Apple Pad mini – all models – sold out in three days

“Pre-orders for the iPad mini began at Apple’s online store Friday at 3 a.m. Eastern (12 a.m. Pacific),” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

• In 20 minutes the Wi-Fi-only white models sold out in all three memory configurations (16GB, 32GB, 64GB)
• In 35 hours the black 16GB models were gone
• By 3 a.m. Monday — 3 days after they went on sale — the rest were gone as well

P.E.D. reports, “If you order one now, it will be available to ship in two weeks.”

Read more in the full article here.


      1. BaldyBot Ballmer was the same dude that laughed hysterically at the iPhone 1.0 & said that nobody will buy this at this price & no businessperson would think of using it because it has no physical keypad.

  1. Suck on this naysayers. iPad mini, the most beautiful iPad yet, other than the iPad 4. I’d prefer the mini form factor over the full size iPad for reclining on my couch and reading. As an in-car accessory, the mini will be invaluable as a navigation aid.


          1. Garmin makes a bluetooth GPS for $99 that can be used with WiFi ipads. You might need an app with downloaded nav files however.

            The Garmin has US and GLONAS compatibilty.

  2. “iPad sales feared to be too slow”
    Market response: aapl lower

    “Apple sells out of all units in record time”
    Market response: aapl lower

    “Apple outpaces pc sales for 6 years straight”
    Market response: aapl lower

    Can apple do anything “right” by their standards?

  3. Heya

    i am one of the naysayer ONLY for the iPad Mini..and i still don’t get it.

    Why would any one buy a product that is 2 generation older?
    I mean Apple compared it to the iPad 2 for pete sake.
    IPAD 2 …..

      1. agreed, i am still using the Imac 24 inch.

        But it is ridiculous you are paying for an older tech , with a price margin between the 2 are so small.
        If my Imac dies now i definitely would but the 27 inch Mac in december.
        I will not buy the current 27 inch iMac.

    1. Only the screen and processor was compared to the iPad 2.

      The processor doesn’t need to be as powerful as that of the larger Retina display version because of lower pixel density and device size difference.

      Please keep in mind that the pixel density of an iPad 2 being retained on a device on a smaller device would look great (just not as nice as Retina). This also helped to keep the price from being $50 higher.

    2. Why would somebody want an iPad mini?
      1) It’s still very competitive performance-wise
      2) I don’t need “high performance” for something I’ll use for reading, surfing, occasional light gaming, and home theater remote control.
      3) It doesn’t need to be as high performance with the lower-res screen
      4) I want something smaller than a full-size iPad
      5) I want something cheaper than a full-size iPad
      6) I can sell and upgrade in a year if I want to.

      There, I gave you six reasons I’m thrilled to buy an iPad mini. Your own values, wants, and needs are not the same as everybody else’s. Any questions?

    3. Zulfucki, you do realize that because of the display NOT being the same as in iPad 3 or an iPad 4 they HAD to compare it with iPad,,,,,,,,,wait for it,,,,,,,,,yes, 2!

      The POINT is that the images on the iPad mini will look BETTER than an iPad 2.

    4. Ask Derek Currie. Remember, he said that there will be no iPad mini! So there will be none. You’re just commenting on something that will not happen. Just ask Derek Currie the troll.

  4. I’m sorry:

    Didn’t I read somewhere that the major shortcoming of the mini iPad was the lack of GPS?
    That would make map directions difficult.

    Please fill me in if this is incorrect information.

    1. Would’ve been nice if the iPm could’ve piggy-backed on an iPhone’s GPS signal, though I understand Apple’s reason for not doing so (higher margins on cellular version).

  5. One more time it shows analysts in general have no clue of what customers want. They live in their own world and believe that are very important. It also shows, again, that they do not undestand Apple.

  6. I wish we had numbers to go with this report.

    BTW, where is PerfectMacTrollGuy, with his “oh dear Lord, why oh why can’t the mini be priced higher so I can pay more” drivel?

  7. I’m pretty sure I’d rather have an iPad mini than a full-sized one for most things, but I won’t buy it until I can hold it in my hand. It’s amazing how many people are buying one without actually seeing/holding it – I don’t think photos or videos convey how it will feel to ME. I’ll also have to see how crisp the text is – the retina display on the iPad 3 & 4 has text as sharp as a printed page – the first 2 iPads were a bit too fuzzy for me for extended reading.

    1. I went ahead and ordered sight unseen because the price was right. I wanted a new iPad, but not badly enough to want to spend $500 for one. So, for me the $329 price was a nice tradeoff, even with the screen resolution concerns. I’ll give it a try and in the highly unlikely event I don’t like it for some reason, I’ll sell it and get an iPad 4. It’s not exactly high-risk.

      1. The screen resolution was not an issue on my iPad 2. Ibought an iPad 3 for the LTE. On WiFi, at home I use either with little or no difference noted. Don’t be concerned about the FUD being spread by the likes of Amazon. If in doubt wait til they hit the stores and check it out.

        1. Oh, I have an original iPad, so I know what those screens look like. I’ve also spent time with a Retina iPad. I’ve had every iPhone since the original, save for the 3G (skipped that one), so I’m intimately familiar with what that pixel density looks like.

          So, honestly it isn’t all just FUD. The iPad mini is a bit of step backwards in a couple of ways, but I think that’s reflected in the price. The reality is that it’s by far the cheapest iPad ever. It’s nearly $200 cheaper then the “new” iPad, and nearly $80 cheaper than the similarly non-Retina iPad 2, while actually looking a bit better and being more portable. Even with the lower tech specs, there’s a tremendous value in the price.

          The bottom line is it was just the right mix of things for me, so I bought. I suspect I’ll love it just as much as every other iOS device I’ve had.

    2. I can actually hold my iPad 2 with one hand (like you would a mini). So I know holding a real iPad mini is going to be a lot more comfortable.

      For how “crisp” the display is……well if the iPad 2 display is good, (which it still is even though I also have a retina iPad 3 to compare) then iPad mini is going to be more crisp than the iPad 2.

    3. I made a true size cardboard mockup of the
      Mini and it fits my hand perfectly. Love it!
      Waiting on FedEx for delivery (3 weeks
      for the WiFi/cellular 64GB ?)

  8. I ordered the iPad mini to travel on flights with. I’ll use the iPad 4 at home in wifi so I have a better display and size isn’t an issue for traveling. ….. Brilliant! 😀

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