Obama reveals what’s on his Apple iPod on radio show

“As Hurricane Sandy barreled toward the Mid-Atlantic this morning, and the White House scrambled to get the commander in chief back to Washington, President Obama could be heard on the radio airwaves in battleground Ohio talking about his iPod,” Devin Dwyer and Jake Tapper report for ABC News.

“‘I’ve got a pretty good mix. I’ve got old school. Stevie Wonder and James Brown. I’ve got Rolling Stones. Bob Dylan. And then I’ve got everything from Jay-Z to Eminem to the Fugees to you name it,’ Obama told DJ E.J. Greig of Cincinnati’s 101.1 The Wiz in a pre-taped interview,” Dwyer and Tapper report. “‘There’s probably not a group that you play that I don’t have on my iPod. So I’ve got some jazz, John Coltrane, Miles Davis. Got some Gil Scott Heron on there. You gotta mix it up,’ he said. ‘It just depends on the mood I’m in.'”

Dwyer and Tapper report, “Last month, Obama faced criticism for a pre-taped radio interview with Miami’s “Pimp with the Limp” DJ Laz from 106.7 WRMA-FM that aired on the morning of the 9/11 anniversary (and later, the Benghazi attacks)… The two talked tunes, TV, football and top topics of the 2012 campaign. But Obama did not mention the terror attacks that took place 11 years ago that day because the interview was taped early. Administration officials said they didn’t expect the piece to air on 9/11.”

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    1. Better than Jr’s day-of strategry of returning to misreading fuzzy wuzzy wuz a worn book after asking himself, “Duh, what do I do, George?”

      God – all the made up words by Junior and not one “‘mines” or “axe” from our current leader! I’ll take Vernacular for $2000, Alex!

        1. Not so much hate, but rather disgust. And not with just him, but the media also. You think Bush would escape the press corps wrath on Benghazi by saying ‘we are still waiting to gather all the facts’ forty-five days later? Hell, Bush was escoriated for waiting seven whole seconds as a child read a book during 9/11. And he didn’t go on a fundraiser after Americans were killed during a terrorist attack the following day. Didn’t see much outrage out there. It would have been headline news daily and the press would have hounded him with questions and chided him for going to places like Pimp with a Limp and colleges to get shown the love instead of holding a White House press event to give an update!

          But Obama is happy to take donations from terrorists!…


        2. You may be right, but if you want to see a country that is really, truly saturated with hatred beyond belief, live in Anustralia for a while. You’ll end up putting certain aspects of your life at risk, but you’ll see how good they make Americans look. This political bickering is a breath of fresh air.

    1. http://fivethirtyeight.blogs.nytimes.com

      Willard “Mitt” RobbedMe can pile up all the votes he wants among the toothless in Alabama & West Virginia. Winning Dixie with 60% margins gets him not one extra electoral vote.

      What are you going to change your handle to Nov 7th after Obama is reelected, the Dems still hold the Senate and the Teabagger majority in the House is narrowed?

      2010 was the high-water mark for the uninformed paranoia that drives people to listen to the laughable bullsh*t that Faux and Excrement in Broadcasting (Premier Radio Networks) pump non-stop. Hope you enjoyed your 2 years of non-productive Teabagger ‘leadership’.

      Don’t forget that taxes for everyone go up January 1, 2013 unless the Teabaggers come to terms with President Obama to avoid sequestration.

      1. Obama is predicted to take 277 electoral votes as of last Saturday. Unless Ohio rolls over in a big way for Mitt, I’m guessing First 2010 will be changing his address to a psych ward somewhere. who knows what his new name will be.

        1. The highly respected Nate Silver of 538.com fame shows Willard RobbedMe having peaked on the 12th of October in polling.

          The polling at this posting shows an Electoral count of 294.6 Obama to 243.4 RawMoney. It also shows Obama trending upward since the 13th of October and at no time had he dropped behind in electoral projections despite the vast Right-Wing talking machine.

          Liberal bias in the media is a myth like the Loch Ness Monster, the lost island of Atlantis or a balanced Republican budget.

          I’m sure the Rethugs will try to break out another Brooks Brothers Riot a la Y2K, but it won’t be that close.


            1. Voter Fraud is Democrat party territory, at least as far back as JFK in Chicago. I’m cure Bill Clinton made a science of it. We have computers in many polling places with over half of them run by a Spanish company.

              Here’s a very simple test for you: which party is opposed to stopping voter fraud by requiring IDs? Yeah.

              Shut up.

          1. Liberal bias in the media is a myth?

            A Republican in The White House, covering up the assassinations of four Americans in Libya, by Al Qaeda terrorists, would have been Crusified by the liberal media.

            A Democrat in the White House gets to tell a bullshit story about an anti-Muslim C Movie and the death of Al Qaeda and the coverup is completely ignored.

