Apple sold out of iPad mini White & Silver U.S. pre-order stock in 17 minutes

“Apple started pre-orders for the iPad mini and 4th Generation iPad early this morning at 3AM Eastern / 12AM Pacific,” Arnold Kim reports for MacRumors.

“The initial stock of White iPad minis sold out quickly in the U.S.,” Kim reports. “Within the first 17 minutes, ship dates for the white iPad mini slipped to 2 weeks from the original ‘Delivers 11/2.'”

Kim reports, “The black Wi-Fi iPad mini remains available for delivery by November 2nd.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: As Kim notes in his full article, the White & Silver models are constrained everywhere. Your best bet now is to queue for one at an Apple Retail Store for the on November 2nd launch.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


      1. I ordered a 32Gb White and a 32Gb Black mini at 3:07am Eastern. The store fired up at 3:05. I have the email confirmation with a time stamp of 3:08 on it in my Inbox.

      2. The Apple Store app started working immediately at midnight PDT. I went ahead and purchased that way. It went smooth as silk. I did notice that the Apple Store web site wasn’t coming back on line as quickly, but I was done buying and checking out by 6 or 7 minutes after, and the web site was up by then.

    1. If delay your order for that reason, Nightfly, then you will likely face the delivery date rapidly slipping into January as you sit on the sidelines. Your choice…it just doesn’t make any sense to me.

        1. Wait – you can head over to your local MS store the day the Surface goes on sale, and if you’re among the first 100 people in line who buy something, you’ll get a $100 gift certificate.

          That makes more sense than standing in line for ages at your local Apple Store. 🙂

  1. What happened to those naysayers who said that the iPod touch was the iPad mini, that Apple was undercutting its own margins by selling an iPad mini, that no one in their right minds would buy an iPad mini, that the iPad would outsell the iPad mini.


    Where are they now?

    1. “that the iPad would outsell the iPad mini.”

      Well, so far that is still true, and I personally think the full size iPad will still continue to outsell the iPad mini.

      I figured there was a market for a mini, I’m just not a part of that market.

      I do think it will go on to continue to sell extremely well.

      1. Unlike many you correctly perceive that despite the fact you don’t need a iPad Mini there are plenty of people that do. Too many egotistical souls translate their needs as the definitive need that should apply to everyone else. Totally not the way the world works or has ever worked. Different strokes for different folks which is glorious.

        1. Agreed. It seems that so many people now seem to get caught up in only what is the right fit for them, and then mistakenly think that they are the marketplace.

        1. You are going to love the Retina display. I have a 3rd gen, and a 1st gen, and I am amazed when I look at the screen on the 1st gen. And to think, I once thought IT had a great screen. 🙂

        2. huh – are you saying iPad Mini has twice the
          power of the 3rd gen iPad?????
          Same processor in Mini as in 3rd gen.

          And are you reading the iPad Mini specs???
          No retina display in iPad Mini – ok.

      2. I find iPad an amazingly perfect fit
        just about anywhere in the home.

        In that note, I do see people outside roaming with their iPads and making movies and taking photos. This is where I believe the iPad Mini will take hold better. For those who love traveling about (yet perhaps do not have an iPhone) but wish the power of iPad with them. iPad Mini has a place for sure.

    2. I wouldn’t agree that i was a naysayer,
      but I did think the iPad mini would one day
      debunk or eventually replace the iTouch.
      I claimed the iPad mini was the iTouch Big.
      Still it is possible – it could still happen.

      The trouble with my own thoughts, are,
      since Apple iPhone and iTouch are sharing some similarities in technology — which I believe the sales of iTouch helps keep the price of iPhone down and because of that iTouch has a major roll to stay in the existing line of products.

  2. … of poor planning out of the new management? First I hear “iPad sales down, since announcement”, now “they’ve run out of the white model”.
    Ya know? If they run out of stock, they CAN’T SELL ANY MORE! Seriously, guys! Sure … they could have had more confidence and stockpiled more leading up to the intro. More of all four models. But … what if they had a Zune moment and discovered nobody wanted them?
    BTW: John Stewart was making fun of Zune users last night. My wife didn’t get it. The audience and I did. 😉

    1. It was not a matter of “confidence,” or lack thereof, on the part of Apple. It is a matter of balancing the notification and release dates with the manufacturing ramp up to stockpile inventory, positioning the product for the holiday season, undermining competitor’s product events, and, all the while, keeping the iPad mini product under wraps so that it could make a bigger splash.

      I get so tired of this modern instant gratification society. A few days ago the product was not available for sale, and everyone lived their lives just fine without it. Now it is available and some of those who cannot buy the white/silver model or the LTE version are threatening dire consequences.

      If you want dire consequences, track the sales of Android tablets over the next few months. You can iCal me – Android tablet sales will drop into the crapper.

      1. … ex-wife, didn’t I? Bought her new husband a Kindle because he wanted an iPad and the Kindle cost less? Thought she was doing him a favor!
        Lots of well-meaning people out there making similar mistakes. Just saw a Kindle case at my step-daughter’s. She’d admired her mom’s iPad a while back.

  3. I ordered my daughter’s white IPM16Wi-fi at 12:01 PDT. Glad we didn’t wait until 12:18 PDT. She’s been saving for over a year for an iPad. The mini was just what she’d been waiting for .

  4. I was done by 12:02 AM…ordered 64 gig white using the Apple Store app on my iPhone. I highly recommend the app for these time-sensitive pre-order situations!!

  5. wow.

    let’s repeat:
    17 min.
    17 min!!!!

    this is unbelievable!
    no competition! Competition flummoxed (iSteve 20110-03-11 during iPad2 keynote!)

    how can there be any competition?!
    none, on any product or service has ever sold out in history, let alone in months, even weeks, but days or hours or minutes!?

    God damn Apple – it’s worthier than Eve’s!

    try that punks:
    yes, naysayers, anal-ysts who always see Apple failing, always know better how to manage Apple whilst they’re crumbling, poor, frustrated, discontent, jealous, suffering from Stockholm Syndrome or just poor minds & too stubborn to admit it.

    try this competitive Nookies / GooDroids / MS Surfaces / Kindloids!

    you’re so hot, show us the money! show us the real numbers!

    it is sooooo pathetic to listen to any naysayers/doomsayers anymore. they just do not get it! are they that dumb?

    AAPL is NOT a co.
    it’s a BRAND.
    with invisible, transient, supernatural, iGod-like non-logical, non-mathematical, pure soulful reasons for existence.
    apple has gestalt, it’s more than the sum of its parts.

    that’s it!
    and if you still fight the argument or doubt Apple, eat this:
    every product in last decade at Apple sells out, within weeks, and recently days and now hours and even minutes!!

    the real dummbies will excuse the 17min as:
    just usa.
    just the white iPad mini.
    your stupidity is insatiable!
    which of your other fave products sold out, let alone in hours or minutes?!
    plus iPad mini just started. it’s only pre-orders etc.

    cry all you want over spilled milk.
    17 min.
    that’s it. that’s all. period!

  6. What does this really mean?!

    For all that any if us knows Apple made 20 white minis available for sale last night. Maybe they had 20 million. It makes a difference.

    IMHO if Apple had only enough white minis to last less than 20 minutes, they were not ready for launch. Have to see the actual sales numbers to know for sure.

    1. Exactly. I was going to post the same thing. Additionally, the black models are all still available for short lead time. There could have been three black/slate models for every one white/silver.

      Guess I could have waited until this morning to order my black/slate one instead of staying up until 2am.

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