Apple slips bomb into ITC filing: Samsung being probed over SEP abuse by U.S. DOJ

“The United States government is investigating whether Samsung is misusing the standards-essential patents that it holds, rival Apple said in a document it filed with the International Trade Commission on Monday,” Anna Leach reports for The Register.

“Samsung holds several standards-essential patents covering data transmission from mobile devices, which it is under an obligation to license to rivals at a fair and reasonable rate (FRAND terms),” Leach reports. “If Samsung is found to be misusing standards-essential patents, the Department of Justice has the power to fine Samsung, jail its execs or even ban Samsung products.”

Leach reports, “Samsung is also under investigation for its Standards Essential Patents by the European Commission and South Korea’s Fair Trade Commission.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, that bomb blows up in Samsung’s thieving face someday soon.


  1. Saying the Justice Department is investigating Samsung’s licensing practices is about as “explosive” as saying astronomers are looking for life elsewhere. Looking and prosecuting are worlds apart.

    The Register already has a low opinion of American companies, let alone one who’s entire market cap comes in just shy of half of all of England’s GDP!

    And, this is a country wherein 70% of their GDP is in the Service sector. In Britain, one in four makes anything and that has to include The Register; run by snotty condescending people who love to cluck their tongues in unison with its readership.

    Bombshell? Not to the financiers of the world.

  2. 1. The MDN iPad app in landscape format cuts off the right side of each story. Please fix it because it is annoying not being able to read the whole story headline.
    2. The MDN iPhone app still is not compatible with the iPhone 5.

      1. The MDN app is total crap…. After reading 10-20 articles it refuses to display any more… I have to delete and reinstall …. As a developer of IOS apps I find this unacceptable quality control for an organization like MDN…. Yet they talk about the shortcomings of other’s software …. Dudes… This newsreader software … It doesn’t get much simpler … WTF

    1. MDN is not only sloppy with their software but sloppy with links at the end of articles. We all realize that they are as subpar as a Microsoft intern but at least they are not at the level of . . . Android? yet.

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