Andy Zaky: Apple stock at $1000 – why it’s time to buy

“History has repeatedly taught us that the best time to buy Apple is when the bearish sentiment in the stock has reached the pinnacle of extreme pessimism,” Andy Zaky writes for Seeking Alpha. “When every guest on CNBC is calling for the imminent demise of Apple, when every headline is making a case for why Apple has peaked, and when the stock continues to slide by over a 2% a day right in the face of a market rally, that’s when you know it’s time to buy.”

“The last two times we publicly advised investors to buy Apple was on Thursday, May 17, 2012 when Apple was at $530 a share and on Friday, June 17, 2011 when Apple was at $320 a share,” Zaky writes. “In both cases, Apple bottomed out on the following trading session and then went on a 30%+ rally. We have only ever published five public buy recommendations on Apple and each one was published within a few days of Apple’s final bottom. We have never missed a long-term price-target on Apple.”

Zaky writes, “Today, Apple has reached one of those very rare buy points. At $630 a share, Apple’s stock has the potential to rally over 60% over the coming 12-month period. And that’s assuming Apple merely continues to trade at the same depressed valuation it has been trading at over the last several quarters now. If Apple’s valuation were to somehow improve, we can see Apple reach $1000 a share much sooner than many expect – perhaps even as early as next July.”

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  1. I am always surprised when looking at AAPL’s 52-week low number. It is very often about half of current price. For example, even today (AFTER the recent drop), the 52-week low is $363 and the current close is $650. That means APPL has been able to consistently DOUBLE its near-term low point over the course of the following 12 months.

    I think Andy Zaky is right. APPL should reach $1000 sooner (some time during the next 12 months) rather than later. The only real roadblock may be a financial crisis (that takes down the overall market), like 2008-2009, when AAPL dropped from over $200 to under $80. That low point was less than 4 years ago! People who bought at that near-term high may have been pretty upset, but Imagine being LUCKY enough to have options to buy AAPL shares for $200 today.

    1. Or do as I did Tuesday morning, load up on AAPL options. My ship has come in. Been waiting a couple of weeks. Pulled out just after it reached it’s high. Now going to put all that profit to work at a much lower entry point. Therein lies the problem with buy and hold. You just can’t capitalize on huge dips like we have had. Good luck to all.

  2. $1000 next July? When all stocks slump over the summer? Nonsense! AAPL will rise to its peak in mid- April, then drag down to early September before dropping to a low for the year in mid-October. It’s only had that pattern for the last decade!

  3. I don’t know why people have a fantasy about apple stock. Economy is bad. Apple has done some bad thing like lawsuit, abuse labor, avoiding paying tax…. It won’t be even closed to 800 until next summer. Honestly, September 12th was the highest peak apple ever achieved. It is only time to slump down for long now. I even doubt that apple will gain 700 anytime soon. iPad mini won’t boost price at all. It is already failed in terms of price, market. 8GB is $249? Without any better hardware spec? Just fail.

    1. Edward, lawsuits are not “bad,” avoiding tax is the fiduciary *duty* of corporate management, and Apple has neither abused nor condoned the abuse of labor–quite the opposite, actually.

      Why make things up, Edward?

    2. The beauty of the internet for people like you, Edward, is that nobody knows who you really are. Your anonymity cloaks you in a veil of unaccountability that lets you “win” either way AAPL goes in the coming months. It goes down, you come on using your pseudonym and touting your expertise in such financial matters. It goes up, you never use “Edward” again and slink back under the rock you call home.

      Veterans of MDN may remember a guy named “Stock Boy” who used to post here predicting the demise of Apple and AAPL every day, his grandest post being a support of Laura Goldman (remember her?) predicting a fall of the equity to $110, ‘way back.

      Are you “Stock Boy,” Edward? Will you post your REAL identity here and put your reputation where your big mouth is? Those of us who own AAPL @ $12.41 per share and have held on through thick and thin over the years–and crap from “sages” like you–dare you!

      Talk about epic fail–’tis you, brother. ‘Tis you.

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