Samsung wins reconsideration of Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales ban in U.S. appeal

“A U.S. appeals court ruled on Friday that a lower court should reconsider a sales ban against Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 won by Apple in a patent dispute with the South Korean electronics maker,” Dan Levine reports for Reuters.

“The injunction was put in place ahead of a month-long trial that pitted iPhone maker Apple Inc against Samsung Electronics Co Ltd in a closely watched legal battle that ended with a resounding victory for Apple last month on many of its patent violation claims,” Levine reports. “However, the jury found that Samsung had not violated the patent that was the basis for the tablet injunction and Samsung argued the sales ban should be lifted. U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh said she could not act because Samsung had already appealed.”

Levine reports, “In its ruling on Friday, the Federal U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington said Koh could now consider the issue.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Consider away, Lucy!

Apple’s products came first, then Samsung’s:

Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Tab Trade Dress Infringement


  1. They could lift the ban on the Tab, offer a buy one get one free promotion and it still wouldn’t matter. Nobody wants one! The ban that is most important is on their iPhone knock-offs. And the only reason those phones are selling is because there are enough idiots in the world who think Samdung is doing them a favor by making the phones larger.

  2. We can count on the US justice system to screw up any semblance of justice. They are the same system that let OJ off and now Samsung. Without true justice, there can be no peace. Now for a thermo nuclear solution for Samsung and Google.

          1. Trillions? If you knew how to read financial statement you’d realize those are South Korean Won, about 1200 to the U.S. dollar. Or maybe you knew that and hoped no one would notice.

    1. That is the issue. The water downed patent registration process in the US. Registering a patent in the US is like taking candy from a kid. Ambiguous, frivolous and lacking in evidence base claims of a patent being effectively exclusive to the registrant.

      Do not blame the US Courts as they know that regardless of verdicts rendered they will always be appealed.

            1. Chump? Easy tough guy. Easy to be a tough guy behind a keyboard! You are a complete idiot is you even remotely think that Patents registered in the US are enforceable in most Courts. I bet I can get a Patent on your stupidity registered with just a print out of your posts on here.

            2. Gary j, you really need to get a grip on your life.
              To hang out on Apple news sites and post anti apple nonsense?
              To what end?
              Wow dude. You seriously need a reality check. That is so totally pathetic that I am embarrassed for you.

    2. don’t you get it? have you red article lately? it’s not patent system. it’s Jury system. american jury system is totally wrong when the case like this, which requires expert knowledge, is trialed. that’s why apple took advantage of its own home. this is the reason that Samsung appeal the case again.

    1. A nest of thieves, both paid trolls and unpaid suckers. The ignorance over there is thick and heavy. That’s THEIR problem. It’s fun to rant back in their face, but it’s also a waste of time. Let them wallow in their excremental pool of FAIL. 😯

    2. At least I’m not the only that thinks that yahoo really hates Apple. All they do is compare the iPhone to other phones, trying to convince people to buy something other than the iPhone. I use like as a search engine and news web but now I’m starting hate them for being such haters with Apple…

  3. so now what you gonna be? actually, iphone infringement is nothing to do with tablet. apple just wants to remove competition with more excuse. now samsung won. it will affect on next trial. I believe that apple will regret to start lawsuit first. it only makes industry destroying and hurting for innovation. the company like apple should be vanish in business. they only care themselves. ecosystem is my ass.

    1. Edward, shove it, your a Troll and we all know it, it’s great for Novice Comedic value but nothing more.

      A “Reconsideration” doesn’t mean a thing, other issues have to be considered before anything can happen. You can make up any false information you want, doesn’t make it any more truer the. It was when you made it up in the first place.

      The funny thing is that you “Trolls” are so distressed over Samsung’s loss that any propaganda that you can make up to make yourselves feel good is nothing but lies and half baked truths, try coming down to reality and check it out, it’s better then living in a fantasy land and being a suck up to a bunch of thieves and liars known as Samsung.
      But it does look like you have taken a page out of Samsung’s book and are acting just like they have, no question you have a personal vested interest in Samsung, lies wont get you very far as you have come to find out.

  4. Sounds fair enough to me, and it won’t affect the judgement as I’m sure many are hoping.
    The jury (you know, the one that was bias against Samsung?) said that Galaxy tab did not infringe on the Apple trademark because Apple hadn’t filed a trademark for the iPad. As the article said, the only reason the ban is still in place is because Samsung lodged an appeal so everything remained frozen.
    None of this affects the large number of violations that Samsung was found guilty of.
    The irony is that if Samsung hadn’t appealed, the ban would have been overturned by now.

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