Tim Cook open letter: We fell short with new Maps app; we are extremely sorry

Tim Cook today posted an open letter to customers on Apple’s website regarding Apple’s new Maps app:

To our customers,

At Apple, we strive to make world-class products that deliver the best experience possible to our customers. With the launch of our new Maps last week, we fell short on this commitment. We are extremely sorry for the frustration this has caused our customers and we are doing everything we can to make Maps better.

We launched Maps initially with the first version of iOS. As time progressed, we wanted to provide our customers with even better Maps including features such as turn-by-turn directions, voice integration, Flyover and vector-based maps. In order to do this, we had to create a new version of Maps from the ground up.

There are already more than 100 million iOS devices using the new Apple Maps, with more and more joining us every day. In just over a week, iOS users with the new Maps have already searched for nearly half a billion locations. The more our customers use our Maps the better it will get and we greatly appreciate all of the feedback we have received from you.

While we’re improving Maps, you can try alternatives by downloading map apps from the App Store like Bing, MapQuest and Waze, or use Google or Nokia maps by going to their websites and creating an icon on your home screen to their web app.

Everything we do at Apple is aimed at making our products the best in the world. We know that you expect that from us, and we will keep working non-stop until Maps lives up to the same incredibly high standard.

Tim Cook
Apple’s CEO

MacDailyNews Take: Over and above – and bordering on unnecessary.

One thing we would like to know is: Who’s responsible for opening Apple up to this overblown shitstorm and why are they still working for Apple Inc., if they still are?

(Yes, we know we’ll likely never get those two answers.)

No matter what Apple does, no matter how much better they make Apple Maps, it will now always “suck” in the minds of a large segment of the population. This open letter from Cook only helps cement the idea that Maps is a “failure.” The fool(s) responsible for preparing Maps for release and then releasing it with obvious issues (overblown as they are) and therefore tainting Maps forever should face severe consequences. As in: Pink slip(s). If you don’t get fired over this debacle, what exactly does get you fired at Tim Cook’s Apple?

Apple seems to have learned nothing from the Newton: First impressions mean everything. Apple’s Maps have been Newtonized. All that’s missing is the Doonesbury strip.

We have our suspicions that Tim Cook cannot recognize good marketing from bad. Or the import of the customer’s Apple Retail experience to Apple Inc.’s bottom line. Now, after this Maps face-plant, we’re wondering if he has another blind spot for software. The multi-talented Steve Jobs was supposed to have been replaced, as best as possible, by a team of people. Some of these team members are obviously not performing up to anything near a Jobsian level.

It’s nice to say you strive to make “world-class products” for customers, Tim, it’s better to actually deliver them.

Here’s a little hint for the future: Everything that requires widespread customer use to develop a rich database before the product becomes fully usable should be clearly labelled “beta” upon release. Apple did it with Siri, but they forgot to do it with Maps. Had Apple been smart enough to simply place a “beta” tag on Maps, all of this rigamarole would never have occurred.

Steve’s attention to detail may very well be irreplaceable.

All that said, you can help Apple improve iOS 6 Maps:

1. Launch Maps from the Home screen
2. Tap the page curl at the bottom right
3. Tap Report a Problem (above the Print button)
4. Tap the type of problem you want to report:
– Search results are incorrect
– Street or other label is incorrect
– Location is missing
– Problem with directions
– Problem with satellite image
– My problem isn’t listed
5. Choose the search result, street label, etc. that’s giving you the problem
6. Add any comments, if desired, and tap send


        1. He did fail to mention any of the paid alternatives; TomTom etc. But I think that was a good move.

          ‘Hey, Maps aren’t where we want them to be – but you can pay $50 in the App Store until we get it fixed.’

          1. The Maps app turn-by-turn is powered by Tom Tom, I thought.

            Also, telling consumers “buy this app” if you don’t like apps is is not in line with what Cook is saying. He offered free alternatives to a free app.

