One week with iPhone 5: What’s improved, evolved, and gone sideways

“The Apple iPhone continues to be one of the most important devices of the year,” Eric Zeman writes for InformationWeek. “The iPhone’s presence reverberates throughout the industry and is responsible for helping to shape the competitive smartphone landscape.”

“The iPhone 5 is a different animal from the iPhone 4S, its immediate predecessor. When looking at the hardware, it is better than the iPhone 4S is almost every respect,” Zeman writes. “The iPhone 5 is lighter, thinner, and easier to hold and use all day long. The attention to detail of the iPhone 5’s manufacture — scuffed paint aside — is incredible. It’s a well-designed and well-built device that’s less breakable than its predecessor… LTE 4G radio, whether it be for AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon Wireless, puts the iPhone in the same class with its chief competitors in mobile broadband. It’s a significant step up in speed, especially for Sprint and Verizon customers, who’ve been limited to their carriers’ slower 3G networks. We’re talking a 10-fold increase in wireless data speeds. Yes, it’s that dramatic.”

Zeman writes, ” iOS 6 probably deserves more than a bullet point, but this much is certain: it’s an incremental update that does not make any sweeping changes to the look and feel of the operating system. iOS 6 adds more features, but doesn’t make any great leaps in usability or appearance… Apple Maps. It’s simply not as good as the alternatives. It’s not a horror, but there’s no doubt that it’s a bit sparse on detail and inaccurate in some places. It will get better. In the meantime, use it to do 3D fly-overs of Manhattan. That’s all sorts of fun.”

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  1. This guy is a retard….

    “Apple should have gone all the way and given the iPhone 5 a 1280 x 720p HD display, which is what many other manufacturers are choosing to do. I understand the implications this would have for developers, but c’mon; Android supports various screen sizes and aspect ratios ranging from 2.8 inches all the way up to 10.1 inches. You can’t tell me Apple iOS developers aren’t up to the challenge.”

    1. I agree. I fail to see why analyst continue to suggest design changes that would make the iPhone look like the Android ones. You already have those choices with the current Android lineup. Apple fanboys, like myself, like the iPhone just fine as it is. It represents a different approach to the Android approach and the Android approach is one that we do not want.

      1. I agree with you. I think anal…….yst fear agreeing with something that is popular but not “spec’d out”..

        Read the full original article. They author was not bad but once he started blathering about how Apple should copy the “large” screen he started to show his lack of knowledge.

        When all someone really talks about is the outside, its pretty clear that they know NOTHING about the inside, how it works, etc.

        Just a thought

    2. Agreed.

      I was at the ATT store yesterday. Numerous large displays of various Android phones sweep the perimeter of the store. In the far right corner is an iPhone 5 display with tethered black and white models. Two little girls, maybe 5 years old, were standing there, each with an iPhone in their hands scrolling away and showing each other their discovery. The future is right there. Scene was priceless. Children know quality before anyone teaches them differently.

    3. No! Android developers dont deal with screen size. The system does that by zooming and panning fragments.
      Seems marvelous?
      As a result, Apps looks weird on some screens. On tablets, Apps runs with no advantage compared to phones as the space is not used for increasing functionality but to display larger fonts…

  2. I have had the 3G, 3GS,4S, and now the 5. The 5 destroys every iphone I have had by a long shot. Not to mention the cheap plasting crapdroid phones. To me it was an improvement in any possible way, including maps.

    1. The maps bs doesn’t effect me either.

      Also had the 3G, 4, 4S, and now 5. Same thoughts.

      My boss has a 3G still… I showed him the 5 yesterday, first words were about how light and thin it is.
      Talked him into going down to get the 4S now. He was going to grab a free 4, convinced him to drop the money… He may get a 5 though, he didn’t want to give mine back.

  3. Frandroids at work are all quite now once I showed them my 5, the reaction was so quite not a word from them but there look in their face said it all, as a matter of fact a coworker who has a galaxy3 crap just sent me a message on selling her galaxy and she wants to get a 5 lol all her friends has a iPhone 5.

  4. I agree with the screen size part. I would’ve preferred a 4.3″ screen that was both wider and taller. I think one-handed use would’ve still been sufficient.

    I hope that 4″ isn’t the ceiling for the iPhone.

    1. Apple came out with a much larger format and called it the iPad. If you really want a bigger device, try that but for the rest of us with limited size pockets and hand, the iPhone 5 is as big as we could ever use.

