Google to bring Street View to Web version of Google Maps

“Apple has been taking lots of justified heat for its decision to replace Google Maps on the iPhone with a fledgling, and flawed, maps app of its own,” Walt Mossberg writes for AllThingsD. “In my otherwise favorable review of the new iPhone 5, I called Apple’s maps app ‘the biggest drawback’ on the device and ‘a step backward from the familiar Google app.'”

“Google plans to announce on Thursday that it is adding its popular Street View feature, missing from Apple’s maps, to the Web version of Google Maps accessed from the iPhone and iPad,” Mossberg writes. ” I tested this addition, which displays 360-degree photographic street views of selected locations, and interior photographic views of certain businesses, using sample links Google sent me. These links worked well, allowing me to see the locations and pan around with a finger.”

Mossberg writes, “Also, I believe Google is working on a new Google Maps app for the Apple platform, one that would be offered as an optional download.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Google may very well be working on a Maps app for iOS devices, but Mossberg once reported that Apple would deliver a plug-in for Adobe’s Flash “through an early software update” to the original iPhone, so keep that in mind when he talks about what he believes is coming to Apple’s App Store.


    1. But you can get voice navigation almost anywhere. And you can get reliable voice navigation from quite a few. Just not iOS maps. Yet. But it will come in time. I use Motion X Drive, and it’s beautiful. But voice navigation is not Street View. There is no equivalent for Street View. So comparing voice navigation with Street View is just plain wrong. Google may be evil, and I think it is, but Street View is a wonderful thing. And let’s face it, to be fair you can’t expect Apple to ever come up with their own version of Street view. It has cost many millions if not billions and many years for Google to deliver Street View.

      1. Street view is to navigation/voice navigation what sprinkles are to cake/frosting. It isn’t necessary and doesn’t taste as good, but is a welcome feature for a very small minority. The importance of street view is over-hyped.

        1. Hmmmmmmmm, I believe I clearly stated above that voice navigation and Street View are dissimilar functions. So your analogy using sprinkles makes no sense. And I do believe that millions of people would argue that Street View is not over hyped as you say. But I understand that you feel the need to defend Apple. Not sure why? But whatever makes you happy at the end of the day just tickles me to death.

          1. I personally never use street view (I don’t get it – I truly don’t understand the importance people put on seeing what the building looks like before they get there – I personally use the address) but I do agree with you about Motion X GPS. It has long been my turn by turn navigator of choice on the iPhone, and I won’t be switching to Apple maps.

            Apple maps for me was something cool to play with (the 3D tech), but I won’t use it in my day to day.

            I still think that the whole Apple Maps thing is overblown, as there are so many great alternatives readily available. But then, I also NEVER used Google Maps either, so I realize that my usage seems to be different than the majority (at least based on all the online outrage I’ve seen).

            1. I have found Street View very valuable in learning new areas especially in cities far away from my home base. But I understand that some people may not have a use for it like most of us. Yup, Motion X Drive is bitchin. The 3-D on Apple maps is nice I hope they can improve it even more. As a Mac guy I certainly enjoy using stuff by Apple but will use alternatives when they are better. Otherwise I’d be rather foolish. I’m not a fanboy so I don’t stick my head in the sand or hold my breath just because Apple has a misstep. I just move on. I too believe the map thing is overblown as far as maps. I believe the concern should be over the fact that someone made a decision to release such a bad product. With the Apple name on it. Without the Beta tag on it. That is unconscionable! I’d like to hear screams as the idiots in charge of this project are thrown off the roof of the building in Cupertino. Just saying.

        1. Hmmmmmmmmm, I believe I clearly stated of all that “to be fair you can’t expect Apple to ever come up with their own version of Street View”. Maybe you missed that one too? Again, I clearly stated above that “voice navigation is not Street View”. I guess I should have made it in all caps? And as far increase GPS accuracy? Once again I clearly stated above that ” it will come in time”. Well if you didn’t see any of the others why would you have seen this one? And increasing GPS accuracy has nothing to do with the relevance of using Street View. They are “dissimilar functions”. If you really want a good turn by turn navigation app try using Motion X Drive. I also mentioned that above too. Unless you are just interested in defending Apple. Not sure why? They don’t need it. They’re doing just fine. But whatever makes you happy just tickles me to death.

    1. Google’s Web based Street View for the Mac sucks. First, it uses Flash. Poor GUI (tedious to activate, tedious and inaccurate for navigating in the street for any length of time). However the Google-based iOS app is much better. No Flash, apparantly, and the GUI is OK for both activating it and navigating through the street.

  1. There are so many of us that don’t need or care about maps of for who it works just fine that I freaky see this as a Bon issue …. To those who do there are many alternatives that do not mine their data or use 5 times the data against their plans…. Your choice I’d simple give up all things Apple to find directions … I think not.

  2. I’m happy with Apple Maps and I’ve used SteetViewer a couple of times. If Google is now working on a iPhone app with street view then it is too late. They kept it off iPhone for competitive reasons, they will never come back on any of my iDevices or my MBP.

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