          2. This whole “mapgate” is more perceived than real. But for many people perception equals reality, so Tim Cook apologized even though it was unnecessary.

            Consumer Reports recently put Apple’s new Maps against Google’s Android Maps in a “showdown” to see which provides better navigation features. In the report they state: “both the free Apple and Google navigation apps provide clear routing directions, Google provides a better overall package, but we feel that both provide a good solution for standard software.”; “having more thoroughly tested Apple Maps alongside a Samsung Galaxy S3 running Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) with Google Maps, we have a more favorable opinion – certainly more favorable than comments and articles that we’ve been reading online.”; “both Apple Maps and Google Maps route effectively, providing clear guidance and great points-of-interest integration.”

            Read the report.

      1. Chips or scratches right out of the box are taken care right away.
        Wifi issue is your own… stop making it a general issue.
        Connector is not an issue… it is an evolution.
        Light leakage is better than sh** leakage. Stop leaking sh**!

        1. Go eat your Big Macs large fries and diet Coke ass wipe! That is like saying sorry your car is chipped and scratched please bring it back and we will buff it out.

          Ur an ass to suggest that this is OK for Apple.

          1. Scratches were evidently the worst on the first 1m iPhones coming off the assembly line, because I never hear about it anymore, my iPhone had none and I’ve talked with both FedX and UPS guys and they say that they haven’t seen iPhones being sent back to Apple. 

            Your concerns are valid Gary, if they’re factual.  Otherwise, not.  Offer a few facts next time.

            And for goodness sake, wash out your mouth with soap!

          2. Funny you say that.

            My friend just received delivery of her custom ordered 2013, $32,000 Mustang. Guess what? Some small chips and scratches on front fender.

            Somebody at the factory must have dropped their iPhone 5 on it in excitement.

            1. All products can have similar damage including as you say very expensive cars. Light leakage has been explained as in nearly all cases temporary while the screen itself is considered the best on any mobile device so why not enjoy it. Haven’t heard anything about wifi issues so can’t be significant but again I have wi fi issues with practically everything I buy except for my iPad which was perfect out of the box despite my net gear hub reusing to connect to anything else. As for the connector it’s the first change in 7 years most other manufacturers make your device incompatible in some way on a regular basis and dont warn you, for heaven sake people were not even told that their lumia phones were going to be obsolete bricks after 12 months. Why is it that only Apple is supposed to be perfect or get pilloried with FUD.

      1. An “Apple Fandroid” is a contradiction with a null sum of 0. From Day One I think most Apple FANS saw this as a misstep (though completely overblown) and that by just labeling it a Beta would have been understandable and avoided this whole shitstorm. It does give one pause as an investor (as I am and others here) that Tim with the recent Mac Genius ads and now blowing the introduction of the new Maps may not have as much sensitivity to these things as he should and Steve Jobs probably would have. I would say if Mr. Cook does not want anymore of these kinds of “Cook is killing Apple” Steve Jobs comparisons he open his ears and eyes more and get the true opinion of his troops before doing real damage to the brand. I think anyone with the Apple sensitivity & taste most of us have would not have made this mistake so when it’s Jobs appointed choice to make those kind of simple calls and he doesn’t it may be time for worry. Apple needs to continue executing flawlessly and not tax users patience and give the press and Fandroiders fodder for perceived weakness.

        1. Blah, blah, blah.

          Your lack of observational skills and knowledge of history is appalling. Read the posts from earlier dates. Apple fandroids were never hesitant to bash those that reported Apple Maps failures or commented on their disappointment that expected accuracy and reliability in Apple Maps was sorely lacking.

          Now that Apple has admitted that Maps was a failure all those mindless Apple fandroids can kiss my ass. That includes you, Zeke.

          1. And just so you know, “fandroid” comes from combining the words “fan” and “Android”. Keep applying it to supporters of Apple products if you enjoy looking silly and juvenile.

