New iPad with Lightning connector arriving this year?

“Signs of a possible new Lightning connector-touting iPad 3 have been revealed by an app developer,” Edward Chester reports for Trusted Reviews.

“The clue came from an unknown ‘iPad3,6’ code appearing in his app analytics,” Chester reports. “Also revealed by the analytics is that the new model would call upon ARMv7 code, which suggests the use of Apple’s A6 processor as used on the iPhone 5. This would then infer that the new iPad may well be next year’s model after all as it seems unlikely Apple would change the chip for a minor upgrade.”

Chester reports, “Whatever the case, it’s likely both the iPad mini and whatever this device is will be revealed at the same time, and that time’s expected to be very soon, 17 October in fact.”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. Are you suggesting that Apple would upgrade the iPad but leave an older CPU in there?
    I think you’ve been hanging around the Android camp for too long.

  2. My iPad3 has 30-pin of course, but I love the new lightening connector on my new iPhone5.
    I don’t mind the inconvenience of 2 incompatible charging systems so much because the update is clearly an improvement. However, would it have killed Apple to offer the adapter at a more reasonable price?

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