Apple’s refined iOS 6 highlighted by stunning Maps overhaul

“Every iOS release has its marquee feature, and with iOS 6 it’s unquestionably Maps,” Dan Moren reports for Macworld. “The app has gotten a in-depth makeover, perhaps the most thorough ever to be applied to one of iOS’s built-in applications.”

“The bow-to-stern overhaul starts deep under the hood, where Apple has replaced the mapping engine that in every previous version of iOS was provided by Google,” Moren reports. “In its place, Apple has rolled its own solution, supported by mapping data from GPS maker Tom Tom, OpenStreetMap, and a cast of thousands.”

Moren reports, “As you might expect, such an all-encompassing update means new features, the disappearance of old ones, and plenty of changes in the way things have been done to date.”

Much more in the full review here.


  1. Not impressed with the ‘Maps’ in the new update. Pinpointed my house several times, right place Wrong address given when clicking the arrow on the pin and unfortunately it will not let me delete the wrong address, in fact it insists that I live in Sale which is about 3 miles away.
    Good job I kept my SatNav. Not impressed Apple! I am using the 4S incidentally and live in the UK!

    1. The map software allows for you to submit for incorrect information. Curl the map back and directly above “Print” is a faint “Report A Problem”. Could help to resolve your problem.

    2. Yes dont know if this is a UK thing but I expected to be really impressed by this move but on brief use so far really disappointed on my iPad. The point by point may be good (not really tested so far) but the maps themselves have virtually no detail not even railway lines in some cases and cant find anything so far other than the those basic maps, is there anything else to it? Im going to download the Google app to make a direct comparison. And yes I am stuck with home being Winchmore Hill in Bucks rather than London and cant work out how to change it. Hopefully I am missing something here and all will be revealed with use.

  2. I like it, it is truly amazing to use. It’s great for looking around where I live in Downtown Los Angeles. However when I move to the suburban areas it falls flat when compared with Google’s street view. Will Apple be working on improving this? Google is spending their own money to provide a comprehensive map experience, but I understand Apple is getting their maps from a 3rd party (if I remember correctly?) Who is responsible for keeping Apple’s new super maps system updated? Improved?

    The good thing is I can still use both!

    1. When they announced it they (Apple) said they were partnered with Waze, which is crowd sourced and I’ve been using for years. The way Waze incouraged people to expand the map was to put little ‘PAC-man’ pellets on roads that had not been added to the system, so you’d basically get points for exploring new roads and expanding their database. Now just the other day Waze spokesperson says Apple ended up going with tomtom- very disappointing.

    1. You can’t expect the whole country to be rendered. Likewise the whole country hasn’t been street scanned either.

      So just because you have flat houses in your part of town, it will take time to get to it.

      Fortunately my house is in glorious 3D. Trees and All.

      1. Why is he a troll??? Just because he said Google maps was better? This sort of ridiculous name calling and incivility is such a hallmark of the current political and socioeconomic climate in this country. And it’s ruining it. And it’s particularly venomous on this board.

      2. I hate to say it, but in regards to Apple Maps this is where Steve Jobs would call it AMAZING in public and then call a meeting in secret where he would line up the people involved and ask ‘WTF is maps supposed to do’ ,gets an answer, ‘Then why the fuck does it not do that?’ and then shoot those in attendance(figuratively of course). I can only hope Mr. Cook is having a similar discussion.

  3. I’m sure it’d nice if you live in LA. In the UK it’s utter shite. I can’t say how depressed I am. This would never have been released in the past. It’s a vast step backwards. I so wanted apple never to change. But change it has. Mediocrity returns to the norm across the board in computing Safari has crashed twice and the iBookstore once too. Excellent.

      1. I think I must be using it wrong. The satellite view for Nottingham is black and white and far grainer than the past Google version. There is no option for the 3D relief view that was demoed on the Keynote. Plus, even when zoomed out the images look lower resolution.

      2. “Odd. I’m looking at London, England” as a tourist in another country.

        Missing roads, POI data that is eight years out of date (e.g. shops and restaurants), public transport information missing, the whole thing is a terrible mess — outside USA, might not be quite so bad there.

    1. Agreed. I’m in The Netherlands, and the mapping is a thorough disappointment (using a 4S). The imagery is very grainy and low-res. Updating map tiles (even on 120 Mb/s wifi) is slow. Basic vector map data is fine, but that’s about it. 3D view is non-existent, although admittedly that would always look flat here in Holland…

    1. The Twitter and Facebook fixation does do my head in a bit – mainly because there’s no option for their logos *not* to appear if you don’t use them. Seems a little too much like product placement, which isn’t Apple’s style.

  4. Stunning for a few who live in select major cities. A disappointment for others.

    For me, iOS 6 Maps is a step backward. I live in a small city in Japan.

    1) In Google Maps, my 2009-built house was visible. Now, the lot is empty, and a demolished building next to my house still stands. The maps are at least 3.5 years old.

    2) Numerous convenience stores are not visible. A few more have not been updated with the new franchise name.

    3) The place where I work no longer appears on the building.

    4) A nearby department store is mistranslated as a shop.

    Just a few personal examples over a few square kilometers.

    1. Google maps has my car pulling into the driveway where I haven’t lived in nearly 5 years. Their maps aren’t always current either. Google has been data mining for yeara so they definitely have a head start. I’m not so concerned about v1.0 as how quickly they’ll improve it.

      1. Hi. Thanks for the reply.

        For people living in Japan, updated maps are vital as we don’t have street names. The car navigation systems here are incredibly detailed, and expensive. I was hoping to avoid buying one and use my iPhone 5 or iPad 3 instead. I wonder why Apple couldn’t perfect Maps before releasing it?

        I just put two iPads side-by-side (one had iOS 5 and the other had iOS 6), and compared Maps. I checked around my city here in Japan and around San Francisco. Google Maps was clearly better. In my city, with Google the roads were the correct width, reflecting their four-lane status, while the Apple Maps roads were about the same width no matter how major. It was hard to navigate.

  5. Doesn’t show me the correct locations for my place of work. (Google maps didn’t either until I summited an updated ticket).

    Used the satellite view to look at my town and house and all I see are clouds.

    Overall I like the vector maps, quick and more snappy. However, I need a way to fixed address and wish it had some better imagery on the satellite view.

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