Developers overwhelmingly choose iOS first as interest in Android wanes for third time in last four quarters

“For Microsoft Corp, and, and the clutch of other companies that hope to carve out a big slice of a mobile computing business currently dominated by Apple Inc, the future depends on people like Scott Porad,” Bill Rigby reports for Reuters.

“As chief technology officer of Cheezburger Network, a popular publisher of humor websites, Porad has to make the tough calls on which mobile devices merit the development of special software, or apps, that will make the company’s content shine,” Rigby reports. “Developing apps for the hot-selling iPhone might be a no-brainer, but that’s not the case when it comes to apps for Microsoft’s new Windows 8 software, or for the various versions of Google Inc’s Android mobile operating system, or for Research in Motion Ltd’s BlackBerry devices. ‘We are a small company and we don’t have unlimited resources,’ said Porad. ‘We cannot afford to do it all, that’s for sure.'”

“Many other developers are taking a wait-and-see approach. The caution extends not only to Windows, but also increasingly to Android as that software evolves in different ways on different vendors’ platforms,” Rigby reports. “Enthusiasm for Android is waning slightly, according to a survey of 5,500 developers last month by tech research firm IDC. The study found that just 66 percent of developers were ‘very interested’ in creating apps for Android tablets, the third time in four quarters that figure has declined.”

Rigby reports, “That lags 83 percent who were ‘very interested’ in developing for the iPad and is about even with the level of enthusiasm for HTML 5. Only 33 percent said they were ‘very interested’ in designing Windows 8 apps. Porad at Cheezburger calls Android ‘a giant pain.'”

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  1. Just as much FUD about Droid and MSFT as there is for Apple. Who makes this stuff up? Developers is an ambiguous term at best. Only takes a pulse and approval to submit apps and voila you are a Developer.

    1. BWAHAHAHA!! Never was there a Fandroider like Gary J. who could stomach the truth or try to spin it to fit into their RB (rationalization bias). Face it Gary, developers don’t really like Android, it’s too fragmented and I just read another reviewer who’s used both Apple & Android devices a lot and Android leaves a lot to be desired in functionality and quality of the apps. The light of day reasoning & truth has the same effect on Fandroiders as the light of the sun on Dracula. Arrrrgh!

    2. “Developers is an ambiguous term at best”

      A developer is a person or group of persons who write software. That isn’t ambiguous at all. Well, maybe it is if you’re drunk or something.

      “Just as much FUD about Droid and MSFT as there is for Apple”

      It’s not FUD if it’s real. IDC surveyed 5,500 developers. According to their responses, developer interest in Android is down. Again. And their interest in WP is dire. Do you think they were lying?

    3. Gary… Sorry I am a developer … Developing for android is a waste of resources …. Fragmentation makes development a nightmare and if your app requires an investment of even 99 cents no cheap android users will spend a dime for apps… They would rather put up with ads cluttering their screen than spend money to use another’s hard work to provide a software solution… Android developers are sucked into a non standard, no $ return wasteland….

    4. Dear generic coward ‘Gary J.’,

      You sound terribly familiar. I’m not aware of any FUD against Android. Just lots of bogus fanboyisms and hype. Android has made ‘open’ a dirty word specifically because it is an insecure OS with meagre vetting of malware by Google or anyone else. Its ripoff of iOS is now infamous, as is its relatively annoying functionality.

      As for Windows Phone 8, the Metro GUI has very few fans but at least it’s something different from its competitors. I strongly suspect it will ascend to greater market share than Android as the issue of security becomes more evident and critical in the marketplace.

      And no, your ‘definition’ of a ‘Developer’ is not adequate. It takes one to know one, and you clearly don’t code.

  2. Competition between developers is good for us consumers. But as an iOS user, I would prefer a developer’s resources devoted entirely to their iOS apps and not split between iOS and Android/Windows 8.

    1. Prefer, sure. But if a company’s product gets big enough they can hire a dedicated dev team, for sure they’re going to try their hand at additional platforms–even if they’re not paid apps (since the stats say fewer Android users pay for their software), there’s inline ads, like what Rovio did with Angry Birds.

      Kinda sucks that we iOS users might be helping fund that effort initially (no success on iOS == no money to start work on other platforms), but such is business and free markets.

  3. Ironically, I just stopped visiting Cheezburger’s “Fail blog” site last week, because it seems to have fully embraced anti-Apple propaganda. It started with a recurring meme that old Nokia phones were indestructible compared to iPhones, and eventually got to the point of featuring clip art eCard parodies stating outright that people who used Apple products are, direct quote, assholes. I’m somewhat surprised that so many Fandroids and astroturfers want to view content like this on their iOS devices.

  4. Why develop for a bunch of thieves? Not only is Android a ‘stolen operating system’ but its users are cheep and go to sites to steal the hard work of developers. It is a ‘no brainer’ for developers to avoid Android.

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