What’s really going on with Color: Apple acquires engineering talent, not the company

“You’d be forgiven if you were confused by the swirl of stories around the social video start-up Color in the past 24 hours” Liz Gannes and John Paczkowski report for AllThingsD. “Now, having talked with numerous people about the situation, here is a storyline that actually checks out.”

“What’s really happening is that Color’s engineering team — about 20 people, comprising almost the entire company — is being ‘acqhired’ by Apple at what’s being called a ‘nominal’ price of something like $2 million to $5 million, according to multiple sources familiar with both sides of the situation,” Gannes and Paczkowski report. “Apple is not buying Color’s technology, intellectual property, domain names or liabilities. Those are being left with the company, which still has considerable cash in the bank — something like $25 million — and is going to be wound down.”

Gannes and Paczkowski report, “There seems to be more bad blood than agreement between Color employees, Nguyen, former Color employees, Color investors and Apple, which is why you’re seeing all these conflicting stories.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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  1. Apple Inc. will need all the talent it can get to avoid being once again relegated to the back of the bus! Windows 8 will once again set the standard by which 1.5 billion folks already abide by! hehehe

      1. iPhone is sold to iSheep. Part of the human condition when Cults come alive based on propaganda. I will meet you anywhere anytime and watch you tumble your way on your iShit toy while I make serious money on my Bold 9900! Anytime asswipe!

        1. OK, at first I thought you were just a dumb-ass troll, but nobody could be remarkably stupid enough to say something about themselves “making serious money on my CrackBerry”, so obviously you’re just parodying a complete moron. In that case, LOL!

    1. Un-frackkin-believable…. iHater got something almost right. Apple does need all the talent it can get to stay on top. The trick is Apple knows that, and responds accordingly. The only thing that kills an Apple product is a newer Apple product. The wannabe/ almost ran ‘competition’ need not apply.

      The Windows 8 remark must have been either snarky sarcasm, or a sad attempt at being funny.

  2. I never did understand this argument, and I’ve been hearing it for twenty years. Are engineers the modern equivalent of galley slaves, to be sold to the highest bidder? All the ones I’ve ever known have been able to resign at a month’s notice and move on to another company if they didn’t like the new ownership.

  3. What most likely happened is that Color is privately owned, and Apple wanted to buy it. But the owner didn’t want to give up the rights to all the ideas/patents/etc. that Color might have already created. So he sold the talent to Apple, thus keeping all the ideas/patents/etc. theirs, and thus is most likely going to become a patent troll. But wont sue Apple because Apple is most likely licensing those works now. Now the owner can sit back, not produce anything, and make millions off Apple and any other company that tries to do what Color and Apple will be trying to do.

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