            1. Hi, zeke. I would have thought that Apple apologizing would have inspired you to do the same. I mean, you spared no time demeaning people who expressed their criticisms of Apple or shared their less than ideal experiences with Maps. Apple has kilotons of cash and could have spent a fraction of that cash for improving and debugging Maps. Now that Apple has conceded that it’s customers wanted some better not just something else, I thinks it’s high time you did the same.


            2. I’m not going to appologize for apple not agree with your retarded face that maps is a failure. It’s not perfect, nor was googles maps which was better but incomplete.

              I will agree to gladly pound your face into an unrecognizable pulp for being such an insufferable twit.

              Now shove off.

          2. Hey, MacIdiot,
            If you’re going to insult someone, at least use the right slang.
            It’s Apple “fanboys” (or “girls”), NOT “fandroids”. The latter would refer to the idiot Android users/zealots like you, not Apple fans/users.
            Got it?

          3. MacFreek, your Trollism would be better hidden if you weren’t ignorant enough to use the term “Apple fandroids”

            Let me explain it to you very carefully. I’ll type slowly so that you can follow along. (<–MacFreek, this little joke is for grown-up, smart people, not for you, as your limited intellect would not recognise the humour.)

            Now, get your mommy or your daddy to sit beside you and help you follow along here;

            A "Fandroid" is a "Fan" of "Android", a person who likes and is enthusiastic about the Android operating system. You know, the one that Google stole from Apple? Have your little sister explain this to you. It's been in all the papers.

            Okay, so just remember, "Fandroid" = Fan of Android.

            Now to the contradiction, or "oxymoron" (I know you've been hearing the term "moron" all your life. But have an adult explain what an "oxymoron" is.

            An Apple fan is someone who appreciates and is enthusiastic about Apple products.

            Again, a Fandroid is a fan of Android products. (To see how a Fandroid appears, look in a mirror)

            Now, here comes the tricky part. Please try to pay attention;
            An "Apple Fandroid" is a contradiction. It's an oxymoron.
            It would be highly unlikely that an Apple fan would also be an Android fan (Fandroid).
            An "Apple fandroid" is unlikely to exist.

            Okay, I'm afraid I'm going to have leave this to your parents and/or siblings now.

            Best of luck.

          4. @MacFreek

            Are you on drugs? Nobody on MDN got “bashed” for being dissapointed with Maps or finding an error in it.

            Trolls would get bashed for pretending Maps was worst thing to happen in history ever(and pretending that Google Maps is flawless when it’s not), but I think trolls are hardly real people.

            If anybody wants proof for what I’m saying, just go read the comments for past articles about Maps.

          5. Dare to show your arrogant ass, MacFreek. I won’t kiss it, but I’ll be glad to kick it. You are insufferable.

            Cook/Apple did not “admit that Maps was a failure.” That is your skew on his apology for not providing the “…best experience possible.” In other words, Apple did not provide perfection in the first iteration of Maps. However, most people are reporting great experiences with Apple Maps from the very beginning. Those who encounter some issues can help to fix them. As I have said it before, give it six months.

            MDN – you neuroses appear to be worsening. Despite how Google and Samsung and various media outlets are doing the best to disparage Apple, it won’t “Newtonize” Apple Maps. Apple will get maps fixed and, as the embedded maps app, it will become the accepted standard and its less than stellar start will be forgotten. People can put up with a lot – witness all of the people still using Windows and MS Office after two decades of abuse. Even many Mac users still use Microsoft products, and that is after being treated as scum. MDN has some type of split personality disorder. SteveJack generally writes with great insight and vision. Most of the MDN Takes are snarky bits of mild humor with a few great ones sprinkled in. And then there are the occasional rants posted by the MDN staffer with anger issues and a keyboard at hand.

