Woz: I hate the Apple v. Samsung verdict; I don’t think it will survive appeal

“Samsung, which uses Google’s Android mobile operating system and offers several different models, has emerged as Apple’s biggest competitor in smartphones. Samsung, also one of Apple’s biggest suppliers of components, accounted for 19.1 percent of global smartphone shipments last year, compared with Apple’s 18.8 percent, according to Bloomberg Industries data,” Bonnie Cao and Adam Satariano report for Bloomberg News.

“The two companies also are battling in court, with Apple being awarded more than $1 billion last month by a California jury that said Samsung copied the iPhone’s design. Samsung said it will appeal,” Cao and Satariano report. “‘I hate it,’ Wozniak said when asked about the patent fights between Apple and Samsung. ‘I don’t think the decision of California will hold. And I don’t agree with it — very small things I don’t really call that innovative. I wish everybody would just agree to exchange all the patents and everybody can build the best forms they want to use everybody’s technologies.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s very “Woz” of Woz to say such things. After all, Steve Jobs had to persuade him to sell the Apple I instead of giving it away.

Woz lives in a utopian fantasyland; a likely result of being made fabulously rich at a young age and then losing touch with how the real world works. Banging his head really hard in a plane crash probably didn’t help matters, either. He likely still doesn’t realize that if he gave away the Apple I, some Bill Gates-type would be selling it the very next week.

Samsung has very clearly (to most people) dedicated themselves to knocking off Apple products for many years now (see related articles below).

Woz is a legendary engineer. He obviously does not fully comprehend Apple’s levels of innovation when it comes to operating system user interfaces and how the end user intrinsically interacts with devices like iPhones. Once you experience something or use an innovative product, familiarity tends to make invention seem obvious. Apple makes the very difficult seem easy, but their ideas – their patented ideas – are really the result of a lot of expense and hard work. Just look at the pre-iPhone phones. Look at the pre-iPad tablets. What Apple did and does is very, very, very valuable. It’s simply not free for all to take and profit from. Kumbaya.

Despite it all, we’ll always love Woz!

Reportedly Woz still gets a paycheck of approximately $120,000/year from Apple Inc. Before AAPL shareholders begin to question the wisdom of that, we wish somebody from Apple would sit him down and carefully explain things to him, like how much effort went into the patented ideas, why they deserve protection, and that he’ll always be Apple’s co-founder, so he should try to think before he speaks.

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        1. Woz, shut the hell up. Is that better?

          “Android has far bigger patent infringement problems than any piece of computer software has ever had in the history of the industry, and this has many of Google’s hardware partners profoundly concerned.”

            1. Obviously very immature statements being made here. The other day, I watched an iTunes U video featuring Woz speaking at an electronics symposium. His mindset is still based back in the Homebrew Computer Club, where everyone shared everything. That type of interaction brought the Apple 1 and 2 to fruition. That was the real roots of Apple Computer, now Apple, Inc.

              Woz was never the business person at Apple, he was the engineering genius that created real micro computing. Jobs and Markkula were the business minds that made the corporation come to life.

              In essence, Woz’s opinion should be understood, even if one doesn’t agree with it. Calling one of the most innovative engineers of our time names is totally uncalled for, since this man has indirectly influenced the lives of everyone here.

        2. Woz says, “I wish everybody would just agree to exchange all the patents and everybody can build the best forms they want to use everybody’s technologies”.

          Best form? Form over Functionality? Is he mad?
          He is no longer thinking like an engineer;
          more like a Google-groupy, a flowery fart fandroid boy.

        1. Nicely said, auramac. twat, Woz-oo, flowery fart fandroid. Who are these petulant, vitriol spewers, with nothing to say except degrading name-calling? Really! How old are you lot?

    1. Woz, was and still is a dumb ass when it comes to business. Glad that bastard not part of apple board of directors because this guy would share sll the secrets. Without jobs, woz would not have made any royalty money and would have spent his time playing dungeons deagons behind a novelty store. No talk would ever help him.

