ZAGG debuts iPad mini keyboard cases

ZAGG for Apple iPad mini

ZAGG has debuted a complete line of products designed specifically for Apple’s iPad mini. ZAGG’s new products include keyboards, cases, and protective films.

“We are excited about these new versions of our award-winning accessories designed for the iPad mini, including our invisibleSHIELD products, iFrogz cases, and ZAGG keyboards,” said Kent Wuthrich, executive vice president of marketing for ZAGG. “As one of the only keyboard accessories designed specifically for iPad mini, the ZAGGkeys MINI 7 and MINI 9 will offer the proven utility and convenience that our customers have come to expect from the ZAGGkeys line.”

The ZAGGkeys MINI 7 and ZAGGkeys MINI 9 feature a durable folio designed specifically around the iPad mini and highlighted with ZAGG’s award-winning keyboard technology. The Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard of the ZAGGkeys MINI 7 is custom designed to fit iPad mini, providing a feature-rich keyboard while maintaining the small, compact size. The ZAGGkeys MINI 9 offers a similar keyboard with a carefully engineered layout to provide the same spacing as ZAGG’s traditional tablet keyboard. Both accessories in the ZAGGkeys MINI line feature built-in stands to hold the tablet at an ideal viewing angle and special function keys to operate essential iPad mini features directly from the keyboard. ZAGG has also introduced the ZAGGstylus MINI, a capacitive stylus for the iPad mini compatible with the ZAGGkeys MINI 9.

The ZAGGkeys MINI 7 is a durable folio designed specifically around the iPad mini and highlighted with ZAGG's award-winning keyboard technology. (Photo: Business Wire)
The ZAGGkeys MINI 7 is a durable folio designed specifically around the iPad mini and highlighted with ZAGG’s award-winning keyboard technology. (Photo: Business Wire)


The ZAGGkeys MINI 7 and ZAGGkeys MINI 9 are available for purchase from and select retailers. ZAGGkeys MINI 7 and MINI 9 each cost $89.99, and are covered with a 1-year limited hardware warranty.

ZAGGkeys MINI 9 features:
• Great for the iPad mini
• Identical keyboard size, design, and layout as ZAGG’s award-winning tablet keyboards
• Island-style keys engineered to provide 90% of the space of a traditional keyboard
• Dedicated special function keys
• Cradles the iPad mini providing a durable case protecting both the iPad mini and keyboard

ZAGGkeys MINI 7 features:
• Attractive folio designed specifically for the iPad mini
• Island-style keys in a sleek and unique layout provide maximum finger space in a compact Bluetooth keyboard
• Durable case protects both the iPad mini and the keyboard from dings and scratches
• Intuitive built-in stand to hold the tablet at an ideal viewing angle

ZAGG’s invisibleSHIELD was created from a high tech film originally designed for the US Military to use in protecting the leading edges of helicopter blades. ZAGG was the pioneer in applying that film to the full body of handheld electronics, preventing scratches and surface damage. Each of ZAGG’s invisibleSHIELD films offer Nano-Memory Technology, a unique property that allows for greater durability and ease of installation, and a lifetime replacement guarantee if the film becomes scratched or damaged while protecting the device.
ZAGG’s line of invisibleSHIELDs designed specifically for the iPad mini include:

• invisibleSHIELD, $24.99, ZAGG’s patented, original full-body protection, applies directly to the Apple iPad mini, providing the most award-winning, critically acclaimed protection in the industry
• invisibleSHIELD High Definition, $29.99, recently presented with a 2012 Gold Stevie® Award in the New Product or Service of the Year in Consumer Electronics, offers premium features like advanced clarity and a glass-like surface to the original invisibleSHIELD film
• invisibleSHIELD Smudge-Proof, $29.99, offers all of the protection of ZAGG’s original invisibleSHIELD film, plus the best anti-glare and anti-fingerprint features available (sold at select retailers only)

More info via Zagg’s website here.

Source: ZAGG Inc.


    1. Obviously you are not a touch typist. I like the iPad on-screen keyboard, but cannot type on it nearly as fast as on a touchable keyboard. For simple things I don’t bother but for long written projects, I must have a keyboard I can feel.

  1. Why is everybody making fun of this? The on-screen touch keyboard in iOS is great, so it’s excellent for 90% of tasks. But, if you’re on the road and the iPad mini was your only device (which really is possible and says something about the iPad), and you need to do a lot of typing, a physical keyboard is great because you can touch type.

    Yes, it makes the iPad mini into a sort of “netbook”, but a superior one that runs iOS.

    Try banging out a few thousand words on the on-screen keyboard and then tell me this wouldn’t be a nice solution if you needed to be ultra-portable, but still be able to create a lot of content.

  2. The Apple wireless keyboard is still the best option for mobility. It’s small, light-weight, and handles typing far better than the 3rd party case/keyboard combos.

  3. Eventually, around 5 years from now, someone will invent a slightly bigger iPad/Tablet device, you know, so professionals can use it. It’ll have a keyboard actually built in, on a hinge so it opens like a book. It’ll be big enough to work on but small enough to sit in your lap. They’ll call it something obvious like legtop or laptop or something.

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