New images of Apple’s ‘Mothership’ campus show amazing detail

“A reliable source provided us with the official Apple Campus 2 blueprints yesterday, and these are just a few of the confidential images, which illustrate the mammoth building currently in development,” Élyse Betters reports for 9to5Mac.

“The spaceship-like building, called ‘Campus 2,’ is nearly a mile in circumference. Apple bought the campus’ land from HP and other neighbors in Cupertino, Calif., for around $300 million,” Betters reports. “The company’s late cofounder, Steve Jobs, oversaw its design, and the project’s proposal was his last public appearance.”

Betters reports, “Solar panels cover the main building’s entire roof and the images above depict additional outdoor and indoor aspects of the new structure. The exclusive slides name Foster + Partners as one of the architecture firms working on the project, as well as Arup for consulting engineering, OLIN for landscape architecture, and Davis Langdon for construction.”

Apple Campus 2 "Mothership" - Cupertino, CA

Check out all of the images (higher quality) in the full article here.


    1. Hilarious… I was thinking the same thing…
      Except Samsung’s is shaped like a big Zero (o) (It was also supposed to be a circle 😉 ) but somewhere along the way it got malformed and disproportioned 😀

    1. Research Apple’s HR retention and pay scale. You might of enjoyed Harvard but your job at Apple would of limited your ability to pay off your education costs in a reasonable amount of time.

        1. Interesting that ‘of’ instead of ‘have’ seems common on both sides of the pond. Heard a linguist say its use comes from that part of England under the Danelaw as Opposed to Anglo Saxon control as the Danes had no equivalent word for have.

      1. derek, not blaming you, however everytime i went to the schaumburg, il compusa store i witnessed every single sales guy direct clueless consumers AWAY from apple… it used to piss me off to the point that when i was there, i set all the macs up to be welcomed, as many of them were turned off… and then compusa wonders why they went away and FAILED!

        1. I tried buying the first gen iMac at Sears and at Circuit City, and I would have had better luck trying to steal one than going through a salesman at either of those places.

        2. EXACTLY @me! I got to listen to (now unemployed) retail floor dweebs saying BS to customers like:

          “Uh ma’am. You don’t want an all-in-one computer. They aren’t as functional and have no future. What you want is…” a giant beige box that runs Microsoft dreck, as he pulls her away from the iMacs. (0_o)

  1. leak? what is it? is it some kind of secret? if apple stuff is reveal, you guys call it as leak? what a nonsense. come on. when it will be constructed, the whole blue prints will be reveal anyway. I already know the whole design concept, and detail for each floor, section. I am an architect. nothing is new.

  2. I think I could even enjoy getting a job sweeping floors in that place. Probably pays better than tech or design out here in the boonies of East Nowhere. [Note to self as semi-retirement job].

    However I imagine the background security check is critical even for janitorial jobs at Apple. Bet you get to empty a lot of shredders.

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