U.S. Judge: Apple not liable for dropped, broken iPhone screens

“A US judge has ruled that punters who drop their iPhones, smashing the smartphone’s glass screen in the process, can’t blame Apple for it,” Tony Smith reports for The Register.

“Judge Edward Davila of the San Jose District Court this week rejected a local man’s attempt to sue the Cupertino giant over a cracked iPhone 4 panel, stating ‘it is a well known fact of life that glass can break under impact,'” Smith reports. “The plaintiff, Betsalel Williamson, felt the need to replace his iPhone’s rear face after knocking his phone off the arm of a chair.”

Smith reports, “Williamson wanted the court to force Apple to cough up for the repair work. He said his case showed that Apple’s claims in advertising that the handset’s glass panelling was über-tough were clearly misleading.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Dude.


  1. My daughter had hers sitting on a small skinny end table. Someone bumped the table. The phone fell to the floor, followed by the table. The edge of the table top hit the phone squarely on its face, shattering both the front and rear glass. Obviously, Apple’s fault.

  2. Watch the Obama justice dept sue on behalf of the liberal idiots who make these infantile claims! As far as I’m concerned, they should be fined and banned from all future claims for life! If we were in China, I’d have them caned!!!

    1. Caning in China? Think you’re mixing up countries along with other facts. Not exactly sure what this has to do with an iPhone faux-claim either. Maybe law firms that take on contingency cases could use the caning.

    2. Fuckwit. People were doing this when Bush was in Office, and when Clinton was in Office. It’s a disease that has spread across the Atlantic, encouraging a culture of risk aversion and entitlement. Thank you, America, for one of your greatest contributions to modern society.

    3. So iMaki, how did you determine the guy was a liberal? Kind of a leap isn’t it? Ii bet it kills you that the great majority of Apple employees are these hated liberals. A poll by a bay area newspaper found that for every $1 these stupid employees are giving to Romney campaign yhe are givig $15 to the commie in the whitehouse. Maybe you would be happier with a more conservative oriented company. Just saying.

      1. Then iMaki should probably consider an extremely conservative Dell computer. You know, the company headquartered in Texas. That should be conservative enough for his or her standards.

    4. An arrogant entitled RepubliTard is just as likely to rant about their busted iPhone screen as a LibTard.

      The subject here is irresponsible behavior. Since when has any political party along the dopey 1-Dimensional political scale and a monopoly on irresponsibility? Stupid lives on both sides of the street.

  3. Dropped my iPhone. Hammered a nail into my hand. Drove into a moving tree. Actually Burned myself with Hot coffee- from McDonald’s, of course. Broke my foot when your nuts slammed into it.

    “I hate when that happens.”

  4. No disrespect to the judge but why the fcuk does he need to establish a common sense fact that should not be in court in the forst place. If you damage your personal belongings then you are responsible, not the manufacturer. Imagine car companies being sued by such idiots 😡

    1. Apparently you have no idea of how our court system works. Anyone can file a lawsuit against anyone else at any time. Pay the fees, write a complaint in the proper format, and file it. Serve the other side. Now the judge has to address it, and the defendant has to file to defend itself.

      In this case, it appears as if the system worked properly and this guy got his *ss handed to him for filing such a stupid claim. Hopefully the judge awarded attorneys’ fees to Apple as well, which I’m sure were juuuuuust a bit more than the cost of a new iPhone.

  5. Maybe if this guy had went to an apple genius and with a positive attitude, explained what happened, might have had a chance that they would fix it gratis. It has happened before, but not with sue happy assholes.

  6. While I agree with the judge, I have to wonder what Apple was thinking when they made an object that is prone to dropping not just one but both sides out of glass that is also completely smooth, heavy and dense?

    My iPhones always go right from package to case.

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