Apple chooses non-NFC ‘N42’ version for iPhone 5, sources say

“Our sources have pinpointed that Apple will be announcing a single next-generation iPhone model codenamed “N42″ at the September 12th iPhone media event. This new iPhone N42 model is the iPhone 5 that we reported on back in May,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac. “In May, we said that this iPhone contains a taller, 1136 x 640 resolution 4-inch display, improved internals, and more.”

“Back in May, we also learned that Apple was working on an iPhone 5 codenamed N41, but it appears Apple selected the N42 over the N41. This N41 iPhone also had NFC, which is reportedly not coming in the shipping N42,” Gurman reports. “Back in May, we also learned that Apple was working on an iPhone 5 codenamed N41, but it appears Apple selected the N42 over the N41. This N41 iPhone also had NFC, which is reportedly not coming in the shipping N42.”

Gurman reports, “We also understand that this new iPhone N42 will come in the same prices as the iPhone 4S.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


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    1. Please Google for details.

      Near field communication – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia field communication (NFC) is a set of standards for smartphones and similar devices to establish radio communication with each other by touching them …
      Uses – History – Essential specifications – Comparison with Bluetooth

    2. NFC is near field communications, it would reportedly be use as a way to make payments when connected briefly in range of certain payment devices as I understand it. I for one don’t care, until it can be proven that its secure and not another means of identity theft

        1. Do you hav a NFC device giving you this experience?

          No, i have been told that NFC’s range is less than 10 inches. (i.e. near)

          So, what are you afraid of?

          And, yes, apple will not introduce it into their phones until you could actually use it. Introducing hardware before there is any use of the technology risks a segment of the population having incompatible devices.

          Relax, and wait for this texhnology to become mature and ubiquitous.

          1. So, what are you afraid of?

            1) One inch range is enough. Put your wallet down on a counter and bzzzzzt, you’ve been scanned.

            2) The actual range of the signal is variable depend ending upon the power induced into the chip.

            3) Then there’s this nasty sort of problem:

            Charlie Miller Takes on NFC, Charlie Miller Wins

            …Miller has figured out a couple of methods that enable him–or an attacker–to use the NFC chip in some phones to exploit vulnerabilities in the phones’ software and force users to visit a Web site or even gain complete control of the phone.

            ∑ = No NFC for me please! Not in its still infantile state.

            I actually have an NFC chip in my driver’s license. The card is issued with its own Faraday cage envelope because my state government KNOWS NFC chips are NOT secure, not at this time! NFC chips are ‘GEE WHIZ!’ fad technology that are not ready for prime time. THAT is why Apple has no interest in them at this time and why YOU should have no interest either.

  1. NFC is already yesterday’s technology and won’t be adopted en mass in the U.S. for sure. Apple is going to shoot right past NFC and simply use its Passbook app to generate bar codes which you scan, just like the current Starbucks app does. You enter your gift, credit or debit card, and have it password protected.

    That actually provides more security than NFC anyway, because someone can’t steal your iPhone and waive it over the payment reader at Walmart or the gas station. They would have to enter your password into the app in order to generate a bar code to be scanned.

    The only limitation of Passport is gas station purchases, but they change out their systems often enough that it would not take long to have scanners inserted into the pumps.

    1. Perhaps, but I would much rather scan the data with RFID than fumble with the camera.

      I have been in the bar coding and RFiD business for 12 years. RFID is becoming mature (arguably in its infancy until just this year) and will be the “primary” method to scan data. The barcode will exist when the RFID tags fail (or NFC antenna’s fail).

      NFC is “old” only because new RFID technologies and standards are evolving quickly as the NFC evolution begins to take seriously ease of use, cost, and security.

      Until the technology matures a bit more, I doubt any vendor wants to have folks out there with NFC devices that will or can Never Be Used.

      1. If your Passbook app is linked to your Apple account, no barcode scanning is needed. You pass by a store, Passbook notifies you of an item on sale you might like, you walk in a grab it and hit accept on Passbook. Payment made. Done.

  2. Really MDN, this is pretty trivial drivel. I’m a pretty geeky guy but this is pretty useless. I’d much rather see an article about getting rid of John Browett. Now that would make everybody happy.

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