Quality control QR code reportedly left behind in new iPhone 5’s camera roll

“A never before seen image of what looks to be a QR code generated after some type of test was found in the camera roll of a straight-from-the-factory iPhone 5, possibly offering a rare glimpse at one of the final steps an Apple device passes through before being shipped out to consumers,” Mikey Campbell reports for AppleInsider.

AppleInsider reader Brent reports that he found the above image in the camera roll of his brand new iPhone 5 upon taking delivery of the unit on Wednesday, noting the device was sent directly from China,” Campbell reports. “The purported test result is seemingly a carryover from the iPhone 4 or 4S as evidence by the two black bars positioned at the top and bottom image.”

Read more in the full article here.


    1. Why would it be a fake, and for what purpose? It makes sense that as part of testing certain standard images are used, and a QR code would be an obvious one.
      It just got left on the camera roll, is all.
      Move along, nothing of interest here.

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