Intel CEO Ottellini says Microsoft releasing buggy Windows 8 before it’s fully ready, sources say

“Intel Corp. Chief Executive Officer Paul Otellini told employees in Taiwan that Microsoft Corp.’s Windows 8 operating system is being released before it’s fully ready, a person who attended the company event said,” Tim Culpan and Ian King report for Bloomberg.

“Improvements still need to be made to the software, Otellini told employees at a company meeting in Taipei today, said the person, who asked not to be identified because the meeting was private,” Culpan and King report. “Microsoft is eager to get Windows 8, the first version of its flagship software compatible with tablets, into computers next month to help it vie with Apple Inc.’s iPad during the crucial holiday shopping season.”

“Intel, the biggest semiconductor maker, is Microsoft ’s closest partner, and Otellini’s remarks echo criticism from analysts such as Michael Cherry at Directions on Microsoft. While Windows is fundamentally sound, the operating system lacks a wide range of robust applications and PC makers haven’t had enough time to work out kinks with so-called drivers, which connect software to such hardware as printers, Cherry said,” Culpan and King report. “‘We are concerned at the level of bugs and fine tuning that appears necessary to get the beta systems we demoed ready for prime time,’ Alex Gauna, an analyst at JMP Securities LLC in San Francisco, wrote in a Sept. 13 note in response to versions of Windows 8 shown at Intel’s recent developer forum.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Windows 8ista. We expected nothing more.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “JCF” for the heads up.]

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        1. Expect at least one more update for Windows 7 and Vista, with “optimizations” that will actually make these systems slower, so Win8 will stand out better. MS has done similar things before, e.g., when the 486 came out, the next system update actually made code running on the 386 SLOWER.

  1. Windows Vista, Windows 7, and now Windows 8. If MSFT doesn’t get 8 correct, then its hasta la vista baby. There aren’t a whole lot of Windows users prepared to beta test Windows for MSFT through 3 consecutive product cycles. A third miss is going to seriously damage MSFT’s franchise product.

    1. A third miss? W7 was one of the best release-day operating systems ever.

      As for W8, I’ve been running the RTM preview exclusively on 3 computers for 3 weeks now without a crash or reboot. Seems pretty stable to me. My work are giving me a rMBP next week and that will be running Windows 8 as well.

      Commentators seem to fall into two camps with Windows 8: those who have tried it and almost immediately declared it a failure, and those who have spent an hour learning to use it who couldn’t go back to 7. Yes it’s a different way of working, but guess what? I think different. 🙂

          1. So Apple releasing an APPLICATION is the same as Microsoft releasing an OPERATING SYSTEM?

            One is easy to get around as you just load the MapQuest app or load Google maps in Safari. The other is pervasive across your entire computing experience on that platform. Seems radically different to me.

          2. Or OS X 10.0 through 10.2. Those were full of bugs. I tried the RTM and it’s ok. The biggest problem with it is that it doesn’t do much to move the user experience forward. The traditional layer is very much akin to Windows 7 (which is surprisingly good). The Metro stuff seems to be a lot of change for change’s sake. I haven’t ventured to try it on a tablet (why would I?).

      1. Luke,

        You can draw *any* trend line you want through a single data point! Going on the assumption that your post is not 100% BS, you are very lucky you’re having such a good experience. However, virtually 100% of what I’ve read (along with the little I’ve played with Win 8 [<100 hours]) states that Win 8 has been rushed out the door and is not ready for prime time yet.

        I think everyone needs to remember that Apple worked with ARM chips for their OS releases for over a decade (over 14 years actually) before the iPhone was released. Apple had a lot of experience with ARM, the first iOS was not a rushed product, and it still had a few short comings.

        Also, Apple had the Star Trek project running for well over a decade before the switch to Intel chips. Apple had versions of Mac OS running on Intel chips as far back as System 7. While the switch to Intel chips within the last decade was not as smooth as everyone wanted, it was much, much smoother than it could have been — all because Apple had years to see the major glitches before it went public.

        Does *anyone* — literally any sane, computer/tablet using person — think that Microsoft can go from absolutely no interest in ARM to a nearly bug free, ready for the public ARM based OS in well under 3 years? No.

        Also, unfortunately, taking all that "tablet" stuff and rushing into the desktop OS taints the desktop OS with the worst of both worlds — including a world of bugs.

        I expect Win 8 to follow a long line of first out of the box major OS shifts from Microsoft: Win 1.0; Win 3.0; Win Me; Vista; Win 8. Let the tradition continue.

        1. Believe it or not my post is 100% true. I have zero need to lie to strangers on the internet. I’m technology agnostic, I’ll use whatever I believe is the best technology available at the time.

          Windows 8 really is a pleasure to use. For every day, real world “productivity” computing the Metro (or whatever it’s not called) interface is never used. I see it for half a second while I’m typing in app names to launch, but that’s it. Granted, all of the PCs I use are x86 so I can’t vouch for ARM stability, and that could well be a fustercluck of immense proportions.

          I spend all day at work on a computer, then come home and study all night on a computer. I can’t afford to use things that don’t work. I felt confident enough to deploy Windows 8 exclusively to all of my desktops and mobile computers, and it hasn’t let me down once.

          Take from my words what you will, but know that Windows 8 isn’t nearly as bad as a lot of tech blogs would have you believe.

  2. Picture this, vista and win 7 is the same windows XP with just a few additions, modifications to the UI (just to hide controls that still there) and modify a little bit the kernel.. Still, tons of software and drivers are not compatible not then and not now.
    What do people expect from the same people who give you windows 95, windows me, and windows vista making a OS from the ground up?

  3. I’m waiting for Windows number 9…

    Number 9, Number 9, Number 9…

    Where you turn on the computer and the monitor is all white!

    Hopefully the OS will have no bugs, especially beetles.

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