    2. Woz is a product of the 1960s and 1970s. His viewpoint and statement is consistent with those times. You don’t have to agree with him, but I seriously doubt that any of his detractors are truly qualified to disparage him. Besides, ad hominem attacks are so weak.

      Get a life and let Woz live his as he sees fit. I am certain that he would be more than happy to reciprocate.

    3. I think Woz is finally off to see the Wizard! 😉
      Yeah – bohemian 70’s granola take on things…
      Which is why Apple was Steve Jobs’ idea!!
      (Not to mention Apple PC, Lisa, Macintosh, 3 1/2″ drive, Laser Printer, iPod, iPhone, iPad etc. etc.)
      To put it mildly these are the reasons the other Steve’s input was the one most people valued regarding these types of matters.

      1. I call ’em as I see ’em and you, my friend are a 40 year old piece of shit mother fucker living in mommy and daddy’s basement… So go crank one off into your sock with that pathetic little thing you call a penis.

    4. Hold your horses regarding insulting and mis understanding Woz please. Without Woz we would not have apple as we know it, saying that Woz despite being the engineering genius is no businessman, not his fault and he sees things differently, but lets not please insult him, he is a great human being who has contributed enermously to the human race. he is also nice, kind and generous, and he was there for Steve Jobs when he needed a friend.

  1. Love Woz but he and Jobs have always been different. I think it’s important for Apple. And if they won’t a case they have support in the law. Then you can think its wrong or unfair but it’s the law and it has been ruled. I think it’s right of Apple to aggressively defend its IP. Apple can not afford to be the worlds inventor, especially when they don’t get any credit for it.

    1. I think you’ve read the wrong article. This isn’t about Apple defending their IP, this is about Samsung defending theirs. Apple has basically been given free reign to infringe anybodies patents in the US with those competitors being blocked from selling their products into the country.

      Woz isn’t the fruitloop utopian that some people here seem to think he is. He’s a free-thinker who believes that sharing ideas promotes cultural advancement for the betterment of us all. I mean, think about it, there’s people spewing vitriol here on the internet who are completely missing the point of what he’s trying to say. The fact that you’re here on the internet at all is exactly because of his kind of thinking, thanks to Tim Berners-Lee ‘giving’ his idea to us all freely. Imagine what the web would’ve been like had it been mired in this kind of patent squabbling crap – sites wouldn’t interoperate, there’d be conflicting protocols all over the place, it’d be a mess.

  2. Why do people care about Woz? He’s been out of the picture for so many years… When Jobs came back, Apple built a successful company based on their high standards of quality, their innovation, their ideas, and their inventions.
    I’m sick of Woz thinking he still can contribute since Jobs came came even though (again) – he left many years ago. Woz, go back to “Dancing With The Stars” you jack@$$.

  3. Woz is preaching technological socialism.

    He wants everyone to share everything for the good of the whole. Fsck that. Let’s have honest competition.

    Wozniak, your ignorance is showing. Either that, or you live in a fantasy world.

    In an ideal world, we all use the same model phone, drive the same make, model and color of car, because why have two different models of the same perfect product?

    In the real world no one is happy with anything. Everything sucks, but it’s good enough to pass for a shared experience and may be a bright spot in an otherwise bleak day in this world.

    Not only is he wrong about the outcome and on the wrong side of the issue, he’s way behind the power curve on this verdict.

  4. NOW do you all understand why Steve Jobs never let this bozo back into Apple?

    What WOZ forgets is every other company has very little to offer Apple. It’s like two guys, where one guy says, “I’ll let you use my hedge trimmer if I can use your Porsche”.

    Seems fair to me. NOT!!

  5. I get very tired of hearing people make excuses for this fool. Anything he did in the distant past doesn’t justify all the back stabbing he’s been doing to Apple. I’m sure Samsung and the rest of the opposition just love hearing this kind of crap.

  6. Woz is such a nice guy, he’s probably just upset about Apple not
    hiring him as some kind consultant or adviser, thats why he got such
    ill feelings towards Apple accomplishments?

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