Did your Apple Lightning to 30-pin Adapter box arrive empty, too?

Multiple MacDailyNews readers are telling us that they have begun to receive their Apple Lightning to 30-pin Adapter boxes.

Oh happy day! But, wait!

After prying them open, they found nothing but the packing list and a plastic covered cardboard insert and a hole ripped in the plastic where the adapter should have been.

Every affected buyer who called Apple Support (1-800-676-2776) were told their orders would be fulfilled again and that Apple would be disputing the issues with UPS and/or other postal carriers.

According to Apple customer service representatives, affected customers will be placed at the head of the line for these adapters since they are in heavy demand and backordered.

Did your Apple Lightning to 30-pin Adapter box arrive empty?

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]


    1. You know, this would never have happened if Steve Jobs was alive. It’s Tim Cook’s fault and all the more reason to cut Apple earnings estimates. I expect a personal apology from the CEO. First, my street wasn’t shown on Apple Maps and now an empty box. If this doesn’t point to a general Apple decline, then nothing does.


      1. Perhaps, but lets not throw stones.

        It has to do with QA and manufacturing.

        Perhaps the chibese kids/children just forgot to press the right button.

        Is Cook responsible for Foxconn? Or is he just an “enabler?” Does being an enabler make you responsible.

        Can you visualize Strve flying to China, marching into the Foconn CEO’s office, TOWERING over the little guy and yelling, “W T F! Are you on acid or something?!!”

        I can.

        1. This may not be UPS/FedEX
          I just finished a CBP citizen’s academy (very fun and informative) we were told of a recent incident involving goods being stolen similar to this. The product left the plant via 3rd party shipper, put on a boat/plane and shipped to US, goes through customs, transfers to 3rd party shipper to carrier. (UPS/FedEx doesn’t exactly pick up shipments at the port)

          it was the 3rd party shippers stealing the items inside. in this case, it was on the origin side. (was in UK in the incident)
          they took the product out of the boxes, and inserted fakes so when it would go through customs it would “pass” inspections.

          Apple/UPS/FedEx are probably not to blame. (odds are a 3rd party IMO)

          the plastic wrap inside being ripped, it’s theft. not a mistake… Apple shouldn’t take any blame over this. (although someone will blame apple anyway)

  1. Reminds me of the time we received about 20 MacbookAirs on a pallet. We signed for it and let the delivery people go. Started to cut open the package and unload the boxes from the pallet to take them inside when we got to the last 5 on the bottom to find empty boxes. Seems that the robbers flip the pallet over, cut the shrink rap just a little bit to get the wooden pallet out, then steal from the bottom boxes. Then put the pallet back in place, shrink rap just the bottom part to hold the top to the bottom, flip it over, and continue to ship the stuff. Large groups of orders sometimes get shipped to the US on a pallet this way until the reach the US, then the pallet is cut open and then the individual boxes is delivered. What could have happened is that the bottom row of boxes got robbed. Where this happens could be in the States, but most likely in our case it was before the pallet left China, and probably the same here.

  2. Apple has a history of giving a lot of attention to packaging. Perhaps so much so, that they forgot to put the product in. You have to be very precise when you give instructions to your foreign workers because they cannot be expected to have common sense. If the “put the product inside” step is not explicitly stated, you can expect a lot of empty boxes going out.

    1. “…and a hole ripped in the plastic where the adapter should have been.”

      Does that sound like Apple’s supplier forgot to put the adapter in the package? Or does it sound like someone ripped them off before closing the box or somewhere in the chain of delivery?

    1. Kind of sad to see a troll lurking in a apple centric site. Wait is it an Apple centric site or just another one which is tech centric.

      Macdailynews ha, I knew you but alas I have forgotten who you are.

  3. I have an empty box. It looks like the Apple logo was hand drawn, and the text describing the cable “inside” as being a Lightning to 30-pin adapter also looks hand-written. Think this will get me a free replacement? 🙂

    1. LOL

      if it works… I’m off to create my own box.
      hey…. I have a ton of those white Apple stickers that come in all Apple products. I’ll toss them on the box for added effect.

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