Teardown of Apple’s EarPods reveals more durable, water-resistant design

“Apple’s newly redesigned headphones, the EarPods, have been taken apart to reveal a more durable design that is more resistant to water and sweat damage,” AppleInsider reports.

“The teardown of Apple’s new EarPods was published on Tuesday by iFixit,” AppleInsider reports. “In their teardown, the repair website found that Apple ‘had durability in mind’ when the company designed the new EarPods. In particular, the redesigned controls include larger cable wrapping on both ends to reduce strain on the wires.”

AppleInsider reports, “The EarPods are also said to be more resistant to water and sweat damage. This was accomplished by removing the external microphone grate Apple employed on its previous earbuds.”

More info and photos in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Arline M.” for the heads up.]

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  1. iFixit are a bunch of clowns. They think that everything must be repairable. As complexity increases repair ability decreases. We don’t repair transistors in chips and we don’t even replace chips on circuit boards.

    1. if people are curious to see how thing work and determine if it is fixable, how are they clowns. Maybe there are people out there that love to fix their own equipment. Hey if you are the type to just buy a repalcement or pay someone else to fix your computer that you but no one is calling you a clown.

  2. The sound terrific. The fit is much better; the case design is old-fashioned, Apple-grade perfection. But again, the sound is great. Terrific base, and a sweet range balance all the way up to the hi-highs. The phones sound as good on a Bach French Suite as they do on the Who. I’m only three days in, but so far, these earpods are as good as some $100.00 plus ones I’ve been using. Great job Apple!

    1. I got a set to try ’cause I actually needed a new pair of cheap “buds”. They ARE indeed much better than the originals. In noisy environments you will still need to get a pair buds that seal the ear canal, but generally the Earpods are pretty good. And they are more comfortable for me than the originals.

        1. Noisy in China? Yes there are plenty of high end earbuds that are much better. I’ve owned most since the original iPod appeared. The problem I have is that the wires ALWAYS fail long before the expensive sound driver components. So for everyday normal use I look for less expensive models. Had to try these, and like I said: not bad. Not great, but not bad.

  3. It’s about time Apple addressed the failures caused by a little bit of sweat during exercise. It’s a normal use-case and it’s not as if one has to sweat an unusual amount for the buds to fail.

  4. Just got my earpods today. Wow, best $29 I ever spent. These puppies are amazing. They blow away Apple’s old $79 in ear earbuds. The bass is excellent, and is it balanced across the mids and highs. At $29, the earpods are a terrific value.

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