            1. Actually I believe MDN’s spot on. Besides, I can only imagine you’re ranting if Mister Softy,Samsung or Google had pulled such a dumb ass move. You’d be all over it. Yes. Yes you would. Why try to make excuses for Apple? It’s not like it’s some relative of yours that you need to defend. It’s not your girlfriend. Or maybe it is. It’s a fucking company. And they don’t care what you think. They fucked up and we can all see it so quit trying to hold their hand. Users are supposed to help Apple fix this? Give it six months? Apple should be held to the same standards as everyone else. As I said, if this was Google you’d be calling them names and making fun of them. You are embarrassing. You even make fanboys blush! Apple fucked up. Geez, they’re human. Move along.

            2. Maps takes time to build, cannot be done solely by Apple. It requires some user input to fix problems. Google required the same input to bulld theirs, and Google is not perfect either.

              It’s not coddling or holding Apples hand nor is it making excuses for Apple. It’s just a simple true fact. There is absolutely no way to release worldwide perfect maps in a version 1 maps program. Apple could have got more world wide maps done before they released it and it would have been nice if they did but there’s a lot to like about their maps.

              I’d be upset and disappointed if I lived in a country like Thailand or India where they have very little data. But I live in California and the data here is really good and I have used maps quite a bit including turn by turn and it works great.

              Call me a fanboy I could care less. I’m hardly afraid to criticise Apple. I’m certain that Apple maps will be the greatest mapping product in the world in time. We will all benefit from this even if the start isn’t as smooth as some could have wished.

            3. I am not certainly not pleased about Apple’s problems with Maps. All I say is give Apple six months and this will pretty much be history. The media outrage is way overblown. By the way, you might want to check out MDN’s comments from September 20 and September 29 on this exact same subject – night and day difference from this MDN Take. It sounds like they more or less agree with me.

              In addition, I never said that I would not have taken Samsung or Microsoft to task if they did the same thing. Don’t put words in my mouth to make your point. I certainly would have dissed them, and happily so. I have taken Apple to task more than a few times. In this case, however, I was defending Apple against MDN’s own sensationalist statements which contradicted their previous and subsequent statements:

              “No matter what Apple does, no matter how much better they make Apple Maps, it will now always “suck” in the minds of a large segment of the population.”

              “…then releasing it with obvious issues (overblown as they are) and therefore tainting Maps forever

              “Apple’s Maps have been Newtonized.”

              I make even fanboys blush? It’s not your girlfriend. Or maybe it is? Quit trying to hold their hand? Where the heck did you get that from? You can kiss my ass with your condescending bullshit.

            4. GM, if you are attempting to name me a troll, then you are wasting your time. I am a long term, participating member of this forum and have done nothing to deserve that appellation. There are few people on this forum who would side with you on this matter.

              You speak with a forked tongue and I do not hear your words.

            5. Apple fandroids, fanbois, whatever. You people are so predictably reactionary and easy to incite with your self congratulatory pep talks and puerile mimicry. Gawd, what a helpless, haplesss, and hopeless bunch. You keep me in stitches, bitchez.

            6. Rabid Fandroiders as yourself are kings of denial, inept cliche driven insult morons, fantasy driven facts meisters, and genuinely horrid people. Shove a few sheep up your ass. As someone pointed out if they are more Android phones sold than others then following them makes you King of all Sheep. Mom and Dad must be so proud (that you FINALLY moved away to that van down by the river.)

        2. Do us all a favor and give it a rest.

          Jobs wasn’t infallible, and he had his share of snafus, rollout problems and failures..

          -Antennae gate?
          -Late on Disc Burning
          -Late on MP3’s (made up for it, fast, but late to the party)
          -Hockey Puck mouse
          -Apple boombox thing
          -ipod socks
          -remember the titanium powerbook and the wifi issues caused by the design?
          -hell how about os x 10.0, that was a real peach, talk about beta, wasn’t very useful until 10.3 in reality.
          -The flower power iMac.
          -The motherboard issues with the B&W G3 tower? (IDE controllers, remember?)

