to give them even better medical advice. A great side kick to have but not to solely rely on.

        1. You know that Apple can only use the iPad 2 (1024×768) resolution or the iPad 4 resolution (2048×1536) without fucking up compatibility with all the apps in AppStore? How could Apple fit 2048×1536 in a 7,9″ tablet and still sell it at this price? It would be the worlds highest PPI on any screen and I doubt it is even possible at this point…

    1. No.

      As a first gen product it can’t have a step backward.

      You’ll have to wait until the next gen… and that’s only if the next gen comes with a lower resolution screen, one less camera, etc.

  2. If the mini had a retina displaying it would cost a lot more. The reason for the mini is to get the more cost conscious consumer into the Apple Ecosystem. It’s working!!!

  3. I think the doctors will ALSO appreciate iPad mini weighing less than HALF as much as previous iPads, while displaying the exact same content and running the exact same apps with the same performance. And on top of those benefits, it has a $70 discount over the iPad 2.

  4. I’m a blue water sailor. The iPad is a major breakthrough for this sector. The iPad mini will be even better. It is a perfect size to mount at the helm in a weather-proof case. Raymarine’s radar is iPad enabled, allowing you transform your your iPad into a Radar screen via Bluetooth.

    There are so many ways iPad makes cruising easier, it’s unbelievable. Taking a cue from the airlines, I’m in the process now of using iAuthor
    To convert the mountain of equipment manuals into a customized iBook.

    I could go on and on, but the iPad mini will be a welcome form factor.

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