            1. The media STILL talks about Watergate. Over 40 years later. No one died there. The media is trying to cover up Libya with 4 dead and 30 who would be dead but not for heroic actions including those of people who have been arrested for defying orders to “stand down”. Anyone who thinks Obama is being honest with the American people or who cries how Libya is being “politicized” really needs to stop voting and move into an asylum.

              We have one of the worst presidents in US history in office right now, and that’s not the scary thing. The terrifying thing is half the country wants to re-elect him.

    2. If Mitt wins, it will be by a Bush-type margin. The election will be closer than I expected (fueled largely by Mitt’s sudden leap towards the middle after campaigning far right for so many months), but I still believe that you will be disappointed.

        1. The phrase you keep parroting only makes sense if preceded by “There will be no…”. This is becoming clearer by the day. Even the Likely Voter polls are now swinging away from Mitt.

          Sorry mate, but my guess is you’ll be changing your moniker this time next week.

    1. It won’t be over by then, Rex. It has been going strong for years and is unlikely to stop anytime soon. F10T12 will become F10T16 and complain for the next four years. His cronies (fictitious or real) will continue to chime in with snide and often nonsensical remarks. In other words, nothing will change…

  1. From Reagan onwards, the GOP has been a debt machine. The only reason Obama had to have such huge deficits was because dumbass ran the US economy into the ground. No doubt the Dems had a hand in that or didn’t do enough to stop it. Both parties have proven themselves pathetic at governing rationally, but Mitt is the biggest liar. He’s going to reduce the deficit? Right, have fun believing that one. And Stevie Wonder rules.

    1. Oh my good Lord. How on earth did a single dollar spent on those deficits help the US economy? They were to save Government jobs and to turn GM union jobs *into* government jobs to help Obama buy re-election. The tax payers will *never* get the money back that they spent to shore up the insolvent auto-worker pensions which were insanely high.

      We are borrowing from China to pay for liberal pet projects, unnecessary government jobs and send money over seas to countries that hate us. Our children and our children’s children will have to pay for all this debt that we are racking up mindlessly. To blame Bush for the debt under Obama is utterly insane. But about what I’d expect from a liberal.

      1. Respectfully twimoon1 (I respect alternate opinions), dismissing my viewpoint as “liberal” is a good indicator of what’s wrong with “conservatives”. I’m independent through and through, as I said I think both parties spend like inane lunatics now. Of course the deficits under any presidency are influenced by their predecessors. That’s basic economics. I’m happy the debt is now on the national radar, I’ve been concerned about it since Reagan ballooned it exponentially. Fox News and NPR are both biased. I don’t give a f*ck who is elected if they would follow through and balance the budget for once (well, since the Clinton presidency). I know, I know, Clinton is the great evil blah blah talking point whatever. Follow the money. We cannot sustain these deficits and it’s better to all work together to solve problems than blame each other. Let’s somehow bring logic back into the arguments. To me, continuing this amount of deficit spending is treasonous, and deficit raising is exactly what you’ll get with Romney’s warmongering. America is not solely responsible for shouldering the responsibility of maintaining peace through the world, we already pay for a UN for that purpose. Sanctions are tough and getting the point across. Our infrastructure is crumbling, invest at home rationally and cut what needs to be cut. Small government, fine, do it. Flat tax is mathematically fair, do it. Label me however you want and dismiss me in favor of your bias, it doesn’t change the bottom line that we’re in trouble economically. Previous generations believed in personal responsibility, respected the other party and worked together, it’s not impossible.

  2. A pre-taped interview now an object of hatred? Don’t you lot have more to worry about right now than this sort of crap? How about you suspend the divisive talk for a couple of days eh?

    1. We have suffered tremendously under Obama, and we will be cleaning up the damage for a generation. I would call it hate as far as what he did in Libya but what he did to the economy and this country is more just disgust and bitterness.

      I promise to let the subject drop after the election if Obama is voted out as I am hoping he will be.

  3. His fav list…

    President Barack Obama’s Complete List of Historic Firsts


    Law and Justice
    • First President to Violate the War Powers Act (Unilaterally Executing American Military Operations in Libya Without Informing Congress In the Required Time Period – Source: Huffington Post)
    • First President to Triple the Number of Warrantless Wiretaps of U.S. Citizens (Source: ACLU)
    • First President to Sign into Law a Bill That Permits the Government to “Hold Anyone Suspected of Being Associated With Terrorism Indefinitely, Without Any Form of Due Process. No Indictment. No Judge or Jury. No Evidence. No Trial. Just an Indefinite Jail Sentence” (NDAA Bill – Source: Business Insider)

