Analysts expect big quarter for Apple iPad as iPhone forecasts vary

“On Tuesday Apple will report earnings for its third [fourth – MDN Ed.] quarter of fiscal 2012, and analysts expect the iPad will be in a position to set new records, while consensus on the iPhone is more divided,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“Generally speaking, most investors believe Apple will report sales of between 25 million and 27 million iPhones, according to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster,” Hughes reports. “Mac sales are pegged at 4 million, while iPad sales are harder to nail down, but he believes expectations are between 15 million and 16 million.”

Hughes reports, “If those iPad numbers hold true, it would put Apple in a position to beat its previous record of 15 million iPads reached in the holiday quarter of 2012. The number would also handily best the 9.25 million iPads sold in the year-ago quarter.”

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  1. “On Tuesday Apple will report earnings for its third [fourth – MDN Ed.] quarter of fiscal 2012 … ”

    Really ?
    Apple usually announce Q4 results around mid October, in 2010 and 2011 it was on the 18th.

  2. Linked article is dated: Monday, July 23, 2012, 20:49 pm

    IS MDN living in the past or am I living in the future… I’m checking to see if that is a flying car in my garage.

  3. Apple down another $9 today. It’s going to take a couple of very good quarters to get Apple back to near $700. Although many people were waiting for the iPhone 5, the introduction has done nothing positive for Apple. iPhone 5/iOS 6 has become Apple’s albatross. Apple appears to be getting trumped by both Google and Amazon. Can Microsoft be next in line to slap Apple silly? I was hoping to leave September behind to see some positive results, but October is starting out the same way.

    1. The iPhone 5 has done nothing positive for apple, except for record sales and increasing their cash horde.

      Don’t buy into the Maps hysteria. This happens during every software and hardware product Apple releases. I remember MDN used to post the sequence of steps an apple product goes through, and right after introduction it was always “a small perceived flaw is hyped up to be the end of the word.”

      Also, I don’t remember a single iOS launch ever where it wasn’t claimed that the new OS was causing excessive battery drain versus the old one. Happens every time. So predictable.

    2. If you think this recent selloff is cause for concern then you don’t know AAPL. I hope it goes down down another $50 in the next two weeks. I’ve got some bonds maturing and would love to dump that cash into AAPL at or near $600. It will be approaching $825 – $850 by the end of February.

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