Apple makes OS X even more secure for Mac users by removing Java

“Apple has taken another step towards making OS X safer on the web,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes reports for Forbes. “An update released on Wednesday sees the Java plugin removed from all Mac-compatible browsers installed on the system.”

“Previously, Apple stopped bundling Java with OS X and instead gave users the option to install it themselves. A later update then turned Java off in the browser when users haven’t used it for a while,” Kingsley-Hughes reports. “Now Apple takes things to the logical conclusion.”

Kingsley-Hughes reports, “Most experts agree that unless you absolutely, positively need Java, the best thing that you can do is to disable it. Chances are that you won’t even notice that it’s gone. This update from Apple makes it simple for Apple users to do just that.”

Read more in the full article here.


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    1. Think you are right lol.

      Now odds are some of us will install java eventually… Some do actually need it, rarely though.. If I attempt to do any work at home I have to use it.

    1. ramiusing perhaps you haven’t noticed but you can use the correct mathematical symbol for greater than or equal to Use Option-> to get ≥

      Therefore “Java ≥ the new Flash”

  1. Anyone know of a way to download videos off YouTube that doesn’t require Java? That’s the only thing I (occasionally) use Java for. Every site I know that can pull the video off of YouTube requires the Java plugin to do it.


  2. Did anyone ever notice that upon disabling Java on IOS devices MDN veiwer experience is crippled. If apple is kicking Java to the curb why is it required on MDN?

  3. Um, yeah. Thanks Apple for killing Java on 10.7 and 10.8.

    Except there’s one little problem: When you are forced to install it again via Oracle, YOU CAN’T TURN IT OFF!

    That’s right folks! The FRACKED UP Java Control Panel for the latest version of Java, v1.7 update 9, is BROKEN and won’t let you turn off Java for either the ‘System’ or the ‘User’. THEREFORE: You have to DIY it by:

    1) Shutting down your web browsers (or turning it off in your web browsers).

    2) REMOVE the damnable Java plugins found within:
    /Library/Internet Plugins/

    3) Restart your browsers again.


  4. Unfortunately, I am one of many users who still need Java to access some Government utility web sites.
    I found out the hard way on Thursday when none of the sites worked after the update. Great stuff.
    Even worse, now I have to rely on Oracle and their implementation of Java. Boo hoo

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