          Shit happens, media distorts and fools nash teeth. Get over it.

          1. I am not what you would call a fandroid but I thought I would make a few corrections in your list. OS X 10.0 was put out as a beta with clear warnings that it was unpolished. Anyone who had more than 1 brain cell at the time knew that you worked with it at your own peril.
            As for the iPod socks, I always thought that it was a ‘joke’ product. That they were never really serious about it and merely put it out there for those wild and crazy people who like that sort of crap (I don’t). Antennagate was also not a failure (blackout regions were a part of all smartphones) and Jobs handled it brilliantly. All your other suggestions are bang on.

            1. I can remember the early “beta” comments now that you mention it, but 10.1 and 10.2 stunk pretty bad too and they were free of the beta tag. Spinning beach balls endlessly, kernel panics. ( At the time I was supporting about 800 clients and 42 servers across 21 buildings in my org and it was a nightmare)

              10.3 finally brought stability and was the first real ease truly ready for the masses.

              I will agree that antennae gate was OVERBLOWN, but it was a real issue, a real black eye, and IMO a bigger issue than the maps issue being debated today.

              The maps issues are so easy to work around, the AG issue required a bumper case (free or paid) The fact that other handsets experience similar issues is straw, means nothing to the conversation. We get that, the vast majority of consumers, did not.

              The point is that this in’t the first Apple snafu, nor the last. I’m not looking to pile on, just point out that it isn’t always perfect and smooth sailing.

              Cook did the right thing (the sort of thing Jobs did more than once) At some point people need to move on, The jobs era is OVER. The small Apple niche era is OVER. The company is evolving, changing, growing, grow with it or use something else, enough with the Cook bashing, and hand wringing anticipation of his “ruining” Apple. (not you, the constant bashers on MDN)

            2. Jobs handled it brilliantly?

              Telling people that they’re holding their phones wrong, then releasing videos showing a bloke bursting a blood vessel to get the same effect from the competition’s phones?

              That’s your idea of handling it brilliantly?

          2. Oh, come on! You didn’t like the Flower Power iMac?! It was the epitome of classic! 😉

            I’ll bet tons of people (that’s a weighty measurement) still have one on full display and in use today!

            Or not.

            1. That thing was HIDEOUS, so was the blue damnation ERRR… dalmatian thing he released along side it.

              Lipstick on a pig, the CRT iMac was getting long in the tooth and that was the gimmick to sell a few more? That may have been close to an all time low for Steve.

              It did usher in the “white” era, with the Snow iMacs right after it followed by the lampshade model and eMacs and the fist iBooks to not look like a purse or toilet seat.

            2. Those “toilet seat” (clamshell) iBooks were indeed really ugly.

              Forgot about the dalmatian. But you have to remember that that early style, if not always the colors, went a long way to help Apple® turn around.

          3. Well said. Jobs is dead and wasn’t perfect or anywhere near it when he was alive. I like MDN’s take. I like it a lot. And you can throw in Browett too because I think that is really a bad omen. You start messing with customer interface and Apple is fucked! And maps can’t be fixed quickly if even at all. So for all the fanboys who think it can : you’re wrong. Apple maps will never be what Google maps are because Google has put in billions of dollars and many years building their map system. You just can’t try to catch up with that. Apple needs to buy Waze map system. They are a different approach to maps compared to Google. But those are the only two that count. Google constantly updates it’s maps as does Waze (via users). The others just can’t afford it. Apple needs to buy Waze now because Apple’s maps will always be a second class system. And yes, heads should roll over this completely foolish move by Apple. It was absofuckinglutely avoidable.

