Carriers begin shipping iPhone 5 to U.S. customers

“Carriers are beginning to ship the iPhone 5 to customers, at least in the US,” Electronista reports.

“One example is Verizon, which is sending out notifications to people who preordered in time for a September 21st delivery,” Electronista reports. “Some orders could potentially arrive early, but Apple is normally strict about ensuring that couriers hold iPhones until their official launch date.”

Read more in the full article here.

BGR has a gallery of what they’re trumpeting as the “EXCLUSIVE World’s first iPhone 5 unboxing.” It is unknown if this is an early delivery in the U.S. or a unit spirited out of China by other means. See it here.

MacDailyNews Note: We have been tracking our iPhone 5 shipments – ordered from Verizon Wireless within the first minute of online ordering on September 14th – and the units are currently within 300 miles of our shipping destination (in a bordering U.S. state) and marked “Future Delivery Requested” in the FedEx notes. For our units’ estimated delivery, FedEx quotes: “Sep 21, 2012 by 3:00 PM.”

If we get ours early, we’ll certainly let you know!


  1. Ordered my ‘5’ within first five minutes via Apple Store app. Even though September 21 is my confirmed delivery date, I’ve yet to get a ‘shipped’ email from Apple. Strange..

    On to Friday!

    1. Ordered two in the first ten minutes. Still “preparing for shipment”
      If I’m lucky, I may be asked to photograph one of the Apple stores Friday morning. That’s always fun!

    2. No one has gotten anything other than “Preparing for Shipping” from Apple.

      Take your billing phone number to UPS.COM or FEDEX.COM and Track by Reference. Enter your billing phone number to get tracking information. Almost all units for the 21st are already in the US, reaching Anchorage by 3PM yesterday.

  2. Don’t stress…mine still shows preparing for shippment, but it’s already sitting I’m louisville, ky…use the track by reference option on ups. Use the main phone’s number an it should show tracking info if it’s shipped

  3. Preparing for shipment, but I live in metro Memphis Area- home to FedEx and the hub of hubs. Kinda normal to not show when it’s probably sitting in a warehouse a couple of miles from here.

    I’d bet the farm that I’ll have it before 10AM Friday. Then I have to package my already sold iPhone 4 and ship it via UPS (prepaid Amazon). FYI- it pays to keep the box if you plan to sell at upgrade time.

  4. I’m curious to see if I have the same luck as I’ve had with all the iPhones and both iPads I’ve bought. I didn’t pre-order any of them. I just walked into my local Apple store late in on the launch day, and every time I’ve been able to get what I want. (most of the time they have sold out of the lower end models, but I always buy the max memory model)

  5. I got an email today from Apple telling me my iphone 5 has shipped and should be with me on the 20/9/2012….. fingers crossed…. I managed to get a nano sim from an 02 shop… and I got O2 to move my number on to it today then using a nano sim to micro sim adapter put the nano sim into my iphone 4… all set to go :-).

  6. I received my shipment notice from Verizon this morning. Should get it by tomorrow by 4:30 pm. So far I have found Verizon’s process to be flawless. Actually ordered the phone at a premium retailer on the 12th, the day iPhone was announced. Apparently this put the order into the system so I didn’t have to get up earlier on the 14th.

  7. I also ordered, and already received, two cases and sets of screen protectors. If you are looking for good, though expensive, cases, try Case Mate. The screen protectors are Ionic and came from the Amazon marketplace.

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