East Coast Apple Stores prepare for Hurricane Sandy

“As Hurricane Sandy prepares to make landfall… several Apple Stores along the East Coast have begun to prepare for the storm,” Jake Smith reports for 9to5Mac.

“Jonathan Wald tweeted several pictures showing how the iconic 5th Avenue Store in New York is preparing,” Smith reports. “The store front is being blocked off with sandbags, and additionally MacBooks, iPads, iPhones, and iPads are being covered in plastic bags to prevent water damage.”

Smith reports, “An Apple Store in Philadelphia also prepared this morning with sandbags.”

See the photos in the full article here.

Gary Allen reports for ifoAppleStore, “Apple’s retail operations team is in high gear with the imminent arrival of Hurricane Sandy, closing down some stores in five states, the District of Columbia, and preparing for disruptions as far north as Canada.”

“At least 35 stores are within the landfall prediction zone defined by the National Weather Service, and another 15 stores are just outside the zone, particularly New York City and the region north. New York City stores were closed and dark on Sunday evening, and sandbags were being stacked outside storefronts,” Allen reports. “The underground Fifth Avenue (NYC) store staff took further precautions for its underground retail space, cleverly wrapping all the display table products with white plastic, Apple draw-string shopping bags to provide water protection.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


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    2. Speaking of who is boss, the earth works in cycles on its own time table. Storms like this have been happening long before there were humans, and will continue to happen long after we are gone. Anything resulting from ‘Global Warming’ is a glitch so tiny in the normal heat up and cool down cycles that its not even a blip.

      1. I like to think of it more as a universal play but I understand where you are coming from. The “glitch” however should not be downplayed, especially since the original environment of the earth was dramatically changed with an addition of about 20% of oxygen, courtesy of plant life.

  1. Two of the worst hurricanes to ever hit the region occurred in 1938 and 1954, so who does Al Gore blame for those? There is nothing happening today that hasn’t already happened several times in the distant past already, so get over it.

  2. … believe the “old-time” storms were as bad as today’s, a thought: how bad would today’s storms be without the advanced warnings? I’m not saying the storms of the past were minor, only that they would not have been AS bad had people been prepared for them.
    My local Apple Store is high enough that even the worst of the surge hitting NYC would not get to it. The store in Boston, though, had better be bagging the mall entrances. The MicroCenter is also in a low-lying area.
    I wonder if they will get the subway working again by New Years. The expected 11′ surge won’t do much to it, but if it compresses going up the LI funnel and gets to 20′? Drowned rats everywhere!

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