      1. I agree with that sentiment. For laptops and tablets, I believe in bigger is better. For a pocket sized device, I think the iPhone 5 is close to the limit. I don’t use a case, but add that to a larger phone and it might fit into my pants pocket, but it would be a pain to extricate. My fathers android behemoth had a huge screen, but with the case it wouldn’t fit in my pocket. He kept it in a shirt pocket, but that resulted in he phone spilling out on multiple occasions.

  5. I have just had my 5 for 24 hours…
    It is awesome – much better feel than any other iPhone – and I have had them all.

    One thing that I really enjoyed was watching a movie last night – the extra width really made the experience feel much different. And if you are propping up the phone about a foot or less from your nose it really is big screen.

  6. It’s been a nightmare trying to get one. Most normal people who work can’t take off to wait in line or make an order in the middle of the night. I’ve been calling carriers and the Apple Store to be “eight callers ahead of you” and made to listen to awful music. Then an Apple Store person told me the fastest way to get one is to order for pickup at the Apple Store, but you have to do it at 10 p.m. when it is refreshed. So I set an alarm and had a bad nights sleep to do that to have ” unavailable.” Do now I just ordered for delivery expected in November. This is leaving a very bad taste in my mouth.

    1. I simply ordered one when the pre-orders were made available and waited. Received mine on Wednesday this week. No worries, no stress, and I don’t care about having things immediately – my life is too busy for that.

      I’ll bet you receive yours earlier than the stated date – mine was originally supposed to be delivered Oct 5th.

      It will definitely be worth the wait – it is really great.

    2. I think you can order at apple for in store delivery now.

      I walked into AT&T on the 14th and told them the same thing… I work, I want to pick it up in store. They agreed to ship it to the AT&T store!

      I got mine the 25th, and I ordered at 10am the 14th.

    1. Here we go again with those idiotic plastic ‘protectors’ that everyone seems to think they need as if Apple didn’t quite make the iPhone right in the first place. In the 60’s and 70’s people used to keep the plastic wrap on their couches to ‘preserve’ them. They were an eye sore then and plastic wrap on an iPhone now is an insult to the beautiful design. Who are you trying to keep your phone so pristine for anyways. Most people upgrade every couple of years and hand the old one down.

      1. I wonder if putting cases can trap heat dissipation. I wouldn’t put anything on my Retina Macbook because I want the heat to dissipate better and maybe components will last longer.

  7. My complaint is an iOS 6 complaint, not an iPhone 5 complaint. Itunes Match sucks in iOS 6. It just does. It would suck less if I had constant access to free high-bandwidth internet. But I don’t. It basically doesn’t allow you to manage the music on your phone in any reasonable fashion. I accidentally loaded a very large playlist and ran out of space on the phone – and there’s no easy way to delete lots of music all at once.

  8. Zeman talks about fly-overs but ignores the most important part of the new maps app and IOS 6, voice turn-by-turn, the feature that Google refused to allow and forced Apple to spend years and millions of dollars to create.
    BTW – I wouldn’t give up Apple’s turn-by-turn for street view for anything.

  9. I went to the local Apple Store (the one that recently got rammed and robbed by idiots in a BMW SUV) to finally check out the iPhone 5. It really is an amazing phone and it’s a vast improvement over the 4S in every possible way. It’s significantly lighter, thinner, bigger, and a whole lot faster.

    That being said, I’ll stick with the 4S for the remainder of the 2-year contract and wait for the 6 or 5S next year. People who upgrade to the 5 from the 3GS or the 4 will see an amazing difference in performance as well as the look and feel.

    I really don’t see why some people are bashing it as the same old thing when it clearly isn’t. The form factor works so why mess with it? It’s a beautiful device. The workmanship and the attention-to-detail is so far ahead of anything else out there.

  10. What I think hindsight will show is that it wasn’t Apple who shot their load prematurely regarding Maps- it was most tech pundits, journalists, the media. How quick some have been to panic and bash Apple. The “beginning of the end” of the Post- Jobs Era. Pathetic.

  11. I walked into the Arden Fair Apple store in Sacramento at about 10:00 on release day, and walked out with my new phone at 11:00.

    One hour wasn’t so bad of a wait

  12. Yes, it is fact that iPhone 5 has create a boom in the entire mobile industry. Along with its lighter and thinner design, it’s demand in incessantly increasing because of its advanced features and specifications. Mostly because of its LTE 4G network and improved apps such as Siri and Maps.

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