Enderle on iPad mini: ‘There are a lot of ways this could go wrong’

“Although the dust hasn’t yet settled on the iPhone 5, word on the street is that Apple is getting ready to announce an iPad Mini tablet to compete for holiday shopping season dollars,” Jennifer LeClaire reports for Sci-Tech Today. “The rumor mill says Apple will unveil a 7-inch tablet on Oct. 17, but Apple remains mum on the subject.”

“Leaked reports suggest that the iPad Mini will have a 7.85-inch screen,” LeClaire reports. “That’s about 2 inches smaller than the original iPad and almost an inch bigger than the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7.”

LeClaire reports, “We turned to Rob Enderle, principal analyst at the Enderle Group, to get his take on the rumored iPad Mini.”

MacDailyNews Take: That’s like turning to Lindsay Lohan to calculate Mars rover landing coordinates.

LeClaire continues, “‘The Kindle Fire was the tablet that really got people looking at the sevens to begin with, followed by the Nexus 7,’ Enderle said. ‘Any way you look at it, Apple is either months or almost a year late to the market with this… The 7-inch tablets are all about content — books and movies. Unlike the 10-inch class of tablets, where people expect to do productivity tasks on the device, the 7-inch is just for consumption. The killer apps are pretty much already on the Kindle and the Nexus 7, which is going to make it much tougher for Apple to break in. I don’t see Apple’s angle here, which I think is a problem… Apple could cannibalize its larger iPad sales with what is a smaller revenue product and that doesn’t work out for them, either. There are a lot of ways this could go wrong.'”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Brawndo Drinker” and “silverhawk1” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Enderle doesn’t see Apple’s angle. Shocking.

Perhaps he should’ve asked the Enderle “Group’s” other two members: his wife and his dog.

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      1. Third question: Why do reporters even call him and ask his opinion? Doesn’t he charge for advice and opinions? If not, how does he earn his daily bread?

        An outfit no less than the San Jose Murky Sleaze even ask him regularly for his take on anything Apple.

        The only thing I can think of of: unbiased reporting.

  1. Hahaha…good one Enderle. Remind me to fart in your face when Apple sells the 10 millionth iPad mini.

    At least this proves one thing: If Enderle says an Apple product will fail, that surely is the mark of approval that it will succeed in the market.

    F*** you, bitch!

    1. Really. Apple will have a hard time “breaking” into the 7-8″ tablet market? What’s their angle? – how about making money, a monstrous eco-system to back it up and giving consumers what they really want. Since when does Apple not BECOME the market they enter into anymore? Apple will BE the 7-8″ iPAD (tablet) market. The only “breaking” thing here is your wind and whew boy does it stink.

    2. Endrele’s argument is that the smaller tablets are for consumption, while the iPad is for productivity.

      Hmmm. Here’s what he said in 2010:

”However, the problem is that while the iPad is great as a consumption device for the web and media, it kind of sucks as a creation platform”

    1. Oh, the telemetry!
      I just love that word, not sure what it means exactly but it does roll off the tongue, and besides, all the rocket scientist use it, so what the hell.

      Go Apple!

  2. What?
    Why would this person go to Enderle for “his take…”?
    Whoever this Jennifer LeClaire person is, she now has as much credibility as Enderle does.
    And guess what, that is not much at all.

  3. Thank God! Enderle weighing in against Apple. It will be a sure hit now. By the way Enderle’s dog is working for The Street and his wife is sleeping with Ballmer’s Right Nut.

  4. Anyone notice? Enderle has just tapped the last nail into the coffin of the “iPad is just for consumption, not productivity” meme that was hogging all the headlines a while back.

    The emerging meme du jour is “Apple is late to this new market”.

  5. If a 7″ tablet is only for consumption and only Microsoft and Amazon have a consumption ecosystem anywhere near as good as what Apple has got, I like Apple’s chances, I like them a lot.

    Enderle is a blogger for hire. He’ll say anything as long as the price is right.

  6. I’d like to know why there are even postings concerning Enderle. Pure entertainment value or to frustrate us readers?He is the biggest moron in tech reporting and almost always is WRONG. And he will be wrong on this one – big time.

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