BlackBerry 10 adds so many features that so few people want

“RIM CEO and possible Bond villain Thorstein Heins gave the world its best look at BlackBerry 10 today; while previous demos had focused on the camera and keyboard, this morning focused on even more everyday features,” Brian Barrett reports for Gizmodo. “It looks like it does some things very well—and that they’re not the things you’d care about.”

“This new peek, combined with what we saw earlier this year, gives the impression of a very competent mobile operating system. But it’s also one that we’re still months and months away from, during which time more and more companies will switch on over to iPhones and Androids and, with Windows 8 synergies kicking in just next month, WP8,” Barrett writes. “And more than that, even if it were to arrive today — even if it had arrived last fall — BB10 seems to serve very few masters. It’s a great OS for browbeaten, unorganized, over-caffeinated, multilingual business persons sure. But how many of us does that really describe? Outside, that is, of RIM’s own CEO.”

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MacDailyNews Take: There will be no BlackBerry 11.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “John” for the heads up.]


  1. MDN want to bet? RIM will be just fine. Will they ever overtake Apple, Android or Windows Phone? Nobody knows and I mean nobody. They have 80 million users and still represent the most secure mobile platform out there bar none.

    Let see what the lay of the land looks like by this time next year. No iSlaves issues with RIM, no copycat issues, no fragmentation issues a la Android and their QNX OS that is pretty damn cool and easy on resources.

    1. I dont think your analysis is correct.
      1. Apple will sell 100 million iPhones in the next year – a lot of them to Blackberry users.
      2. Phones move fast because they are cheap (relatively) and everyone must have one. Its a cheap way to have the latest thing. Black berry is rapidly being forgotten.
      3. Applications are vital, and Blackberry isnt in the game.
      4. BYOD is increasingly the case at offices. Why not let the employee bring his own phone, then the co. saves cash. iPhone is accepted EVERYWHERE.
      5. RIM is out of cash and they just dont have the money to fight against Apple and Google.
      6. They have announced to the world that they are failing by discounting the Playbook to $100 in some places. That does NOT inspire confidence.
      7. They simply aren’t any more ‘secure’ than the iPhone. Any organisation can set up a bunch of iPhones, give them custom apps and keep them all under their own server at the office. No need to pay anyone else to host the service. Apple SDK is free.

      RIM will sell their patents to someone and close the doors by this time next year. They have had their day in the sun.

    2. Not sure about your opinion about its survival but it’s true that blackberry has the best messenger and priority email. For other features you can always turn to other mobile platform.

  2. Poor poor pathetic RIM. Their system looks like it’s right out of 2006. So are their talking points.

    Also for your information RIM CEO and dipshit stage guy, ‘BBM’ is not in any of the major online dictionaries. Just lying for applause I guess, LOL.

    Will the company be alive by the time this tired, ugly system even ships?

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