    • First President to Have His Attorney General Held in Criminal Contempt of Congress For His Efforts to Cover Up Operation Fast and Furious, That Killed Over 300 Individuals (Source: Politico)
    • First President to claim Executive Privilege to shield a sitting Attorney General from a Contempt of Congress finding for perjury and withholding evidence from lawful subpoenas (Source: Business Insider)
    • First President to Issue Unlawful “Recess-Appointments” Over a Long Weekend — While the U.S. Senate Remained in Session (against the advice of his own Justice Department – Source: Heritage Foundation)

    • First President to Fire an Inspector General of Americorps for Catching One of His Friends in a Corruption Case (Source: Gawker)
    • First President to “Order a Secret Amnesty Program that Stopped the Deportations of Illegal Immigrants Across the U.S., Including Those With Criminal Convictions” (Source: DHS documents uncovered by Judicial Watch)
    • First President to Sue States for Enforcing Voter ID Requirements, Which Were Previously Ruled Legal by the U.S. Supreme Court (Source: CNN)

    • First President to Encourage Racial Discrimination and Intimidation at Polling Places (the New Black Panthers voter intimidation case, Source: Investors Business Daily)
    • First President to Refuse to Comply With a House Oversight Committee Subpoena (Source: Heritage Foundation)
    • First President to Arbitrarily Declare an Existing Law Unconstitutional and Refuse to Enforce It (Defense of Marriage Act – Source: ABC News)

    • First President to Demand a Company Hand Over $20 Billion to One of His Political Appointees (BP Oil Spill Relief Fund – Source: Fox News)
    • First President to Have a Law Signed By an ‘Auto-pen’ Without Being “Present” (Source: The New York Times)
    • First President to Have His Administration Fund an Organization Tied to the Cop-Killing Terrorist Group, the Weather Underground (Source: National Review)

    • First President to publicly announce an enemies list (consisting of his opponents campaign contributors; and to use the instrumentalities of government to punish those on the list – Source: Heritage Foundation)
    • First President to Attempt to Block Legally-Required 60-Day Layoff Notices by Government Contractors Due to His Own Cuts to Defense Spending — Because The Notices Would Occur Before the Election. (Source: National Journal)

    • First President to Intentionally Disable Credit Card Security Measures (in order to allow over-the-limit donations, foreign contributions and other illegal fundraising measures – Source: Power Line)

    • First President to send 80 percent of a $16 billion program (green energy) to his campaign bundlers and contributors, leaving only 20% to those who did not contribute. (Source: Washington Examiner)
    • First President to Propose an Executive Order Demanding Companies Disclose Their Political Contributions to Bid on Government Contracts (Source: Wall Street Journal)
    • First President to issue an Executive Order implementing a “Racial Justice System”, a system that tries to achieve “racially equivalent outcomes” for crimes (Source: Daily Caller)

    • First President to Send Millions in Taxpayer Dollars to His Wife’s Former Employer (Source: White House Dossier)

    • First President to Preside Over a Cut to the Credit Rating of the United States Government (Source: Reuters)
    • First President to Bypass Congress and Implement the DREAM Act Through Executive Fiat (Source: Christian Science Monitor)
    • First President to Move America Past the Dependency Tipping Point, In Which 51% of Households Now Pay No Income Taxes (Source: Center for Individual Freedom)

    • First President to Increase Food Stamp Spending By More Than 100% in Less Than Four Years (Source: Sen. Jeff Sessions)
    • First President to Spend a Trillion Dollars on ‘Shovel-Ready’ Jobs — and Later Admit There Was No Such Thing as Shovel-Ready Jobs (Source: President Obama during an early meeting of his ‘Jobs Council’)
    • First President to Threaten Insurance Companies After They Publicly Spoke out on How Obamacare Helped Cause their Rate Increases (Source: The Hill)

    • First President to Abrogate Bankruptcy Law to Turn Over Control of Companies to His Union Supporters (Source: Wall Street Journal)
    • First President to Propose Budgets So Unreasonable That Not a Single Representative From Either Party Would Cast a Vote in Favor (Sources: The Hill, Open Market)
    • First President Whose Economic Policies Have the Number of Americans on Disability Exceed the Population of New York (Source: CNS News)

    • First President to Sign a Law Requiring All Americans to Purchase a Product From a Third Party (Source: Wall Street Journal)
    • First President to Sue States For Enforcing Immigration Laws Passed by Congress (Source: The Arizona Republic newspaper)
    • First President to See America Lose Its Status as the World’s Largest Economy (Source: Peterson Institute)

    • First President to redistribute $26.5 billion of the taxpayers’ funds to his union supporters in the UAW (Source: Heritage Foundation)
    • First President to Threaten an Auto Company (Ford) After It Publicly Mocked Bailouts of GM and Chrysler (Source: Detroit News)
    • First President to Attempt to Bully a Major Manufacturing Company Into Not Opening a Factory in a Right-to-Work State (Boeing’s facility in South Carolina – Source: Wall Street Journal)

