Why we’ll never stop talking about Steve Jobs

“There will be scores of stories about Steve Jobs published today. That may seem tiresome and overwhelming, if not totally unnecessary. Perhaps you are sick of hearing about him or never really liked Apple products and don’t get what all the fuss is about. Or maybe you just think that for all this genius, he was a horrible human being,” Mat Honan writes for Wired. “Me too. I feel you. But we’re both living in his shadow and will for the rest of our days. So settle in, because all of us are going to be talking about Steve Jobs for decades to come.”

“Jobs has joined the pantheon of greats who advanced science and industry and society itself — a modern-day Tesla but appreciated in his own lifetime,” Honan writes. “He’s our Thomas Edison or Henry Ford, one of those rarefied individuals who had not only a vision but the will and force of personality to execute it through America’s greatest cultural triumph: the public corporation.”

Honan writes, “Steve Jobs didn’t simply shake up industries; he fundamentally traumatized them. He started with computing, then movies, then music and finally telecom. Even if you find him morally repugnant or prefer his competitors’ products, you would have to be a fool to argue against his influence and stature.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Relax with the “horrible human being” and “morally repugnant” crap, okay? We’re not talking about a murderous dictator here. Get some perspective.

Steve, at times, belittled those who failed to live up to his expectations. Tough shit. Deal with it. Do a better job next time. Life isn’t nursery school. You don’t get a blue ribbon and a cookie just for showing up, bozo.


  1. Nice One MDN, and there will never be another Steve Jobs in this, the new fundamentally changed Obamanation where you do get a blue ribbon and cookie for just showing up.

      1. Sorry what kind of day is this suppose to be? A billionaire tech guy with verbosity passes on and that somehow is suppose to affect us? iSheeps are a fucked up bunch when they claim that Apple Inc. or S Jobs changed their lives? How narrow minded is that crap. General Electric changes lives as it saves lives, Samsung changes lives as a lot of the innovative medical equipment is designed by and manufactured by Samsung in partnership with 100’s of companies who save lives. MD’s, Firemen, Police, etc… change people’s lives.
        iSheep’s behaviour and utter disciple like affirmations take you back to 1940’s Germany and that scares a lot of people!

        1. “s? iSheeps are a fucked up bunch when they claim that Apple Inc. or S Jobs changed their lives? ”

          as a low level manager but investing in aapl years ago and making $$$ in profits changed my life. I live permanently on a resort island now, no can’t afford a house on the beach but a fully paid four bedroom up the hillside ain’t bad ( I can see cruise ships if I step out) and with two fully paid cars and no debt. I woke up at 11 today and am going to walk my dog by the water.

          THANK YOU STEVE.

  2. “Relax with the “horrible human being” and “morally repugnant” crap, okay? We’re not talking about a murderous dictator here. Get some perspective.”


    Steve Jobs contribution to the world is enormous. He is genius, no question. However, I don’t think it’s a stretch to call anyone who denied being a father to a child to whom was undoubtedly his, “morally repugnant.”

    1. You happen to be talking about the “arrogance of youth”, most of the stories of SJ’s bad behaviour come from his twenties. He grew to have a close relationship with his daughter. It’s hard to imagine someone so loved and admired by his staff continued to be as abusive as some of the stories we have heard from his youth.

      1. Yes, I read the bio.. He grew to have a relationship with Lisa, but never a “close” relationship.. They remained in contact and spent occasional holidays together, but even as adults they “butt heads” according to the bio.

    2. He also named an Apple computer after this daughter of his, before he had acknowledged his fatherhood.

      He didn’t know how to deal with having a child at that young of an age and at that moment in his life – there are plenty of examples of this out there. It’s not being morally repugnant, it’s being confused and not being ready or mature enough to take that responsibility. Women tend to have the option of abortion, men don’t…

      1. Repugnant Definition according to OSX dictionary

        Repugnant: 1. extremely distasteful; unacceptable.

        Any multi-millionaire who denies fatherhood and financial support to a known child is morally repugnant. End of story.

  3. Look Jesus 2000 Later. This is the Christian’s Calendar… There are many calendars. Today is first year in my Calendar 1 year AD (Steve Jobs’ Calendar). Our Messiah.
    Spirit Never Die. DNA is the same. Ideology too. But always fool, always growing, not praying the same stuff, same traditions. Innovation is what we believe. State of the art products. Not in evilne$$.

      1. Jobs existed and changed the world. Christ?
        Jobs = Atheist. I was ‘kidding’… about about religion stuff. Dude. Read a same black book maybe be cool for you. 10% Money for nothing.

  4. There are maybe two other beings more important than Steve Jobs one of which is the Almighty God, you get to nominate who comes next and then I get to include Steve Jobs.
    I guess that give us something to talk about for quite a while longer.

  5. “Why we’ll never stop talking about Steve Jobs…” sounds like something from the mind of a rational, but slightly overly sentimental person.

    “Why we’ll never shut up about Steve Jobs…” sounds like something from the mind of an obscessed fandriod/ fanboi with no life.

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