Chinese outfit announces $99 iPad mini knockoff ‘GooPad mini’ coming in November (with video)

“The makers of the GooPhone I5 seem to be back and this time they’re ripping off Apple’s new smaller tablet,” Brad Reed reports for BGR.

“According to GizmoChina, Chinese Apple knockoff company GooPhone has already announced plans to sell the GooPad mini, a new eight-inch tablet that bears a striking resemblance to the just-announced iPad mini,” Reed reports. “The GooPad mini will reportedly sell for just $99 and will be released sometime in November.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Joe Architect” for the heads up.]


    1. Hang on to that dream, Bubba.
      Mittens is not going to be the next president. God doesn’t hate us enough to allow that to happen. As for working with China, you’re right about that. He facilitated the sending of enough jobs there.

    1. And you know that it makes a difference because you have detailed performance test data? Just because something has ‘more’ specs doesn’t mean it is better. You must be a very recent Apple user who still is stuck in a Microsoft world.

      1. Know that what makes a difference? Oh yeah, the RAM in the iPad mini you said would never be created. Lol.

        And anybody with a brain knows that it makes a big damn difference.

  1. This is stupid. They took the mini iPad photo and released a statement. There is no such thing. They are basically advertising their intent to kerf, it doesn’t mater what Apple released.

    1. That’s the first thing I noticed. I went to the Apple site just to make a comparison. It’s an exact copy of what’s on the Apple site. It’s very telling of how terrible a product is going to be if you need to copy the photo from a different product.

  2. Lol that is so funny!

    The world has gone crazy.

    I really can’t take that seriously at all.

    Are people that pathetic in china that they think they can copy the image from the apple website homepage and do a amateurish movie to sell that crap.

    It’s pretty sad really, very sad that a country and its people are that desperate.

  3. I think I’ll copy a flux capacitor photo from Universal Pictures and ask people to send me money to my P.O. box in China.

    Don’t worry, I’ll send something back to you. It may not look like anything in the photo, but you’ll get something.

    Don’t forget Rules of Acquisition #1 (and #239)

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