New Geekbench build clocks Apple’s A6 processor at around 1.3GHz

“As the initial wave of iPhone 5 reviews hit, it looked as if Apple’s dual-core A6 processor was sporting a clock speed of around 1GHz,” Darren Murph reports for Engadget.

“We saw reports (and confirmed with our own handset) ranging between 1.00 and 1.02GHz, but a new Geekbench build (v2.3.6) has today revealed a horse of a different color,” Murph reports. “According to Primate Labs’ own John Poole, the latest version of the app — which landed on the App Store today — ‘features a dramatically improved processor frequency detection algorithm, which consistently reports the A6’s frequency as 1.3GHz.'”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. There are AD banners before and after the comments that says get parallels 8. Anyone else seeing that 8 is a buggy piece of junk. 7 had problems with 2 monitors and 8 is worse. Was it released too earlier like win 8?

    Now back to your regularly scheduled programming….

  2. The fact that the new algorithm “consistently” shows 1.3 GHz does not mean it is correct. The previous one consistently showed 1 GH — so what?

    Also, A6 is custom-designed, there are many stages in the process line there, and there could be local tricks to treat the conveyor specifically so it would not be really possible to calculate actual frequency without knowing how the CPU works — and for now no one really knows.

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