    1. Holey Moley!!!
      The ghost of Steve Jobs is about to pull that cheesy midwestern style checked Shirt over Cook’s head and deliver a few choice shots to his mid section!
      I am incredulous.
      Not so much that he would deliver a somewhat flawed first attempt (remember that “Beta” tag anyone?!) but more that he would put out this sad syrupy apology? Ouch… scary…

      Next CEO please… Mr. Forstall you’re up real soon…

      p.s. I have to say that the 3D Manhattan map is incredible!…

    1. Well, I might not go to AWESOME but I would go to ITS A GOOD START.

      MDN went crazy on this and I disagree. From all the reports, Apple was forced to move at this time with what they had. Its pretty correct and works pretty well. Yes it needs work. But now that Apple is getting updates and is able to make changes, it can grow.

      I say, LIke it or don’t like it, that is cool. But what is with this super HATE of it???? How about a chill pill and move on with your day. PS you trolls,, we don’t listen to what you say anyway as its all just cockroach crap anyway. LOL

      Have a great weekend.

      1. I agree the MDN response is overblown along with the rest of the media hype. Undoubtedly bad directions suck and if I get some I’ll be frustrated but… let’s not loose sight of the great improvements:
        – the vectors are fast and responsive
        – the voice directions are great and have usability improvements that are way better than anything I’ve used before.
        – the 3D view is a great addition to the satellite view

        As someone who has not run into problems, it’s a great app.

      2. I don’t like Apple maps and that make me a super hater? I envision you with your index fingers firmly planted in your ears while you dance in a circle and loudly repeating ‘La, la, la…..” whenever someone voices any criticism of Apple.

        Your’s is the typical asinine Apple fandroid response when reality come crashing down in your imaginary fairy unicorn world.

          1. My negativity? Firstly, Apple conceded it made a mistake. Secondly, read the posts where Apple fandroids like yourself heaped caustic criticisms on loyal Apple customers who disagreed with your imaginary fairy unicorn sensibilities.

        1. If you don’t like it use something else then.

          It’s not like apple won’t allow you to buy and install other map apps.

          If it isn’t your favourite then use something else.

          Personally I see the amazing future potential for maps, and its gonna be amazing so I’m sticking with it.

      3. +1

        Apparently the folks at MDN have never worked in the software development industry. There are times when as a development team you find yourself between a rock and a hard place. You can go forward with a weak product which requires real world exposure in order to improve, or you can dither and diddle with it for another 2 years until it becomes irrelevant.

        In this case, Apple was faced with bringing out their own product with some weaknesses, or continuing to rely on the good will of a hostile competitor. With Google denying Apple features they provide Apple’s competitors in Android, there was no choice but to act now. This was one of those “rock/hardplace” decisions.

        As far as Cook being like Steve, yes, Steve would have also acted to reclaim control of the user experience for Apple. Steve published apologies and gave refunds and gave away products along with them. Steve approved products that were abject failures, and I’m sure he nixed things that would have been great. What I see in Cook is a desire to be absolutely honest with customers, with employees, and with stock holders. In some cases it’s going to be costly in the short term. But in the long term, you establish credibility and trust. As a stock holder, I want Apple to make mistakes and fix them. It’s the only way to be innovative. The alternative is “me too”, “best practices”, and copying the work of others.

        MDN is dead-ass wrong in their take. They, nor we don’t know the constraints and deliberations that went into this product release. What Cook’s honesty convinces me of is that he had no choice but to make the decision he did.

        1. I’m not sure MDN is “dead-ass wrong,” but I agree that the Take goes too far. I’ve seen a lot of outside evaluation of Apple® employee performance issues. No one knows where the fault lies specifically. Personally, I doubt it rests with a single individual. Too many others would have had to review and approve the work. Someone there could have been sick during a critical couple of weeks. Who knows. Calling for firing anyone, without inside and accurate information, is unneeded. Let them handle it.

          Those of us who knew things were seriously wrong have, in fact, been vindicated by Apple® itself. That’s not what we care about. We just want Maps fixed. Fortunately, Apple® is clearly on it and I know we’ll end up with a terrific product.

