Panasonic to exit TV market, hopes to build LCD panels for Apple’s iPad – report

“A new report claims Panasonic plans to leave the TV business and will instead focus on creating LCD displays for smaller devices, particularly Apple’s iPad,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider.

“Panasonic reportedly hopes to make its way into the more profitable business of building LCD panels for portable electronics,” Marsal reports. “In particular, Panasonic is said to be interested in finding its way into Apple’s supply chain for the iPad.”

Marsal reports, “Panasonic has allegedly already provided sample high-resolution LCD panels to Apple. One person quoted from the company indicated that Apple ‘seems to be satisfied’ with the samples it was provided.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Dan K.” and “Arline M.” for the heads up.]


    1. I have 2 inexpensive Panssonic 32’s…. Where I live next to the beach the humidity has killed many other brands … These cheap Panasonics have lasted WAY longer and show no digns of quitting any time soon. Tough little SOBs

    1. One of the biggest problems in business is balancing quality with price. Panasonic makes a very good TV. Unfortunately they can’t make enough profit to survive in that business, and that’s what its all about.

  1. Panasonic bought Pioneer’s excellent plasma technology and is now the consumer leader in large-screen monitors. Yes, it’s true, plasma still outperforms LCD for home theatre applications. Let’s all hope Panasonic continues to serve this market until OLED or whatever new superior technology is ready for prime time.

    As for LCD: let’s hope Apple cooperates with Panasonic for a mutually beneficial relationship for many years to come. Serves Samsung right, the corrupt backstabbers.

    1. Not any more but in the past I’d have to agree with you. You need to check out Sharp’s flagship LED the Elite very comparable to the Panasonic’s flagship the VT50 Plasma. It’s has way better black levels then any Panasonic Plasma but the Panasonic plasma wins in color-accuracy.

      1. Elite TVs are the absolute best. Elite is the best technology put together by Pioneer, Sony, Sharp, and perhaps Panasonic. More expensive but it is far superior than the Samsung stuff.

      2. I have to second the Sharp recommendation. We have a 46″ Aquos, and it has been fantastic. Soon it will move to my oldest son’s room when I buy a new TV, likely a Sharp, of 70″ or larger.

  2. Even if it doesn’t read Panasonic stops plasma TV production as well it’s only a matter of time, plasma TVs are going the way of the dodo bird soon enough. Arguably right now the best TV you buy is a full-array LCD with local-dimming zones. However even this technology has its days numbered OLED once perfected down the road is going to be the new format. But it’s going to be a ways down the road OLED’s biggest hurdle right now is price and longevity as well as over color saturation.

    1. Plasma TVs are cheaper *and* better than LCD TVs in almost every way. Even energy consumption, one of the bad aspects in the past, has been significantly lowered.

      (BTW, I only have a plasma now since my old CRT died within the past year. The plasma is an LG that was under $400 for a 42″ then. I’ll look into a huge plasma after I buy a house.

    2. The news release seems to reference only LCD TVs. As I’m considering one of Panasonic’s “professional” series plasma displays, I can only hope they stay in this game. I bought (and returned) both a Samsung “pro” display and a higher-end LG consumer TV. Neither could match the natural picture qualify of my current Pioneer plasma.

    3. I have a Samsung 8 series 1080p LCD from a couple of years ago and a cheap $400 720p plasma that is one year old – I can honestly say I enjoy watching the plasma more than the top of the line LCD. Especially for sports and movies. I visit a local Home Theater occasionally and every year they have 3 TV’s showing the same Blu ray feed – 2 top of the line LED’s and a Panny Plasma. The cheaper, middle model plasma constantly has the most appealing display. The common consumer equates brightness and over saturated LED’s to be a better picture, but side by side in a light controlled room – plasmas will usually have the superior picture.

      Anyway – I really hope this report isn’t true – the TV market really needs the competition, where Samsung TV’s are very popular.

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