Users keep AT&T grandfathered unlimited data plan when upgrading to iPhone 5

“The future of unlimited data on AT&T and Verizon doesn’t look promising, but potential iPhone 5 owners with grandfathered unlimited data plans on AT&T can rest easy. AT&T today confirmed that it will allow grandfathered customers with unlimited data to keep their plans when upgrading to the iPhone 5,” Alex Heath reports for Cult of Mac.

“Unlike Verizon, AT&T will let its customers keep unlimited data if they buy a subsidized or unsubsidized iPhone 5. Verizon requires that customers pay the full, unsubsidized price of the device to keep unlimited data,” Heath reports.

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Arline M.” for the heads up.]


  1. Well i love Verizon because i have yet to find a place i didnt get a signal. A few places i dont get real good signal but i get much better then i ever did with AT&T.
    But i dont like this idea that if i upgrade i lose my unlimited data plan.

    These companies need to let people do unlimited data and stop being money hogs. Net10, and several other prepaid carriers will allow you to have unlimited data so if Verizon and others dont get in gear they will lose customers.

    1. oh I can show you many places Verizon has no signal…. One of the reasons I switched 😉

      But hearing this news… /cheer

      I’ll never surrender my unlimited data plan!!

      Well… They may be able to get me to switch someday. A-holes wanting FaceTime to be extra ticks me off…

  2. i bought my iphone 4s on oct 14th of 2011 (at & t with grandfathered unlimited data). i purchased every iphone usually on the launch day with subsidized price, but this time it says i am eligible for subsidized price after may 08, 2013. anyone? i guess i’ll wait ’til new on next september/october.

    1. I’m in the same boat after two early upgrades my luck has run out for the 5. Too bad, looks like I’ll have to wait for the 6. By the time I am eligibible it will be a blip on the horizon worth waiting for. But maybe it’s for the best, I might actually get to the end of a two year contract.

  3. They’d BETTER let people keep their grandfathered plans- that’s one of the last reasons left to put up with AT&T’s BS. Now that iPhone is LTE, and Verizon’s LTE network is clearly so much better. AT&T’s whiny foot-dragging may finally bite them. They’ve been coasting far too long on their iPhone profits and have become far too complacent.

  4. I had spoken to a representative the other day and the people like us with the grandfathered AT&T unlimited data plan has nothing to worry about loosing it when we upgrade. Even if we decide to go to an Amdroid Phone. The only way we loose it if we do not want the plan anymore. For example if you want to use the new iOS 6 Facetine over cellular you loose the unlimited data, pay $40.00 or more for a new data plan.

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