Analysts: iPad mini is Apple’s ace in battle with aggressive Amazon

“Amazon’s new tablet lineup, ranging from a $159 repriced Kindle Fire to the all-new $499 Kindle Fire 8.9-in. HD 4G, pose little threat to Apple’s tablet dominance, several analysts said,” Gregg Keizer reports for Computerworld.

“‘While there were some interesting new features and upgrades from the original version that could provide increased competition for non-Apple tablets, we walked away from this announcement with even greater confidence that the iPad will continue to dominate the tablet market at the mid-to-high end,’ said Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets, in a note to clients,” Keizer reports. “‘The 4G version… will have a difficult time gaining traction, while the November 20 dates are much too far into the future,’ White added.”

Keizer reports, “Brian Marshall of the ISI Group — like White, one of many analysts who have Apple stock as a ‘Buy’ recommendation — was just as certain that Apple had little to worry about. ‘While Amazon’s new products look impressive, we believe Apple remains the dominant vendor/platform of choice for smartphones/tablets,’ said Marshall in his note to clients.”

“Their reasons centered around several factors, including Apple’s App Store, which offers hundreds of thousands more apps than does Amazon’s, Apple’s iCloud storage and synchronization service, and the expected launch of a small iPad, dubbed the ‘iPad Mini,’ perhaps as early as next month,” Keizer reports. “The last of those three — the iPad Mini — is Apple’s ace, White and Marshall said.”

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      1. He’s ‘quoted’ as saying ‘no small iPad’. It’s a fact, however, that SJ was quite prepared to change his mind and direction about a product at the drop of a hat.
        Something you are quite clearly unaware of.

      2. Yes, he had very clear reasons for this, too.

        However, during the Samsung legal case, internal Apple emails show that some senior Apple employees were making a case for a 7″ iPad.

        I still don’t see why all the analysts love the 7″ devices, going to far as to say they will sell 2x the number of iPads. Seems like a total tweener. The price point will be nice, but why pay $300 for an iPad that is marginally larger than a phone and therefore not as useful as the 10″ iPad and won’t fit in your pocket. Oh yes, the coat pocket market. Right.

        1. I call it ‘The Captain Kangaroo Pocket Market’. [Look him up.]

          The ONLY decent argument I’ve heard as motivation for a ~7″ iPad ‘Mini’ as the kid market. Having Apple give a rat’s about the ~7″ EReader market is ridiculous. Even the iPod Touch runs rings around all the EReaders, including the Fire HD, despite the smaller screen.

  1. Apple’s real ACE is the entire existing ecosystem that an iPad mini can plug into all the way from software, mfg, hardware, cloud, retail and brand image.

    All of that is ready for a newly sized piece of hardware.

    1. Exactly. Apple’s “ace”is iOS and the tightly integrated ecosystem they have engineered.

      Amazon is making strides in that direction with their ecosystem, but using a forked version of Android will come back to haunt them. Android’s troubles are only beginning.

  2. This is monty Pyton all over again.
    Apple has 67% of the tablet market, amazon is in the “others” category, where is the “Aggressive” amazon?
    You so called analyst, get the facts, amazon is a treat to other androids makers, not to apple. They challenge other android makers, not apple. Don’t you read the news?

  3. I just don’t think there will be much of a battle here, really no competition. Amazon’s device is just another way for them to advertise or sell stuff in the Amazon store, it wouldn’t surprise me if they make little or no profit form the hardware device. Think of it as a game console, the hardware investment is nothing what gets you is the video games.

  4. As I’ve stated and proven many times:

    The Amazon Kindle Fire [HD] does NOT compete with the Apple iPad.

    If you still think it does, get busy explaining WHY!

    The Fire provides ZERO motivation for Apple to push out any so-called iPad ‘Mini’. Amazon still LOSES money with every Fire sale. So Apple’s supposed to compete at LOSING MONEY?! I don’t think so. Sheesh. 😯

  5. I want to see Apple kick Jeff Bezos butt. Either that or Apple needs to get into Amazon’s online business to see if it would upset Jeff. Damn! Amazon is trying to step all over Apple’s toes. Totally unpardonable.

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