25 new fun things to ask Apple’s souped up Siri in iOS 6

“Since iOS 6 is now out in the wild I decided to do a follow up [to “25 Fun Things to Ask Siri“] and give you 25 New Things to Ask Siri,” Terry White blogs.

In no particular order here we go:

• Tweet “Having fun with Siri and iOS 6″
• Play Angry Birds
• Post to Facebook headed to the park
• Take a picture
• Make a reservation at Ocean Prime for tomorrow at 7PM

20 more fun things to ask Siri in the full article here.


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        1. Of course Apple’s market cap couldn’t have anything to do with asset prices inflating due to the Federal Reserve blowing bubbles in our ponzi system economy /sarcasm

          1. You’re right!  Share prices are nearly as high today as they were 5 years ago. Real estate has a way to go …

            Oh … wait.  My mistake.  I mean to say that Thisson doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

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