RUMOR: Apple to send out iPad mini invitations on October 10th for October 17 special event

Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune on a rumor that “comes from a major Apple (AAPL) investor who says he’s heard it from ‘multiple sources.'”

Widespread rumors say that “Apple is preparing to launch a smaller and cheaper version of the iPad — often called the iPad mini or iPad air and usually described as having a 7.85-inch screen,” P.E.D. reports. “What our source adds is the specificity of a date: The press, he says, can expect invitations to go out on Oct. 10.”

P.E.D. reports, “If Apple follows its usual scheduling protocol, that would suggest a special event to unveil the product on Wednesday, Oct. 17, with a launch day of Friday Nov. 2.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Lynn Weiler” and “Sarah” for the heads up.]


    1. I do kind of feel happy for you BLN if this becomes true. The guy just has to have that bigger screen! And to his credit he has not (so it seems) jumped ship to a DROID. I’ll be buying one too.

    1. Apple will unapologetically give David Pogue a list of all the things they will be apologizing for in the next business quarter. I wonder why no one has complained that the new Maps app is using a skeuomorphic analogy in its visual presentation. The damn thing looks just like a map in the real world (minus the coffee ring and frayed edges). Oh well, they’ll get that part right next time.

  1. This could be analogous to the launch of the iPod Mini. When that was released (also around the same time as the PC version of iTunes) iPod sales skyrocketed and it become the coolest thing to own. It helped Apple dominate the music player market and also start to control the component supply for RAM and screens. The key aspect was that the price point killed the competition.
    The iPad is already a huge success and has great marketshare but there are . The Mini could provide access at a lower price point and allow it to be used for commercial applications (restaurants, delivery, product displays).

    Pricing could be tricky. The new iTouch is in the price range that a iPad Mini would be in.

  2. ipad air sounds silly to me. i dont think there is a chance in hell they will name ot that. i know daringfireball among others os partial to it, but no way. if anyjting, ipad mini has a better ring to it. besides everyone already call it that.

    1. I agree. Didn’t the “Air” name come from being more wireless based, rather than just being smaller?

      Mac Mini: Same thing, only smaller
      MacBook Air: Got rid of Ethernet & Optical drive.

      A smaller iPad would be a Mini. These analysts think like salesmen… Call it an “Air” for the cool factor, who cares what it means.

    2. As does iPad Touch. When one thinks about what those names imply, they are redundantly descriptive.

      First, the iPad is already a touch device… so why refer to a smaller version as a Touch?

      Second, there is an iPad Touch. Its name fits as not all iPods are touch devices. Giving an iPad an extremely similar (and similar sounding… iPod Touch vs. iPad Touch) name would be confusing.

      Third, Air is already used with the MacBook line to describe a Mac laptop… not necessarily due to its light weight, but because it receives data thru the “air”, not via disk or cable input.

      Mini is the most fitting… except it’s already used in the Mac line-up, and Apple tends not to name its products with similar names.

      A solution would be to return the all-in-one form-factor iMac to its original name… Macintosh or Mac (it’s way, way past time to drop the “i” from the Mac anyway), and rename the Mac mini the iMac… thereby freeing up “mini” to be used with a smaller iPad.

      More appropriate naming all around.

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