Piper Jaffray: Apple’s iPhone 5 is the ‘Rolex of smartphones’ in a sea of Timexes

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster in a note to clients today:

We view the iPhone 5 as the Rolex of smartphones in terms of quality and build. While the majority of other phones are dominated by lesser quality plastic and feel more like Timexes. Why would someone buy a Timex when they can have a Rolex for the same price?

We believe that pictures and video of the new iPhone 5 do not sufficiently convey the level of upgrade the product represents… The actual feel and build of the phone is beyond that of any prior iPhone iteration…

Munster also reiterated his estimates that “Apple will sell 8-10 million iPhone 5 [units] in the first week and 49 million iPhones next quarter,” Phillip Elmer-Dewitt reports for Fortune.

Apple iPhone 5
Apple’s iPhone 5


Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jax44” for the heads up.]

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    1. Nope! He did not! I own a Rolex and I paid 15K for it and he can have it as it is a POC.

      Take screen caps of these comments, as while I did buy 2 earlier today, I still wonder if the “Sans Samsung” era will compare to the quality that we have become accustomed too with Samsung components? This is not a Pro Samsung comment but just a question about the alternatives being able to mass produce quality components. In terms of all the chatter about the device frame etc… well, over 85% of people wrap their devices in some sort of case. 🙂

      1. I wonder at the sort of person who blows 15k on a watch. Is it to bolster a sense of personal inadequacy, using a mere timepiece to shout at people; “look, you worthless piece of crap, I’m so much better than you, I can afford to spend the cost of a small car on a watch! Look and weep, losers!”

        1. There is neither sin nor illicit motive inherent in buying an expensive luxury item. Why should you presume the worst of someone you don’t know, simply because they behave differently than you might? isn’t that just another form of bigotry?

    2. Living in NYC & near Chinatown .. I think the phrase “Apple is a Rolex, surrounded by a wide swath of Chinatown Knockoffs”
      is more appropriate…

      That being said, I firmly believe that Apple does need to introduce some less expensive phone options shortly so that it does fill more of the different demand sets and does not leave so much easy opportunity for SamDung

      1. Do you mean with a different feature set? Because I believe the 4s will be reduced to $99 or less. And I think the plain 4 will be given away free with contract. The 4s especially stands up really well still against most competition.

  1. I agree it’s the Rolex of phones but it isn’t set apart like that by the price. If the price of a Rolex was the same price as a Timex which would you buy? Both tell time one just does it with much more fit, finish and style.

    1. You forgot to add that my Rolex is made of gold. Real gold, one solid hunk of gold and what is the price of gold now days?

      Yeah, it’s heavy and a burden but worth it. 🙂

  2. Style yes, accuracy now. It is still an analog watch, and still needs to be moved to wind. Basically a status symbol, overpriced and inferior to today’s digital atomic watches.

  3. The only problem is there are so many people that can’t afford Rolexes and have to buy Timex watches. I honestly don’t get why so many people are calling the iPhone 5 ugly. Maybe it just needs a bit more color? It looks pretty slick to me but I prefer that spartan look. It looks like it’s built for function.

  4. “Apple will sell 8-10 million iPhone 5 [units] in the first week and 49 million iPhones next quarter,”

    Apple will sell every unit they can make. If they can make more, they’ll sell more.

  5. This makes sense.

    I wear a Rolex, and it’s an amazing watch. You could even call it a work of art.

    The first thing you notice is the weight.

    The next thing you notice is the attention to detail.

    The quality is second to none.

    Just like Apple. 😃

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