          I do agree with MDN that Maps should have been labeled as Beta. I also think the apology was just a hair longer than it had to be. But, overall, it is excellent behavior for the corporation to step up and say they messed up but are fixing it. That’s exactly right. It quiets those of us who were complaining because we weren’t sure they were listening. Now, we know they have been and are fixing it. Good job, Apple®.

        2. Forgot to add a comment on Tim Cook.

          I agree that the jury is still out. There are things going on which are of concern but, as others correctly say, SJ watched over errors, too. Still, there are enough things to give early concerns. We are still watching to see how things unfold.

        3. @Zeke – Wonderful observations.

          I am always amazed at what those individuals, who are unencumbered by knowledge, can promote and defend. You obviously have experience with what it takes install applications. Thanks for your input.

    2. Apple could have waited a “few months” and releasesd a product with improved accuracy and reliability, but did not. Any moron can make the statement that an existing product will improve over time, but that is no excuse for offering shit and promising caviar.

      1. Any moron can nit pick someone else’s efforts at creating something without offering anything of value himself. How’s the world looking from your armchair, Mr. Quarterback?

        1. Testy little, fandroid, eh? I’m sorry that I didn’t help Apple. I was to busy caring for the needs of orphans, curing cancer, and saving the whales. Tell you what, I’ll reschedule my meeting with the Dalai Lama and Hu Jintao and have Tim Cook meet me for supper tonight. Happy now?

      2. Sheeesh,
        Are you flowing heavy today or what? Apple wanted to package it with the iPhone 5 so…

        Remember, flaws are ALWAYS easily found what you have two million testers rather that a few people in a R&D testing lab. Why do you think most people are hesitate to buy v.1 of anything?

        1. That arrogant thinking is why doctors and politicians, among many others, never (can’t) admit to doing anything wrong, and lawyers get to screw up the world trying to force admissions or rulings of guilt against people.

          1. WHY? Wrong is wrong, better to own it, come clean and apologize.

            When you fail to meet expectations, do you just ignore it and hope those you failed will understand on their own? Wouldn’t it make sense to identify the deficiency, construct a plan to correct it and apologize for the failure and identify how you will correct it moving forward?

            Honesty and accountability. Two thing sorely missing in America these days.

    1. No it isn’t.

      I was the first to be pissed when I upgraded, as I had paid a fortune to be turned into a beta tester.

      Not only was it an honest apology he then goes on to suggest competitors products, including google.

      Good man.

    2. Weak? Let’s see, you own up to the problem (not deny it!), say you are sorry (with no “but”), are clear that you have a plan to fix it, and then recommend several competitors . That’s weak? Glad no one I know is not married to you.

  1. I’d like to see a poll here asking if the new maps have led you astray. Here in Toronto and surrounding region, it’s worked flawlessly for me. Even better than Google Maps as I get turn by turn directions.

    Just curious.

    1. I would love to see those poll results as well.

      I’ve used Apple Maps extensively over the past 3 days and it has performed flawlessly. Super smooth clean interface. I was planning on using TomTom until Maps improved but I’ll stick with Apple Maps from now on. Voice guidance and POIs are all there. (I know they have a lot of work to do worldwide) Especially love how you can tell Siri, ‘Take me home’, and you’re instantly given voice directions out of the city. Once you’re on the highway – or in familiar territory – just close down the app.

      I often wonder how/why people even used Google Maps anyway. It’s very dangerous to stare at that little blue dot while you’re driving along. It’s fine if you have a passenger but to try and use that while driving is way worse than texting.

    2. Likewise, I have found it accurate in Toronto although I mostly use it in the West end and downtown. The voice navigation is very helpful because I don’t have to take my eyes off the road and the traffic around me which can only be described as one step removed from a war zone.

    3. Apple says that 99% of data in its maps is accurate.

      However, that 1% is already enough to stir up mass-media hysteria about this.

      Also, Apple should have checked at least the most important locations and FlyOver for roads and bridges — the more so there are only few cities with FlyOver available. Not checking and correcting it was Apple’s failure.