    Energy Policy
    • First President to Endanger the Stability of the Electric Grid by Shutting Down Hundreds of Coal-Fired Plants Without Adequate Replacement Technologies (Source: National Electric Reliability Corporation – PDF)
    • First President to Have His EPA Repudiated by a Federal Judge for “Overstepping Its Powers” When They Attempted to Shut Down Coal Operations in Appalachia (Source: Huffington Post)
    • First President to be Held in Contempt of Court for Illegally Obstructing Oil Drilling in the Gulf of Mexico (Source: Politico)

    National Security and World Affairs
    • First President to Lie Repeatedly to the American People About the Murder of a U.S. Ambassador and Three Other Diplomatic Personnel for Purely Political Reasons (Source: Roger Simon)
    • First President to Openly Defy a Congressional Order Not To Share Sensitive Nuclear Defense Secrets With the Russian Government (Sources: ABC News, Rep. Michael Turner)
    • First President to Leak Highly Classified Military and Intelligence Secrets to Hollywood In Order to Promote a Movie That Could Help His Reelection Campaign (Source: Judicial Watch)

    • First President to Terminate America’s Ability to Put a Man into Space (Sources: USA Today, ABC News)
    • First President to press for a “treaty giving a U.N. body veto power over the use of our territorial waters and rights to half of all offshore oil revenue” (The Law Of The Sea Treaty, Source: Investors Business Daily)
    • First President to send $200 million to a terrorist organization (Hamas) after Congress had explicitly frozen the money for fear it would fund attacks against civilians (Sources: American Thinker, The Independent [UK])

    • First President to Insert Himself into White House Biographies of Past Presidents (Source: The New York Times).
    • First President to Golf 105 or More Times in His First Three-and-a-half Years in Office (Source: The Hill)

    But remember: he will not rest until all Americans have jobs, affordable homes, green-energy vehicles, and the environment is repaired, etc., etc., etc.

    You want to help stop this insanity? Send a few bucks to America’s Comeback Team.

    1. “• First President to Violate the War Powers Act (Unilaterally Executing American Military Operations in Libya Without Informing Congress In the Required Time Period”

      I won’t defend Obama, but the “War Powers Act” is unconstitutional. A clear violation of separation of powers. It has never been constitutionally challenged because no President wants to take the risk that the Supreme Court could rule it into law.

  4. Well, Romney is a slimy worm who changes his story at every turn just to get elected. If you trust what he says, your in for a shock if he gets elected. And if you really believe he will be able to magically create jobs and everything will all of the sudden change, it is time to lay of the pixie dust. Because it is not going to happen. He will decimate the middle class, and help his rich buddies. He will try to ban abortion, telling women what they can and cannot do. If his running mate ever had to take over, the end of the country would be near. The Republican party is the party of the rich, mean ass mofo’s who only care about their rich buddies. They do not care one whit about the middle and lower classes but will try to convince you otherwise just to get in.

    1. “Well, Romney is a slimy worm who changes his story …”

      Unlike Obama who strips Libya of security, and watches for 7 hours as 30 Americans are attacked, and has the power to intercede and specifically orders no one to help and then covers it up by lying and blaming a completely irrelevant video. Punishes an American for exercising their freedom of speech, and 45 days later is still “Investigating” even tho it took him THREE WEEKS to bother to show up to the site to gather evidence most of which was long gone by then?

      Give it a rest with the “Romnesia” changing mind bit. All good leaders have the ability to change their mind. Steve Jobs for example.

      Obama is a corrupt liar, murderer, fraud and a thief. But other than that I like him.

      All good leaders have flaws. The problem is that Obama isn’t even a good leader.

      1. Maybe you should concern yourself more with this country. I for one don’t give a rat’s ass about Libya. So Obama ignores Libya, too bad. Well Bush ignored Katrina, and that was here. Not halfway around the world where nobody cares anyways what happens to that Libyian shithole.

        1. You’re a fool. It’s not that we are worried about another country around the world. We were worried about how Obama let down our fellow Americans over there half way around the world.
          And Bush didn’t forget about the people hit by Katrina. New Orleans got more federal aid than any other state going through a natural disaster. I mean if you like Obama, that’s ok. I understand you depend on his handouts or maybe he is paying for your gas or paying for your mortgage. That’s ok. I think the guy is unAmerican and just plain weird am behavior that doesn’t go with a president of the US. But to each its own. Have a nice day.

    1. No boarders? What have you got against guest house owners? Don’t they deserve to try earning a living providing low scale temporary accommodation if that’s what they want?

  5. “Obama did not mention the terror attacks that took place 11 years ago…”

    By no means let us forget to mention those “terror attacks” at every opportunity lest the people forgot to live in fear 24 hours a day!

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