Apple’s struggle over leaks and security: Employees say leaks aren’t coming from inside Apple

“Apple engineers love the ‘big reveal.’ When a surprising new product they have been toiling over in secrecy finally bursts into public view during an Apple keynote, they enjoy seeing the public reaction,” Jacqui Cheng reports for Ars Technica.

“But the public wants its products details early, and it gets them in the form of leaks, rumors, and grainy cell phone shots of dubious authenticity. To the engineers, this is a bit like children who insist of spoiling the fun of opening presents by shaking them, squeezing them, and finally guessing exactly what’s within,” Cheng reports. “Increasingly, though, leaked products are the reality even for the famously secretive Apple.”

Cheng reports, “Products have always leaked out of Apple… [but] leaks are now so plentiful that it’s hard to be too surprised when Apple shows us something new. But why? According to a handful of Apple employees who spoke to us on condition of anonymity, the leaks are simply a byproduct of globalization.”

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    1. If you would get your wish, no manufacturer would be able to make a dime because everyone would be waiting for the next big thing. Innovation would die and we would be stuck with the Ford Model A in any colour you want as long as you want black.

        1. Hey now, I am tired of being degraded here.

          Just because I use a 3GS, I don’t want to be put down.

          Actually, the Ford Model A has more active license registrations than any other 60+ year old car as I think something like 400-500,000 are still in use.

      1. Total fake. There is no way you would see screw holes or divits on the back, the screen looks printed, no way a shadow would show on an IPS LCD display. The back looks like white plastic. Insulting

    1. A leak is the escape of information. But the point is that (according to the Apple employees) the leak is not from within Apple but is from one or more of Apple’s suppliers.

  1. I suspect it’s the employees of manufacturers of the components.

    I know a person pretty high up in Apple and whenever i ask him anything about new products and what theyre working on he says the same thing that ALL apple employees say “I am not allowed to talk about unreleased products”.

    And this guy is a friend.

    Apple needs to plug these leaks, it devalues the big reveal and therefore reduces the publicity value.

    1. This is exactly what it is. The leaks are primarily coming from the component manufacturers and the product assemblers.

      Very difficult contain under the current circumstances.

      1. The people of the world are slowly developing a sense of honour and integrity. As the world progresses in moral values, the economy will also progress. What holds us back is those who are not acquainted with the values of truthfulness, honesty and promise keeping.

        1. If only that were true. There will be more leaks in the future. People will leak for profit. Leaks are a cottage industry. Think about it, what is the site about? No, it’s the real world and leaks will just get worse. But I wish it was not so because I too like to be surprised.

          1. This site is supposed to be about Mac Daily News. The site MacRumors is the one you are thinking of. The people of the world have the capacity to be moral and good if they could realize the advantages of it.

            The USA gained a huge advantage in the world 200 years ago when they decided on values like: their word is their bond, a handshake is all you need to make a business agreement, In God We Trust etc. I believe that the developing nations are held back by their inability to make and keep agreements. Commerce is stopped in its tracks when people or companies fail to keep agreements. The US is slipping in this crucial area now.

            1. No 313c7ro, I’m talking about this site. I also visit Mac Rumors, Appleinsider and others. But I am talking about this site. This site just reproduces news about Apple. Mostly good news but sometimes they actually post bad news too. I understand your desire to have a better world to live in. But having been in different parts of the world (some not so safe) I can tell you that a good portion of the world does not think like you. Nor will they for centuries. Our country succeeded because we thrived in the industrial revolution. You could almost say that we were the Industrial Revolution. Wasn’t a handshake, it was our factories and hard work that helped us dominate the world. The world is catching up now. All things change eventually. Nothing is static. Hope for the best prepare for the worst.

            2. The factories you speak of were built by people who agreed to work together often just on a handshake. Hard work is easy to do by ones self but is much more effective when we can agree to work together and keep those promises.

        2. The continued success of “reality” TV where backstabbing is encouraged and enjoyed by the public, plus the entitlement mentality of the next generation, leaves me little hope that the western world, never mind the rest of the world, is even maintaining its sense of honour and integrity, let alone developing such a sense.

          How many so-called friends and even family of famous celebrities become “sources” to tabloid trash?

  2. If and when Apple figures out a way to build these devices robotically in a secure manufacturing facility, then they will have less leaks. It would be nice if they could bring the manufacturing back to the USA, even without humans doing the assembly.

  3. I agree that globalization (many suppliers) and interest in Apple drives these leaks. There’s probably not much that Apple can do. On the positive side, it really does drive a lot of publicity and excitement as new products get closer to delivery.

  4. I’m absolutely convinced Apple are working on fully automated production robots that take the raw materials and produce a finished boxed iPhone with no human interaction. Steve loved his machines, in his Biography he talks about how he took his Dad to the Apple factory just to show him the robots he had working there in action…

    Too add more weight to my theory, Jonny Ive talks extensively in Objectified about how a lot of his time is taken up figuring out process – how does the machine hold the part in order to cut the next piece, what position does the part need to be in in order to be moved to the next stage etc. He loves it, man I love it – robots kick ass!

    I work in an industry that means I get to go to big factories and work on some of the robots that produce car parts, they are getting so advanced now, it won’t be long until the only time a person sees a freshly made iPhone is when you open the box that the robot at the end of the fully automated production process put your new iPhone into.

  5. People actually think the leaks are from Apple Corporate or US Employees? Just look at where it has to be assembled and the companies that gets to see the innards…. there is your leak!

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