    4. I am in Montreal. I mentioned in another thread that it has worked flawlessly here as well and I put it though its paces!!!

      I think I also mentioned that perhaps this means Apple may be loving Canada more and more 🙂

  2. Ok so now that Cook admits its a screw up and not just a media echo chamber it’s over and beyond? Maybe. I don’t think the guy knows good software from bad. I think he was better off letting the punditry make up excuses for him than apologizing. He apologizes more than Barak Obama. MDN’s take(s) on the situation are more palatable than another Cookiewuss apology.

    1. When you’ve screwed up badly enough, I prefer humble and apologetic over arrogance and bluster.

      Being able to own the problem and say “sorry” (and actually mean it, not “sorry we got caught”) makes you a braver person than one who admits no fault and denies responsibility. Witness the PC world: problem with computer? Call maker, they punt you to Microsoft, who punts you back to the hardware maker.

      (Apologizing when it’s not appropriate, that’s a different matter)

    2. Obama doesn’t have to apologize. Mitt RobbedMe and Paul Ryan will be a 2 for 1 takedown on election day. Ryan will never be able to get rid of the stench of the G.O.P. calamity of 2012. Losing VP candidates never win Presidential elections on their own later in life.

      Early signs make It’s look like we may see a wave election- and not in the ConservaBot/NeoCondrethal direction.

    3. I am so sick of your comments about Cook. We know you don’t approve of him, it’s getting boring now.. Cookiewuss? Seriously? I used to always enjoy reading your comments.. Not anymore..

  3. Well that shows he isn’t Steve jobs, I remember when the antenna crisis happened with iPhone 4 he didn’t apologize and it was amazing how he changed the whole PR business with his press release I don’t know how smart this is from his side??

    1. I like it.

      Personally, I’ve seen many errors/issues with the new Maps, but nothing that’s caused me any problems. Overall, I think it’s a huge improvement tover the old Maps that just needs some fine tuning and time.

      Now, as for this being a complete departure from Steve Jobs, how quick people are to forget. When apple screwed up, jobs apologized. The most prominent example that comes to mind was the swift price cut on the original iPhone. Jobs not only writes public open letter like this, he also offered money back to early buyers. Apples screwed up, apologized for it, and moved forward.

      Apple also similarly owned the iPhone 4 antenna “issues”. A piece was issued discussing antenna attenuation. Buyers were offered free cases to “fix” any problems.

      Cook and Apple are staying very true to form here. Class acts.

      1. Excellent point. Steve said, essentially, “…if you are unhappy with the product, bring it back for a full refund.”. Cook didn’t say that. That’s the difference everyone is feeling between Cook and Jobs.

    1. I agree that this was Scott’s mistake. This was his baby, and his name was all over it. He may need to lay low until he can handle all of the responsibilities on his plate (maps, iOS development, Siri). Honestly, I think he may have a little too much to handle right now. Eddy Cue is doing a fine job with iTunes, iCloud and the App Store. They may need to find a dedicated manager for mapping with Cue and Scott involved.

  4. Don’t know what the big fuss is all about. I love the Maps app. Turn by turn through Bluetooth is awesome; playing verry nicely with my iTunes. I live in Miami so Flyover works, and give them a bit of time, this will be so much better than the annoying “street view.”

    I’ve been planning a trip to Chicago for next month and the yelp integration combined was a killer experience; much better than using google maps. The only thing I miss is photos, but hopefully Apple will get around it, specially with all those nice iPhone cameras running around.

    To me this is a non issue, and like the article notes, there are alternatives to fill in the gaps until the Maps app becomes the world beating application we all know it will become.

    1. Actually, I think Street View is a lot more useful than Flyover. Although I rarely used Street View in the past, I have upon occasion. Flyover is fun to look at at zoom around but if you’re not in a big city, what good does it do to look at the top of houses in a residential neighborhood?

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