Apple hits new all-time intraday high following new iPhone 5, iPod touch, iPod nano unveilings

“Sales of the new iPhone 5 could be double those of the previous model in its first week on the market, thanks to Apple Inc’s most aggressive smartphone launch plan yet, and up to 33 million iPhones may be sold this quarter, analysts said,” Aditi Sharma and Sayantani Ghosh report for Reuters.

“Many expressed surprise at how quickly Apple planned to roll out the new model around the world, saying this showed supply constraints that afflicted past releases would not be a problem this time for the bigger, faster and slimmer iPhone 5,” Sharma and Ghosh report. “The new model ships on September 21 in the United States, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and Britain, and will hit 100 countries by the end of the year in the fastest international rollout for an iPhone so far.”

“Analysts raised forecasts for Apple’s share price by as much as $200 to between $750 and $1,000,” Sharma and Sayantani Ghosh report.

MacDailyNews Note: Apple (AAPL) shares rose as high as $685.50 today to set a new all-time intraday record high.

“RBC Capital said sales of iPhone 5 this month could result in additional Apple sales of $4 billion to $5 billion for the fourth quarter ending September 30. The brokerage increased its price target for the stock by $50 to $750,” Sharma and Ghosh report. “Barclays, which raised its price target for Apple stock to $810 from $750, said Apple would have a “unique holiday season” as it would also benefit from upcoming launches of a smaller iPad and new Mac computers.”

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    1. His brain just doesn’t seem to work that way. It knows only “Windows everywhere” and “PC Plus era”.

      He has a poster taped to the inside of his front door: Herbert Hoover in 1932 saying “Prosperity is just around the corner.”

      He likes his strategy, he likes it a lot, oh but when his strategy fails, he fires several Microsoft vice presidents, or forms a task force to dream up a new slogan, or appoints a committee to repurpose or rebrand lame technology.

      His ego is bulletproof, as it would have to be for someone looking at that face in the mirror every single day. (Shudder)

  1. Watched the keynote and the IPhone 5 ad. Iphone 5 is the ultimate smartphone destined for greatness. also impressed with all the IPod updates especially the Nano and Touch. Perfection all around. Love the colors too.

    1. I found it a very entertaining presentation and Tim Cook actually funny! He smartly handed off the unique areas to his talented troops in their area of expertise. I love seeing the entire Apple crew getting their moment in the sun. Seems more balanced. This is gonna be one KICKASS iPhone in every respect. I found plenty to be excited about, dunno what the doomsayers are saying or those disingenuous Androiders who have half-assed versions of what the Apple version is. It’s not about the first guy who comes out with something, it’s the first guy who gets it right.

      1. I can’t help but think that Apple pours all their design energy into perfecting a single device; which shows amazing courage and faith, since sending a single soldier into battle is an all-or-none proposition.

        In contrast, a company with a diverse, dizzy display of models aims to carpet bomb the marketplace hoping for a hit. That diversification strategy is Retail 101; send the platoon into the mine field, and someone or other will capture the flag.

        1. Yeh, you have to wonder what the droid lovers are thinking trying to decide on 1 phone out of a hundred fragmendroids. And I can’t get over the bashers and the media saying they weren’t wowed. do you ever hear them say that about Apple competitors? Apple will keep working on the iphone

      2. I agree, I think they’re finding their groove presenting without Steve. Can’t remember who the guy was that did the IPods but he did a good job. Did notice his clothes a little less wrinkled than the rest too. Scott did a great job along with Phil. Hell they all did, I loved it might watch it again. I’d like to see Jony though.

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