Airlines find that iPads on planes save fuel by shedding tons of aircraft entertainment systems

“Scoot Pte is offering Apple Inc. iPads to budget long-haul travelers after ripping out aircraft entertainment systems weighing more than two tons to save fuel,” Jonathan Burgos reports for Bloomberg.

“The tablets helped the carrier cut 7 percent off the weight of planes obtained from parent Singapore Airlines Ltd. (SIA) even after a 40 percent increase in seating, Chief Executive Officer Campbell Wilson said,” Burgos reports. “The savings will help Scoot, which makes its maiden flight today, cope with fuel prices that have jumped about 36 percent in two years. Fuel is ‘the number one worry’ for any airline, as it usually accounts for at least 40 percent of costs, Wilson said in a June 1 interview in Singapore. Scoot will charge economy passengers S$22 ($17) a trip to rent the tablets, which are loaded with movies, music, games and television shows.”

Burgos reports, “JetStar, Qantas Airways Ltd.’s budget arm, also offers preloaded iPads on domestic and international flights lasting longer than 90 minutes. Qantas’s main unit began trialing a wireless iPad system in December.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Arline M.” and “Brawndo Drinker” for the heads up.]

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    1. Boeing decided that iPads and iOS weren’t quite up to their standards and chose an entertainment system based on Android which they claimed was far superior in customizing for their use. They also claimed to have saved millions of dollars in not having to deal with overpriced Apple products. Boeing seems to be the only airline company that has gone with Android. Of course, a manufacturing company is not a carrier.

    1. Greenpeace is irate that fossil fuels are burned. Burning fuel is the sin, not the rate of consumption. Using iPads means that humans are still raping the planet, only less frequently.

      1. @the joker; so? Who’s using it anyway? They are using pre-loaded movies and games, nobody’s using mobile data on a plane, so what’s your point, caller?

    1. Good point! And these fliers are probably affluent. If they travel with their children, they will no doubt see how easily the children take to an iPad too and will probably consider buying one for their children.

    2. Airplanes as the new Apple showroom – I love it! The airline could rent it for $17 with an option to purchase at the end of the flight! They could also sell iPones and iMacs duty free.

    1. Greenpeace exempts itself from the same restrictions that it wants to impose on others. It’s called the right of moral purity and self aggrandizement also known by the more familiar phrase “blatant and misguided hypocrisy”.

  1. Want to save more fuel? Make really fat people flying domestic to either pay for two seats and then give them the option to go by train (for much cheaper). I am tired of paying for one seat but only using half of it because the guy beside me is using 1.5 of his!

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