Some Aussie schools require all students to own Apple iPads

“No child will live without an iPad by the year 2013. And no parent will be spared the expense of buying that iPad… or, if their child is prone to losing things, insuring it,” Rick Feneley reports for The Sydney Morning Herald.

“This, at least, is the new edict at St Andrew’s Cathedral School in central Sydney, which informed parents this week that it would require all students in years 7 to 10 to own an iPad from next year,” Feneley reports. “While that will set parents back $597 per iPad, the school expects hard-copy text books will be redundant within a few years, replaced by e-books that will offset the cost – and spare their children’s backs. Almost all they need will be contained in that one tablet.”

Feneley reports, “Several private Sydney schools are moving to compulsory tablets or other touch-screen computers, convinced they are vastly superior learning tools to the heavier laptops that were given to every year 9 to 12 student under the federal government’s $2.4 billion Digital Education Revolution. Learning becomes agile. With wireless connections, a biology lesson could happen on a headland as well as in a science lab.””

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MacDailyNews Take: Smart parents demand Apple iPads. Accept no substitutes.

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  1. The real DISSAPOINTMENT is Apple that has still not allowed access to multiple purchase licensing. So much for signing the ARPA free trade agreement. 

    There are always grants for different things like LOTE (languages other than english). Victorians schools teaching Japanese have taken advantage of $6000 that allows them to purchase 10+ ipads and 2 Apple Tvs.

    One victorian school saved money from their paper budget to purchase ipads for all the teachers.

    One of the big productivity gains for the teachers is the ipad adds another device, the ipad connected to the whiteboard and the teacher is able to continue paperwork marking on their laptop.

    The Victorian goverment has started a learning with iPad discovery grant that has a couple of chosen schools to trial ipads that also have apparently connection to a special Ultranet (special social network site for teachers, student and parents) thats dying a slow death.

    Also I have not seen any reviews or detail about third party ios assett managment companies that keep a list of all your UIDS thenallow you to use many App accounts to push and manage apps wirelessly to your classrooms.

  2. Hehehe… Wait until all these devices start requiring battery replacement, screen replacements, etc…

    This should be fun and a real black eye on the iPad.

    Wait and C!

        1. iPad 1 is my 4 year old’s.
          iPad 2 is my father-in-law’s.
          iPad 3 is my mother-law’s.

          My wife contents herself to share one of the above or use her iPhone.

          I content myself to use my MacBook Pro, MacBook Air (really just a glorified remote control for my TV), or my iPhone.

      1. Give my iPad one to my grandkids and they fought over it daily until I gave them iPad 2 and now the older has the 2 and younger has 1 …… No problem with either unit ……

        They will get my new iPad when iPad 4 comes out ….. We will continue to buy every iPad as we pass down older models to our kids and grandkids ….. Still have 1 more grandkid and two kids to go …….

        As for $500 window laptops, lucky if you get three years, well you will but this and that will either be broken or missing ….. Keys, hinges, screens cracks or bad pixels ….. Yea, pure junk …..

    1. Yep, Kool Aid NY1, for decades, “Wait and see!” has been the gleeful exhortation of Trolls and Apple Haters.

      We’ve repeatedly been warned to “wait and see” how the next version of Windows will really be good and the one that wipes Apple off the map.

      We were told to “wait and see” how no-one would buy a phone that did not have a physical keyboard.

      “Wait and see” is what we were told before Steve Jobs died, to foretell the demise of Apple without Steve J. at the helm.

      No, Kool Aid NY1, your tired, old, “Wait and see!” shtick is as ineffective today as it was 10 years ago.

      In the meantime, Kool Aid NY1, you just keep on using your substandard Windows and Android devices, and rewarding the shabby companies who make them, motivated I suppose by your rock-bottom self-esteem and miserable sense of self-worth.

      Will your non-Apple products ever work nearly as well, or be almost as beautiful to use as our Apple devices?
      Well, I suggest you just “wait and see!”.

    2. My four-year old is hammering his iPad1 day in, day out. With the wifi off I charge it twice a week. Wifi on, it still lasts a whole day.

      Junior will probably inherit my iPad 2 when Apple brings out the 4. My problem is, what will I do with that indestructible iPad 1?

      Try again.

    3. It is fscking RAINING trolls and morons on this site recently!
      Go Fsck yourself “KANY1” or edward or Goopy, or whatever the fsck you are calling yourself these days. Just STFU and leave us in peace asswipe- we don’t give a flying fsck about whatever you spew anyway…

  3. Having resided with a family (+ kids 7, 11 & 13 yo) in Victoria for the last 3 months, I’ll venture to add that the current programme using (Asus) netbooks has been a huge success. (They’re not so bad for young eyes and kid-sized fingers). But iPads (+ school-based desktops) would undoubtedly be an even better option. Better for sharing and group learning, in particular.

    1. Actually, I pity the parents that actually waste money on net books for their kids and I feel sorry for the kids who’s eyes are being wreaked. The pixel quality of NetBook screens is really bad and all the net books do is strain eyes. Bring on glasses by age 30. Way to go Victorian schools and parents.

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